• Three Risks Every Leader Should Take
    LinkedIn - Jul 23
    A story is told of a lady the Midwest, Miss Jones, who had the distinction of being the oldest resident in her town. But when she died, the editor of the local newspaper had a terrible time coming up with anything to say... Read »
    3 hours ago
  • 5 Easy Ways To Reduce Anxiety And Be At Your Best
    CEO.com - Jul 23
    You're nervous. Shoot, you're scared. In just a few minutes you will deliver a critical presentation, pitch key investor, lead an emergency meeting, try to close a sale with an enabling customer.... whatever it is, it feels... Read »
    4 hours ago
  • Why You Lead Determines How Well You Lead
    HBR - Jul 22
    One of the most telling questions you can ask someone in any kind of leadership role is what motivates them to be a better leader. Some will say it’s to enhance their personal effectiveness, or that leading is an expected... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Quit Playing Around—Lead!
    Inc - Jul 22
    One of the key roles that every CEO performs, especially in a company's early stages, is engaging in what I call Player mode. That means the CEO spends his or her time performing a key function within the company--say... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Mindful Leaders On The Rise
    Huff Post - Jul 22
    Something significant is happening in the evolution of leadership. For some years now, mindfulness has been quietly gaining ground as an effective way to heal difficult work cultures and create a more sane and productive... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Do Narcissistic CEOs Get Paid More?
    CEO.com - Jul 22
    An executive at Oracle once described his CEO Larry Ellison this way: “The difference between God and Larry is that God does not believe that he is Larry.” That’s a funny observation, but it’s also... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Great Leadership Matters In Any Business
    Inc - Jul 21
    If you are an entrepreneur starting a new venture, if you are an investor looking to invest in a new startup, if you are a boss managing a company, if you are a CEO leading a business, everything you do matters. Read »
    2 days ago
  • 5 Ways Leaders Tackle Pivotal Career Decisions
    Fast Company - Jul 21
    While the debate continues about whether leaders are born or made, the truth is that great leaders evolve one pivotal decision at a time. We all confront pivot points in our work lives, but great leaders turn these pivotal... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Preparing U.S. Leadership For The Cultural...
    Forbes - Jul 21
    The days of simply implementing a traditional diversity strategy and calling it a day are over. So is the current employee resource group model with its business case that has historically been mismanaged, misunderstood and... Read »
    2 days ago
  • 6 Essential Leadership Skills For Today’s Leader
    Switch and Shift - Jul 21
    As of this month- July 2014, log on to Amazon and you’ll find 116,796 titles under the heading “Leadership”. But if you’re in too big of a hurry to read a book, open up the American Heritage Dictionary. A careful... Read »
    2 days ago
  • 5 Ways To Truly Change Your Management Style
    CEO.com - Jul 21
    As is with each stroke of an artist's brush, every management decision, every corporate downsizing and every improvement initiative reveals something about the culture executives are creating. Since information travels... Read »
    2 days ago
  • You Can’t Be A Good Manager If You’re Not A Good...
    HBR - Jul 18
    If you have room in your head for only one nugget of leadership wisdom, make it this one: the most powerfully motivating condition people experience at work is making progress at something that is personally meaningful. If... Read »
    5 days ago
  • 7 Women On How They’ve Become Better Leaders With...
    Fast Company - Jul 18
    Red wine. Cheese. Innovation. Yes, these are all things that get better with age. Don’t believe it? Science offers some pretty compelling evidence that wunderkinds are the exception, rather than the rule. Read »
    5 days ago
  • The Secret Trait Behind Great Leadership
    Inc - Jul 18
    Leader is a pretty grandiose word. We apply it to some of history's greatest humans from Martin Luther King Jr. to Abraham Lincoln and honor these legendary leaders with libraries worth of laudatory books, national holidays,... Read »
    5 days ago
  • Lead Without Trying So Hard
    HBR - Jul 18
    In early 2011, I gave a TEDx speech. Because I wanted my ideas around dreaming and disrupting to come alive in a way that’s not possible in writing – and because of my nagging performance anxiety – I started... Read »
    5 days ago