• Seven Leadership Lessons From Brexit
    Forbes - Jun 29
    Leadership is the art of making difficult judgments in the face of uncertainty, and it is about shaping a path for others to follow. The political turmoil of the last few days has offered up all sorts of lessons about how to... Read »
    5 hours ago
  • Four Ways CEO Road Warriors Can Leverage Mobile Tech...
    CEO.com - Jun 29
    As a CEO, you know that business travel is crucial to running a successful company. Whether you’re building rapport with clients, networking with industry peers, or negotiating new deals, nothing beats face-to-face... Read »
    6 hours ago
  • Five Practices Of Transformational Leaders
    Forbes - Jun 28
    In my executive coaching work with high potential leaders, I get to learn first hand what truly makes a difference between the leaders who meet the goals they set for our coaching work, and those who miss out on the... Read »
    1 day ago
  • To Hold Someone Accountable, First Define What...
    HBR - Jun 28
    At the end of a meeting, most leaders know that they should recap next steps and determine who is accountable for each. As prescribed in the commonly used responsibility models — RACI, RAPID, and the others —... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Five Ways To Boost Your Resilience At Work
    HBR - Jun 27
    Currently, a quarter of all employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives,according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The World Health Organization describes stress as the “global... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Design How Your Team Thinks
    HBR - Jun 24
    Every day, we sit in meetings in which someone presents a problem or opportunity. The response is always a version of “What are we going to do about it?” When’s the last time someone said, “How are we going to think... Read »
    5 days ago
  • Results In 100 Days: No Honeymoon For New Executives
    CEO.com - Jun 23
    With corporations getting more aggressive about fast-tracking executives and boards expecting early results, the honeymoon period for new hires is more myth than reality. Seasoned executives are especially vulnerable during... Read »
    6 days ago
  • To Seize The Future, Create A Leadership Circle
    HBR - Jun 23
    A global pharmaceutical company was about to lose the strategic advantage of several blockbuster drugs coming off patent. In five years, the revenue shortfall would be significant. The senior commercial and scientific... Read »
    6 days ago
  • If Your Lending Strategy Is Costing Quality...
    CEO.com - Jun 22
    The financial industry is in flux. Until recently, getting a loan was highly difficult for people with less-than-stellar credit. Traditional products are designed for borrowers with 700-plus credit ratings. It’s a standard... Read »
    1 week ago
  • Picking The Right Team
    CEO.com - Jun 21
    A company is only as good as its people. We’ve heard this saying time and time again, but the meaning resonates more strongly today, with the number of new companies increasing and the employee tenure at each job... Read »
    1 week ago
  • 20 Inspiring Quotes About Leadership Every Manager...
    Hubspot - Jun 16
    Being a great leader isn't something that you can learn from a textbook, or a course, or a training seminar. All of these things can help you develop your leadership skills, but at the end of the day, leadership is a choice.... Read »
    1 week ago
  • The Leadership Challenge: Building The Future Of...
    Mckinsey - Jun 16
    What are global infrastructure leaders worried about? Keeping a step ahead of the pace of change, for one. Managing increasingly complex projects and heightened consumer expectations, for another. And, of course, finding the... Read »
    1 week ago
  • The Best Concise Description Of How To Manage...
    Forbes - Jun 16
    I always like hearing from readers because they provide practical perspectives that often give me keener insights than I get from management textbooks. That was how I felt recently when I heard on Twitter from Doug Bacon,... Read »
    1 week ago
  • Why Leadership Development Needs to Be Updated
    Entrepreneur - Jun 16
    There’s a leadership problem in the workplace. Companies lack employees with leadership skills and fear they don’t have enough rising leaders to take the reigns. Case and point -- almost half of the companies surveyed... Read »
    1 week ago
  • What We Think Leaders Should Look Like (And Why It...
    Forbes - Jun 15
    One would like to think that leadership is a largely meritocratic endeavor, and that our leaders are chosen and followed based upon their abilities and characteristics rather than anything as shallow as how they... Read »
    1 week ago