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Pay Higher Wages, Earn More Profit - March 25, 2014

How often do you walk into a retail establishment and interact with a salesperson, stock clerk or cashier? How often do you stop and think about what that person’s life is like? There are about 15 million retail... Read »

When A New CEO Is Calling The Shots Staff - March 24, 2014

When an investor of a young firm brings in an experienced CEO or a CEO team, the firm will face transitional challenges. The first step to facing this change was discussed previously in “When It's Time For A Leadership... Read »

Acing The Investor Presentation - March 21, 2014

Shark Tank venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary recently said, “It's all about the money, all the time.” O’Leary is right. When you are asking for money from an angel, VC, PE or IPO institutional or individual investor... Read »

WhatsApp With Failure? 5 Famous CEO Comebacks - March 20, 2014

Failure is often the greatest feedback entrepreneurs can receive. The tech world just witnessed this reality first-hand, as WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton sold his messaging startup to Facebook for a whopping $16 billion.... Read »

When It’s Time For A Leadership Overhaul - March 20, 2014

Young firms in the first years of profitable growth often find outside investors who will supply the investment capital they need, with the objective of future mergers or change of ownership. When these situations occur the... Read »

5 Ways To Overcome Nerves And Fear - March 18, 2014

You're nervous. Shoot, you're scared. In just a few minutes you will deliver a critical presentation, or pitch a key investor, or lead an emergency meeting, or try to close a sale to an enabling customer. It feels like... Read »

2 Ways To Reduce “Hurry Up And Wait” Syndrome - March 17, 2014

Have you ever been asked to drop everything to complete a seemingly urgent task, and then found that the task wasn’t so urgent after all? Not long ago, one of our clients gave us three days to put together a proposal to... Read »

Does The Car You Drive Matter To Employees? - March 13, 2014

You drive performance. You drive results. You drive your business. But does it matter what kind of car you drive? Not for practical reasons, but for perception reasons? After all, what you drive can make a statement - to... Read »

The Changing Face Of The C-Suite - March 12, 2014

Compared to the executive of a century ago, the executive of today has undergone some major changes. Whereas most of America’s largest corporations used to be run by entrepreneurs like Henry Ford, by the 1950s employees... Read »

5 Keys For Building A Top-Tier Team - March 10, 2014

While most companies were struggling to stay afloat during the 2008 recession, one company somehow remained profitable despite the poor economic climate: BlackRock. Founded 25 years ago, BlackRock has grown to be the... Read »

4 Major Revolutions Happening In The Boardroom - March 7, 2014

The past 10 years have seen a transformation in the way corporate boardrooms interact with executive leadership. New regulations require that the majority of a company’s directors be independent in order to prevent fraud... Read »

5 Reasons Netflix Is Spearheading The HR Revolution - March 6, 2014

When Patty McCord, former chief talent officer at Netflix, drafted a simple PowerPoint presentation explaining some of the unconventional changes the company had made in its HR policy, she had no idea it would go viral.... Read »

5 Networking Catalysts That Work Really Well - March 6, 2014

Let’s be honest: Walking into a mixer, getting coffee with a new acquaintance, or emailing a friend of a friend can be uncomfortable — each sends you outside your comfort zone. It’s hard to get out of the starting... Read »

Six All Too Common Hiring Mistakes - March 5, 2014

You screen, you interview, you check… and still you sometimes hire the wrong person. Here are six typical reasons why: 1. You don’t consider the total package. Every employee has to follow company rules and guidelines,... Read »

6 Things Your Company Needs To Get Back On Track - March 4, 2014

Your company might have jumped the rails of goal alignment without you even noticing it. And — whether your company is large or small — clear visualization to all levels of your workforce can often feel... Read »