CEOs in the News

Yahoo CEO Building For Growth As Alibaba Help Set To Fade

Bloomberg - April 16, 2014

Yahoo! Inc.’s Marissa Mayer can’t rely on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. to bail her out much longer, putting the onus on her to accelerate a sales rebound that’s only getting started. Read »

Zuckerberg On Mobile Apps: ‘Facebook Is Not One Thing’

Mashable - April 16, 2014

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company's latest mission is to "unbundle the big blue app" and provide disparate experiences on mobile with or without the Facebook name. Read »

GM CEO: Repairs Are Now Underway

NYT - April 16, 2014

General Motors’ chief executive, Mary T. Barra, reiterated her vow on Tuesday to root out the cause of the long delay in its recall of defective cars and to make sure that safety defects are never again buried in the... Read »

Mt Gox CEO ‘Not Willing’ To Go To America

Forbes - April 16, 2014

Mark Karpeles, the CEO of collapsed Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, has said via lawyers that he is “not willing” to go to America yet, refusing a US court demand to testify in person over the issue. Read »

Mozilla Firestorm Teaches Businesses To Anticipate Challenges

Forbes - April 16, 2014

When a company supports a cause or candidate, it defines itself in a socio-political context, and it must weigh the practical benefits of that positioning – its ever-evolving brand – against negative public reaction from... Read »

Mozilla Names Interim CEO

c net - April 15, 2014

Mozilla named former Chief Marketing Officer Chris Beard a board member and its new acting chief executive, as the nonprofit tries to move beyond a political firestorm and reconnect with the users critical to the success of... Read »

Why Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is Paying Employees To Quit

HBR - April 15, 2014

Last week, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos released his annual letter to shareholders. As is the case every year, it is a tour de force of ideas and initiatives about the customer experience (Amazon Prime), disruptive... Read »

Macy’s CEO Explains Why He’s Against Raising The Minimum Wage

Business Insider - April 15, 2014

Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren believes that raising the minimum wage would result in fewer jobs for Americans. "What you really have to be careful of is you don’t want to raise the wage and lay people off in order to be able... Read »

GE CEO May Leave Before His 20-Year Tenure Is Up

Reuters - April 15, 2014

General Electric Co's Chief Executive Jeff Immelt may step down sooner than his expected 20-year tenure, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the company's thinking. Immelt, who has been at the helm... Read »

Twitter Is Quietly Building A $100M Business In Big Data

Twitter - April 15, 2014

Twitter today acquired Gnip, a company that had access to Twitter's "firehose" of data and packaged it for resale to other companies that want to slice and dice it. Read »

Rolex Names New CEO In Corporate Shakeup

Businessweek - April 15, 2014

Rolex will make its third change in top leadership since 2008, naming Jean-Frederic Dufour to become chief executive officer of the 109-year-old maker of Swiss timepieces. Read »

Wall Street CEO On The 2 Traits Every Successful Person Has

Business Insider - April 15, 2014

After spending 40 years on Wall Street building Perella Weinberg, a global investment firm, Joe Perella has seen people come and go. In an interview with financial career site OneWire, he shared what he thinks gives people... Read »

Ron Conway To Tech CEOs: Step Up For Ellis Act Reform

Tech Crunch - April 14, 2014

Ron Conway, the widely influential angel investor, is asking tech CEOs across San Francisco to support Ellis Act reform, which will help slow no-fault evictions of long-time residents as rents across the city skyrocket. Read »

Mozilla Appoints Its Former CMO As Interim CEO

Tech Crunch - April 14, 2014

After Brendan Eich’s short tenure as Mozilla’s CEO, the organization today announced that it has appointed Chris Beard as its new interim CEO while it looks for a long-term replacement. Read »

T-Mobile CEO Boasts About No Overage Charges

NBC - April 14, 2014

T-Mobile has eliminated overage charges and its brash CEO John Legere wants everybody to know about it. Now Legere is starting a crusade against overage charges, which are the penalties and higher rates people pay when they... Read »