• 3 Openly Gay CEOs Who Paved The Way For Tim Cook
    CEO.com - Oct 30
    Apple CEO Tim Cook came out as gay in a deeply moving op-ed in Bloomberg Businessweek this morning. Cook, who has a reputation for being private, has never spoken publicly about his sexuality until now. “I’m proud to... Read »
    20 hours ago
  • GrubHub CEO: Investing In Product
    CNBC - Oct 29
    Matt Maloney, GrubHub CEO and co-founder, discusses what is driving the company's growth and why customers stick with the online food delivery site. Read »
    1 day ago
  • 9 Things You Don’t Know About Bill Gates, The...
    CNBC - Oct 29
    What do you get the world's richest person for his birthday? That's the question Bill Gates' friends and family pondered as the Microsoft co-founder turned 59 years old Tuesday. Gates, who stepped down from the top job... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Mary Barra Says GM Is Done Playing Nice
    USA Today - Oct 29
    General Motors CEO Mary Barra is taking off the gloves, declaring that the giant automaker is done being the "polite competitor." It wants to win instead, she told the Detroit Economic Club. And as everyone knows, nice... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Best Advice From CEOs: 40 Execs’ Secrets To Success
    Fortune - Oct 29
    We’ve gathered wisdom from those who have rocketed up the corporate ladder and helped others climb with them. Here, some valuable lessons on how to lead well, achieve more, and have fun doing it. Chairman and... Read »
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  • 3 Quotes To Help Entrepreneurs When Things Get Tough
    HuffPo - Oct 28
    Last week was Goldman Sachs' third annual Builders + Innovators Summit, created to gather the year's 100 most intriguing entrepreneurs from around the country and give them the opportunity to hear from, and even more... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Tim Cook Happy With New Apple Pay Service
    WSJ - Oct 28
    Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook said more than one million credit cards were activated on the company’s new Apple Pay service within 72 hours of its debut last week. Speaking at the WSJD Live Global Technology... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Papa John’s CEO Attends Slain Worker’s Funeral
    USA Today - Oct 28
    The founder and CEO of Papa John's traveled to Tennessee this weekend to attend the funeral of an employee who was gunned down during a robbery attempt while working the late shift. Gordon Schaffer's family gathered... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Twitter CEO Says Growth Is ‘No. 1’ Priority
    Bloomberg - Oct 28
    Twitter Inc. (TWTR) reported another quarter of decelerating user growth, triggering a selloff in shares and putting pressure on Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo to prove that he can attract more users and... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Give And Take: Why Great Leaders Are Givers
    CEO.com - Oct 28
    What makes the difference between an average leader and a leader that is truly great? Leaders that rise to greatness understand giving is a core tenet of guiding. Additionally, they know that while they have much to give of... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Tim Cook Says Setbacks For Apple Pay Are...
    Fortune - Oct 28
    Apple CEO Tim Cook said Monday that the challenges his new mobile payments platform, Apple Pay, faces after retailers like CVS and Rite Aid disabled it are unlikely to last. “It’s a skirmish,” Cook said, during an... Read »
    3 days ago
  • The No. 1 Workplace Culture Challenge
    Switch and Shift - Oct 28
    The word “culture” has lost its meaning due to the proliferation of over-simplified and inconsistent workplace culture content that’s all over the popular press. CEO’s know culture is important but there is a... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Sanofi CEO Asked Board For Clarity On Rumor Of His...
    Reuters - Oct 27
    Sanofi Chief Executive Chris Viehbacher has defended his transformation of the French drugmaker and has written to the company's board urging it to clarify rumors he faces dismissal Read »
    3 days ago
  • Why Superstars Struggle To Bond With Their Teams
    HBR - Oct 27
    From the moment you start each workday, you’re subject to two basic human impulses: to excel and to conform. Read »
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  • What The Choice Hotels CEO Thinks Of Airbnb
    Bloomberg - Oct 27
    Steve Joyce, chief executive officer at Choice Hotels International, talks with Betty Liu about his thoughts on Airbnb, competition for hotels from the sharing economy, how his hotels offer travel value for the 99 percent... Read »
    4 days ago