• 7 Traits Of Exceptional Leaders
    Entrepreneur - Mar 24
    Emotions are the universal language. The way the emotions are felt is the same in each of us. What triggers our emotion is individual, but if we can feel our own pain then we can know what it is like for another to feel... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • Rubicon Project CEO Michael Barrett: ‘We Are Not...
    Digiday - Mar 24
    Ad tech firm Rubicon Project has been in the media spotlight over the past few months. Last week, the company appointed Michael Barrett — who is known for cleaning up and selling businesses in the industry — as its new... Read »
    13 hours ago
  • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Met With Rev. Jesse Jackson...
    Fortune - Mar 24
    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick met with Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday to discuss diversity and inclusion. Kalanick said it was a privilege to meet Jackson, adding that he wants to set firm goals for making progress on diversity... Read »
    13 hours ago
  • Robert Iger Will Remain Disney CEO Into 2019
    USA TODAY - Mar 23
    As many expected, Robert Iger will stay on a while longer as Disney's CEO and Chairman. The Walt Disney Company board said Thursday that it had extended Iger's contract to July 2, 2019. “Given Bob Iger’s... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Starbucks CEO Schultz Weighs In On Employment:...
    Starbucks - Mar 23
    Outgoing Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said that he and his successor will continue to push the coffee chain's "social impact agenda" regardless of gridlock in Washington. Schultz and Starbucks president, COO, and incoming... Read »
    1 day ago
  • How Sears CEO Lampert Cashes In As Stores Cash Out
    USA TODAY - Mar 23
    Eddie Lampert, the press-shy CEO, chairman and largest shareholder of Sears Holdings, may be all that’s standing between the beleaguered department store chain and bankruptcy. The conventional wisdom is that Lampert... Read »
    1 day ago
  • National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney...
    Recode - Mar 20
    Courteney Monroe, the CEO of National Geographic Global Networks, is bringing the 128-year-old company into the modern age of TV by betting on “fewer, bigger, bolder, much more creatively ambitious” shows on topics of... Read »
    4 days ago
  • It Will Be ‘Very, Very Difficult’ For...
    CNBC - Mar 20
    The chief executive of German manufacturer Bosch said the reduction of free global trade is a concern, and that it will be very difficult for President Donald Trump to recover U.S. manufacturing jobs, lost over the decades... Read »
    4 days ago
  • 25 Things That Are Part Of Your Brand—Whether You...
    Forbes - Mar 16
    I understand completely why people say "I don't want a personal brand. I'm a person, not a bottle of ketchup!" Anyone could sympathize with a person who says "I don't want to label myself," but the fact is that we all... Read »
    1 week ago
  • When An Employee Or Spokesperson Criticizes Your...
    Harvard Business Review - Mar 16
    Last month three of Under Armour’s celebrity endorsers — Stephen Curry, Misty Copeland, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — publicly criticized the company’s CEO, Kevin Plank, for making a favorable statement... Read »
    1 week ago
  • FedEx’s CEO Has Some Trade Policy Advice For Donald...
    Fortune - Mar 16
    FedEx CEO Fred Smith has some advice for President Trump ahead of his first ever meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping in April. It has to do with the controversial issue of trade with the Asian nation. “It’s... Read »
    1 week ago
  • CEO Of World’s Third Largest Insurer Sees...
    CNBC - Mar 16
    There are good prospects for the Italy, the third largest euro economy, despite being run by a caretaker government, the chief executive officer of Generali told CNBC. Italy will have a new general election either this... Read »
    1 week ago
  • How Incentive Pay Affects Employee Engagement,...
    Harvard Business Review - Mar 15
    Most managers would agree that motivated, productive employees are crucial for organizational success, regardless of company size, industry, or corporate strategy. The question is how to motivate them. Offering employees... Read »
    1 week ago
  • The Most Effective Way To Keep Star Employees From...
    Inc. - Mar 15
    Gallup has been tracking employee engagement over the past 17 years, and its research reveals that roughly 30 percent of U.S. workers are considered "engaged" in their jobs. Translation: They are inspired by, involved in,... Read »
    1 week ago
  • Does “Radical Candor” Really Work As A...
    Forbes - Mar 15
    A new workplace trend suggests that “radical candor” is the secret to being a good boss. But is blunt criticism an effective way to manage employees? That doesn’t mean that managers should just blurt out whatever is... Read »
    1 week ago