• Eight Steps To Change And Hiring A Good Consultant
    CEO.com - Feb 5
    Change is in the air, especially at this time of year. And yet the transformation of leadership––that for years has been long sought after to improve America's employees and manufacturing base––just never seems to... Read »
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  • What You Need To Know About Reaching Company Goals:...
    CEO.com - Feb 4
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  • The Right Way To Hold People Accountable
    CEO.com - Feb 4
    John* was doing his best to be calm, but his frustration was palpable. Jeanine was explaining that there was little chance her group was going to make the numbers for this quarter. “Honestly?” she said. “The numbers... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Why Laughing Out Loud At Work Is Actually A Good Thing
    CEO.com - Feb 3
    Your office is quiet. Everyone is working hard, productivity is through the roof, and out of nowhere, a burst of laughter pierces the silence and permeates the office. Instead of menacingly glaring at the culprit (or, if it... Read »
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  • The One To Watch: Top Lessons To Learn From GM CEO...
    CEO.com - Feb 2
    General Motors is now enjoying stronger than expected profits, despite facing huge penalties to resolve its ignition switch litigation. I believe that Chairman and CEO Mary Barra's presence is a major factor. To grasp how... Read »
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  • The Four Most Important Lessons Learned From Running...
    CEO.com - Feb 1
    As a CEO, you've probably navigated through your share of obstacles. But imagine those obstacles exponentially increasing as you take on the same role across continents. Working in more than one country will only increase... Read »
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  • Seven Steps To Improve Your Leadership Through Data...
    CEO.com - Jan 29
    Without data to back it up, a strategy is just an idea. Leaders working in the absence of trustworthy, quantifiable information make judgments on feel and instinct. While good CEOs should trust their intuitions, instinct... Read »
    1 week ago
  • How Top Performers Take Criticism
    CEO.com - Jan 28
    "When I am criticized, I feel ____.” If you are like most people in the working world, you complete the aforementioned sentence with words like, “hurt, angry, defensive, dejected, disappointed, embarrassed, put-down,... Read »
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  • Managing On-Demand Talent
    HBR - Jan 28
    To stay nimble and competitive, many organizations today rely on expert talent sourced from anywhere in the world, in a variety of ways that fall outside the traditional employment model. The globalization of talent and... Read »
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  • Expect The Unexpected When Traveling For...
    CEO.com - Jan 27
    Small businesses travel because it presents opportunities, but the expense of face-to-face meetings shouldn’t be a deterrent. That’s especially true for startups. With proper planning and budget expectations, small... Read »
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  • Seven Ways To Make Employees Happier And More...
    CEO.com - Jan 26
    Before launching my company, I helped lead large population behavior change initiatives in New York. The goal was to improve the developmental and health-related outcomes in troubled neighborhoods through support systems.... Read »
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  • Why Focus Should Be Your Company’s No. 1 Priority
    CEO.com - Jan 25
    Before Larry Page reclaimed control of Google in 2011, he turned to an ailing Steve Jobs for advice. The Apple co-founder offered Page a crucial insight: focus. Zero in on only four to five products and make those the best... Read »
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  • Parental Leave– The Conversation Du Jour
    CEO.com - Jan 22
    If your company is competing for talent – and what company isn’t—you may well be reviewing your company’s policy around parental leave right about now. You have to keep up with Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, right?... Read »
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  • The One Communication Tool Too Many CEOs Fail To Use
    CEO.com - Jan 21
    While it can be incredibly frustrating, there’s a basic problem many CEOs and company founders face: the larger your company, the less direct impact you can make. When it’s you and ten people all working in the same... Read »
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  • The CEO’s Guide To Going Social: Part One
    CEO.com - Jan 20
    The birth of online social networking launched an age of digital discovery the world has only begun to explore. More than two billion active social media users represent a population that's rising by a whopping 25 percent... Read »
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