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5 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Wow Potential Investors

Fast Company - April 18, 2014

Women are making progress in the small-business world, but it could be better-and honing financing skills helps. Here are five tips on how they can increase their odds of getting funding: Read »

Michaels CEO Confirms Security Breach Affected 3 Million Debit Cards

Mashable - April 18, 2014

Michaels Stores, largest arts and crafts chain in the United States, has acknowledged that a security breach first reported in January affected up to 3 million customer credit and debit card accounts. “In an era where very... Read »

About.com CEO Discusses The Challenges Of Evolving An Established Brand

Tech Crunch - April 18, 2014

About.com has never been the coolest website on the internet. With a grayish background and an ugly logo, it was the place you landed when you searched for help with something, but you rarely went there on your own. This is... Read »

Marc Benioff Is Not Impressed By Mark Zuckerberg’s $1 Billion Gift To Charity

Business Insider - April 18, 2014

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com, has some sharp things to say about the $1 billion donation to charity Mark Zuckerberg made last year. Zuckerberg, Facebook's co-founder and CEO, gave $1 billion worth of stock to the... Read »

Cuban Says, ‘Milwaukee Bucks Sale Is A Bargain’

ESPN - April 18, 2014

Mark Cuban considers the sale price of approximately $550 million for the Milwaukee Bucks to be a bargain, suggesting the true value of NBA franchises is north of $1 billion. "I think they got off cheap," Cuban said. "I... Read »

Martha Stewart Shows Impeccable Manners On Flight…

NYD - April 18, 2014

A first-class spywitness on an American Airlines Friday flight from JFK to LAX tells us the homemaking maven was an utter delight on board — but refused all offerings on the wine list, including a Bogle Sauvignon Blanc, an... Read »

How To Respond To Negative Feedback

Inc - April 18, 2014

When an employee has the courage to give you negative feedback, you need to accept it as a gift.It's tough to receive negative feedback, but as a leader you must treat it as if it were a fine wine. Once the cork is out of... Read »

6 Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Starting A Business

Entrepreneur - April 18, 2014

Like every startup entrepreneur, Rodney Nelson needed a great website. Woolly Pocket, the company he was building with his brother, Miguel, aimed to sell its cleverly designed, eco-friendly wall planters online. But there... Read »

Satya Nadella Needs More Than One Trick To Fix Microsoft

Fortune - April 18, 2014

With Nadella taking the reins from Ballmer, Microsoft has the chance to begin a new era -- distinct from the Ballmer years that saw modest growth and a move into enterprise software, and even more remote from the Gates years... Read »

The Unapologetically Audacious CEO Behind Aereo

Inc - April 18, 2014

In its three-year lifespan, Aereo has angered all the major TV networks, major-league sports, and the government. Here's a portrait of the scrappy company--and its audacious CEO--that could change American television as we... Read »

Is Mary Barra Taking The Fall For GM?

Fortune - April 18, 2014

Timing is everything. Consider, if you will, the story of Mary Barra, the first female chief executive of General Motors, who in less than a month went from pioneer to punching bag. For something that's clearly GM's fault,... Read »

Alliant CEO: Gas Makes Wind More Affordable

Forbes - April 18, 2014

Cheap natural gas is making wind energy affordable, even without a federal tax credit, the chief executive officer of Alliant Energy said. Installation of wind farms fell by 93 percent after Congress did not renew wind’s... Read »

Neil Young’s Viral Kickstarter Campaign Has Generated $6.2M

Inc - April 18, 2014

Neil Young is on a mission to rescue the art of recorded sound, and thanks to his recent Kickstarter effort, he might pull it off. His widely publicized campaign for the Pono music player, a portable device that aims to... Read »

Sallie Mae Appoints Steven McGarry As CEO

Market Watch - April 18, 2014

Sallie Mae, formally SLM Corporation, today announced the appointment of Steven McGarry as executive vice president and chief financial officer of the future holding company of Sallie Mae Bank. The appointment will take... Read »

Does Your Company Undervalue Privacy?

HBR - April 18, 2014

Technology innovation and the power of data analytics present tremendous value, but also new challenges. While a digital economy requires businesses to rethink priorities and practices, this doesn’t have to be a burden.... Read »