• 5 Ways To Get Better At Asking For Help
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    Fortune - Dec 16
    My alarm goes off. It’s pitch black, and I look over at my phone; it’s 6:00 a.m. I feel unfamiliar sheets pinning me to the bed, and realize I’m away on business. Still. What city am I in? Yesterday it was Hong... Read »
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  • Be A Better Leader: Teach By Asking Questions
    LinkedIn - Dec 16
    Many leaders have the belief that they should be the solver of all problems because that is why they are a leader. Yet solving all your team’s problems holds the team and its members back from their full potential. It also... Read »
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  • 7 Powerful Qualities Of Humble Leaders
    Leadership Freak - Dec 16
    The tipping point of leadership is moving from delivering results yourself to helping others deliver results. At the beginning, you earn the right to lead by delivering your results. But, all leaders face the painful... Read »
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    My friends and I came up with the name “Virgin” one day when we were 15 years old, sitting around in a basement. I was keen on the name “Slipped Disc” for our new music venture, but then one of my friends pointed out... Read »
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