• Empire State CEO: Going Public Helped Attract Tenants
    Bloomberg - Oct 1
    Anthony Malkin, chief executive officer of Empire State Realty Trust Inc., talks about company's initial public offering last year and U.S. commerical real estate. Malkin speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In... Read »
    13 hours ago
  • Warren Buffett’s Best Productivity Hack
    Business Insider - Oct 1
    People call Warren Buffett the Sage of Omaha for many reasons. He's endlessly quotable, ridiculously well-read, and mind-blowingly wealthy, plus he accompanies all that with the aw-shucks friendliness of the grandpa of your... Read »
    13 hours ago
  • Shareholders Are Not Happy With Oracle’s New Co-CEO...
    Business Insider - Oct 1
    Five bigwig institutional shareholders want to force Oracle to make radical changes to the way it pays it top three executives: executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison and co-CEOs Safra Catz and Mark Hurd. They are... Read »
    13 hours ago
  • Don’t Hire People Just Like You
    CEO.com - Oct 1
    Look around you! Are you surrounded by people with your world view, your personality and your temperament? In a nutshell – are you hiring clones of yourself? If you are, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to enhance... Read »
    17 hours ago
  • Oracle CEO: We’re A ‘Build & Buy’ Company
    CNBC - Sep 30
    CNBC's Jon Fortt speaks to Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, about consolidation in the sector and using M&A as a way to grow. We need to focus on execution, says Hurd. Read »
    1 day ago
  • What 8 Of The World’s Sexiest CEOs Do In Their Free...
    Business Insider - Sep 30
    No job is easy, but being the CEO of a company can be particularly stress-inducing. The only way to combat that kind of stress is with a hobby that helps you unwind. These eight CEOs all appear on our 2014 list of the... Read »
    1 day ago
  • How Jack MA’s ‘Crazy’ Management Style Built A...
    Entrepreneur - Sep 30
    More than 100 years ago, Rudyard Kipling wrote those words before the world had shrunk back into a new Pangaea, reconnected by fiber-optic lines, global-supply chain networks and global brands. Alibaba and its kinetic... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Getting Past A Career Setback
    CEO.com - Sep 30
    Managers often think about their careers in terms of winning and losing. Winners ascend the corporate ladder and get the praise, recognition, bonuses, and top jobs. But what about those whose careers are sidetracked or... Read »
    1 day ago
  • BlackBerry’s M&A Strategy
    CNBC - Sep 29
    John Chen, Blackberry CEO, discusses BlackBerry's acquisition strategy and how much he is interested investing in foreign platforms. Read »
    2 days ago
  • Here’s Richard Branson’s Favorite Interview...
    Business Insider - Sep 29
    What didn't you get a chance to include on your résumé? Read »
    2 days ago
  • More Drama At American Apparel As Turnaround Expert...
    Fortune - Sep 29
    Brubaker is managing director at Alvarez & Marsal, a firm that specializes in turnarounds and restructuring. Read »
    2 days ago
  • How To Lead Two Companies (Without Losing Your Mind)
    CEO.com - Sep 29
    “It’s quite difficult to be CEO at two companies,” admitted businessman and billionaire Elon Tusk in a recent shareholders meeting. “I will stay four or five years, then it’s TBD after that.” Musk is the CEO... Read »
    2 days ago
  • No More Files? Quip CEO
    CNBC - Sep 26
    We've gotten rid of the entire concept of a file, says Brett Taylor, Quip founder and CEO, discussing his new venture that allows users to collaborate on any device from tablets, smartphones and desktops. Read »
    5 days ago
  • Steve Ballmer Says Clipper’s iPads Will Need To Go
    Fortune - Sep 26
    One of Steve Ballmer’s first acts as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers might be to do away with the team’s iPads. In an interview with Reuters on his plans for the NBA franchise he bought for $2 billion a few months... Read »
    5 days ago
  • How Karen Kaplan Went From Receptionist To CEO
    Fortune - Sep 26
    Karen Kaplan didn’t even want to work in advertising when she applied for her first job at the Boston-based ad firm Hill Holliday. At the age of 22, Kaplan walked into the company’s office for an interview to be a... Read »
    5 days ago