• Adidas CEO Vows To Stay On, Admits Mistake
    Reuters - Jan 28
    The long-serving chief executive of Adidas has no intention of stepping down despite criticism as the German sportswear company loses ground to U.S. rival Nike, he told a German newspaper. "If I no longer had the ambition... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Virginia CEO IDs American Killed In Libya As Contract...
    USA Today - Jan 28
    The CEO of a Virginia security company says one of his contract employees was the American victim in an attack in Libya that left five foreigners dead. Cliff Taylor of Crucible LLC of Fredericksburg identified the worker... Read »
    2 days ago
  • American Airlines CEO Explains Why Fares Aren’t...
    Skift - Jan 28
    Was it a Freudian slip, an unintentionally revelatory statement, or just a mistake when American Airlines Group CEO Doug Parker told financial analysts and the press today: “We are not asking our customers to be happy with... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Facebook CEO Leads List Of U.S.’ Youngest
    USA Today - Jan 27
    Being a CEO is a great gig if you can get it — so much so that many CEOs hang onto their jobs well into their 70s and 80s. But some CEOs are getting a jump start. There are 10 CEOs of companies in the Standard &... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Former Opera CEO Launches Vivaldi
    TechCrunch - Jan 27
    Opera’s former CEO Jon von Tetzchner is launching the first preview of Vivaldi today, a new Chromium-based browser that is squarely aimed at power users. Vivaldi features tools like Quick Commands for using written... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Meet The Female CEO Making A Big Impact In Afghanistan
    Forbes - Jan 27
    Not every power seat has to be a corporate one, or even a startup one. For the world to benefit from more than 50 percent of the population’s management style and vision, we need women leaders to rise in organizations... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Elon Musk Settles With The U.S. Air Force
    Quartz - Jan 27
    In the end, it took John Ashcroft to get the US Air Force and Elon Musk to play nice together. SpaceX, Elon Musk’s rocket company, announced a settlement with the Air Force, ending a lawsuit that accused the military of... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Why Mattel Ousted CEO Bryan Mattel
    Fortune - Jan 27
    Mattel, long king of the toy aisle, has dethroned its CEO Bryan Stockton just a few months after it was reported that the maker of Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars is no longer the world’s leading toy maker. That honor... Read »
    3 days ago
  • GM CEO Explains What You Should Do During The First...
    Business Insider - Jan 27
    The typical American worker now holds more than a dozen different jobs over the course of their career. Most Millennials expect to hold even more — as many as 15 or 20, according to a survey released last year by the... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Mattel’s CEO Steps Down As Toy Maker Struggles
    Fortune - Jan 26
    Mattel said Monday Chief Executive Bryan Stockton has resigned after three years leading the toy maker, which has struggled to compete as its Barbie and Fisher-Price struggle with slowing sales in a competitive toy... Read »
    4 days ago
  • Disney CEO Readies Magic Carpet For Exit
    HuffPo - Jan 26
    You know them well. Perhaps too well. The Fab Five and their friends. From Kermit the Frog to Buzz Lightyear. From Iron Man to Darth Vader. Among the stable of American cultural touchstones, they stand emblematic as... Read »
    4 days ago
  • Tech Giants Invest In New Dreams Of Grandeur
    NYT - Jan 26
    In the last two weeks, investments from some of the biggest technology companies have raised an important question: Have they gone crazy? The short answer is: Probably not. The reasons show just how big their ambitions... Read »
    4 days ago
  • Murdoch’s Sun Sets
    USA Today - Jan 26
    This is a tip of the hat to the passing of one of the most curious, and enduring, institutions in modern journalism: the Page 3 girl. In 1969, Rupert Murdoch and Robert Maxwell, the two tabloid interlopers in British... Read »
    4 days ago
  • Stan Chart Said To Hire Firm To Find New CEO This Year
    BusinessWeek - Jan 26
    Standard Chartered Plc (STAN) hired executive search firm Egon Zehnder to find a successor to Chief Executive Officer Peter Sands, according to a person with knowledge of the process. Standard Chartered’s largest... Read »
    4 days ago
  • A Glimpse Inside The Life And Mind Of Oracle CEO Mark...
    Business Insider - Jan 26
    "My day starts at 4:30 a.m. and I sort of have two speeds, fast and stop," Mark Hurd quipped cheerfully when we asked about his day. We were meeting at Oracle's upscale executive offices on the top floor of the main... Read »
    4 days ago