• Do Conservative Managers Give Smaller Bonuses To...
    HBR - Dec 5
    Every year, Len and Cal — two thoughtful partners in a law firm — have to evaluate a handful of direct reports and assign them end-of-year bonuses. Both Len and Cal take this responsibility very seriously, as their... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Why Elon Musk Is The Most Admired Leader In Technology
    Fortune - Dec 5
    In a new survey of hundreds of startup founders, 23% said they admired Tesla and SpaceX head Elon Musk more than any other tech leader. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos came in a distant second, with 10% of respondents giving him the... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Seven Questions You Need To Stop Asking At Work
    Entrepreneur - Dec 5
    You need to know the answers, but just asking them creates tension and frustration. Because when you ask day-in and day-out, everyone feels precious time being wasted. And, of course, all questions from ‘above’ have a... Read »
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  • What Does An Executive Team Need To Look At For...
    Forbes - Dec 5
    When you lead a business, you have to pay close attention to how effectively and efficiently everything is running, and especially when you set aside enough budget for content marketing, you need to be sure your team uses it... Read »
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  • The Nuanced Truth About True Happiness At Work
    Switch & Shift - Dec 5
    We all want to feel good and true happiness is the answer, right? Well, according to Harvard Medical School psychologist, Dr. Susan David, it’s more nuanced than “happiness equals goodness.” In Dr. David’s book... Read »
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  • Three Leadership Lessons I Learned By Walking In My...
    CEO.com - Dec 5
    Neither starting a family nor leading a sales team is easy. Juggling both, I learned, is nearly impossible. Back in 1993, I began at California Casualty as a fresh-eyed sales consultant. Two years into my role, I... Read »
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  • Women, Leadership, And 2016
    Boston Globe - Dec 2
    "They're telling us we’ve got this one, Alice,” I said quietly as I stood in front of Alice Paul’s old house on Capitol Hill the night before the election. In 1920, Paul engineered the ratification of the 19th... Read »
    4 days ago
  • It’s Time For Leaders To Stop Dragging Everyone...
    Fortune - Dec 2
    Running a meeting is no easy task. It requires ample planning, effective moderation, and a combination of discipline and flexibility. Meeting leaders want to keep everyone on track and achieve a set objective, usually within... Read »
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  • Balancing Fun And Professionalism At The Holiday...
    Forbes - Dec 2
    Are you planning to attend your office holiday party? I hope so. This is a great occasion to relax and have a good time — and can be a highly anticipated, positive antidote to year-end stress. But anytime you combine fun... Read »
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  • How Domino’s Pizza Reinvented Itself
    HBR - Dec 2
    I spent the last 18 months researching and writing a book on how organizations and leaders can do extraordinary things, even if they operate in pretty ordinary fields. You don’t have to be a programmer in Silicon Valley or... Read »
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  • How Boards Can Set Up A New CEO For Success
    HBR - Dec 2
    Few people have more experience with CEO successions than Ram Charan. For more than three decades, Charan has been involved in CEO searches in the United States, China, Japan, India, Brazil, and Europe, as a director, an... Read »
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  • Three Dangerous Ways You May Be Failing Your Employees
    Entrepreneur - Nov 28
    We spend so much time focusing on the nuances of leadership that we often forget about the very definition of leadership and what we -- as business owners, CEOs, executives and managers -- should tangibly be doing to help... Read »
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  • How Blind Spots Sink Leaders: Two Remedies From...
    Forbes - Nov 28
    Pollsters and major media groups that had forecast a narrow victory for veteran politician Hillary Clinton unhappily found themselves on the wrong side of the U.S. presidential election outcome. Despite a well-organized... Read »
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  • How Loss Aversion And Conformity Threaten...
    HBR - Nov 28
    To achieve true transformational change, CEOs must have more than a strategic plan. To effect actual change, they need to understand how biases — their own, and their employees’ — can shape behaviors and decisions, and... Read »
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  • Here’s What Happened When I Started Being...
    Fortune - Nov 28
    From the film industry to the White House, diversity is a hot topic across the country. Although attention rightly remains focused on the big social, political, and legal discussions of race, gender, and religion, I’d like... Read »
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