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Rich Ex-Facebook Exec Still Working, ‘I Have Kids And I Don’t Want To Be A Douchebag’

April 23, 2014

Before he quit to create a venture capital firm, Chamath Palihapitiya was Facebook's longest-tenured senior executive. That means he has a lot of stock in a company that is now worth $65 billion. He's rich — "live on an... Read »

Problems At GM May Just Be The Tip Of The Iceberg

Fortune - April 23, 2014

Ammann may be singing a different tune in 10 days or so when GM (GM, Fortune 500) reports April sales results. Its performance so far in 2014 has been shaky, with market share seven-tenths of a point below 2013 and overall... Read »

U.S. Justices Skeptical Of Aereo In Landmark Case

Fortune - April 23, 2014

At Tuesday's oral arguments concerning the legality of Aereo, a service that beams live broadcast TV to computer and smartphones without paying any copyright royalties to broadcasters, the Justices seemed puzzled, tormented,... Read »

5 Things The New Ford CEO Must Do

USA Today - April 23, 2014

Ford Motor finally will make two things official: CEO Alan Mulally's retirement date (he never planned to stay past year-end), and COO Mark Fields' ascension into the CEO job. Mulally, who came from Boeing in 2006, almost... Read »

Tesla CEO Pledges To Boost Support Network In China

WSJ - April 23, 2014

Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk pledged to enhance the auto maker's support network in China to help broaden use of the company's niche electric car, and offered new details about a $5 billion battery factory... Read »

Citigroup CEO: Others Will Face Discipline On Mexico Fraud

Bloomberg - April 23, 2014

Citigroup Inc. Chief Executive Officer Michael Corbat said he expects others to be disciplined after the bank fired an employee linked to a suspected $400 million fraud at the company’s Mexico unit. “One person has... Read »

How Is CEO Compensation Determined? It’s Complicated

Fox Business - April 23, 2014

CEOs of S&P 500 companies earned an average of $9.6 million a year in 2011. But what exactly did they do to warrant such hefty paychecks? The answer to that question is the subject of a new study that explores the connection... Read »

How Much Data Is Generated Every Minute?

Mashable - April 23, 2014

While social media can create the sense that the Internet is a small town where everyone is connected and, for the most part, gets along (outside of election season), the truth is quite the opposite. The data transferred on... Read »

The Secret To Accidental Business Innovations

Inc - April 23, 2014

You're probably familiar with accidental innovations like plastics and penicillin--products that only came about because of the inventor's inadvertent mishap. The history of vinyl records, recounted in a recent New York... Read »

The 7 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs To Read When They’re Discouraged

Entrepreneur - April 23, 2014

Every business has its ups and downs. You lose an account, receive negative feedback about a project you’d worked hard on or have a crucial employee quit at just the wrong moment. It can be frustrating and even... Read »

How To Create A Culture Of ‘Paying It Forward’

Inc - April 23, 2014

Everyone wants an office culture where employees pitch in without being asked. Here are some concrete ways to encourage the behavior. Read »

How GE Applies Lean Startup Practices

HBR - April 23, 2014

We are all lean now — or soon will be. As the world becomes more digitized, generating more information surrounding products and services and speeding up processes, large and small companies in every industry, even... Read »

All The Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn’s Apps

Business Insider - April 23, 2014

LinkedIn has become an incredible resource for building your professional identity online, no matter where you are in your career. And an important part of that process is done not through its desktop site, but through its... Read »

The Great Unbundling Of Facebook Makes Sense

HBR - April 23, 2014

Unbundling has a compelling strategic and competitive rationale for Facebook. It has implications that extend far beyond the company’s stated goal to design single-purpose apps that fit mobile usage and the bottleneck of... Read »

5 Tips For Improvising Your Career

Fast Company - April 23, 2014

Most of us would welcome a blueprint for success: a list of accomplishments to check off that would result in dream jobs and promotions. But doing all the “right things” doesn’t necessarily give you an edge when it... Read »