• 5 Leadership Secrets For The Newly Minted Manager
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    Entrepreneur - Oct 12
    The difference in pay between CEOs and other employees has become a controversial topic that has become even more heated in the light of new data. In August, Glassdoor released a report showing the average CEO earns 204... Read »
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  • Quash Your Bad Habits By Knowing What Triggers Them
    HBR - Oct 12
    Here’s the thing: It doesn’t take long to change a habit. But it’s hard. Really hard. It’s wildly challenging to shift direction when you’re in the heat of the moment, when your heart is beating, your adrenaline... Read »
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    Forbes - Oct 5
    Paul Bartolotta is no ordinary business leader. He’s the CEO of a wildly successful company that owns and operates 20 restaurants. He’s one of the most important celebrity chefs in America, having won the prestigious... Read »
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  • The Four Posts Of Leadership: Your Personal Style Is...
    Switch & Shift - Oct 5
    How many leaders try to put their team in a constant sprint? It is always temporary in the beginning, but routinely becomes the “new normal.” More-with-Less means we worked our employees harder than we should, and ask... Read »
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  • 10 Revealing Ways To Vet Your Executive Hires
    Inc - Oct 5
    Executive-level hires are arguably the most important type of hire for your business, as they bring with them a wealth of experience and industry contacts that could have a huge impact on shaping the future of your company.... Read »
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  • Operating In A Global Marketplace
    CEO.com - Oct 5
    As corporations continue to grow, one of the things CEOs look at is expanding their businesses into new markets. With that expansion, corporations need to understand how to operate on a global scale, and also drive... Read »
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  • 6 Truths On Why Introverts Make Great Leaders
    Entrepreneur - Oct 2
    It’s rare that you see the words “introvert” and “leader” in the same sentence. After all, the common perception is that extroverts make great public speakers and are excellent networkers -- two things CEOs and... Read »
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  • Mentorship Vs. Sponsorship, And How To Maximize Both
    Forbes - Oct 2
    It’s important sometimes to take a moment and look back at what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. When I started my career I had no idea that I would join a company at an entry-level position and 10 years later... Read »
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  • How To Create A Business Culture That Reflects Your...
    Entrepreneur - Sep 30
    How an office looks, what the rules are, who sits where, who speaks and why, what goes right and what goes wrong with its systems may sound superficial for thinking big and acting bigger, but that’s far from the truth.... Read »
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  • Can A Wonderful Person Be A Terrible Boss?
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    You have pointed out numerous tasks and challenges that you feel are uncomfortable for Shirley — but what about you? There are great opportunities in your present challenge to look at what’s hard or scary for you, as... Read »
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    I’ve worked in a few different managerial settings throughout my career, but the one that continues to resonate is my time in the quick-serve food industry. In my previous tenure with one specific company, I was... Read »
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    Inc - Sep 28
    We are often too close to ourselves to see some of our blind spots and well-intended quirks that lead us into busy, overwhelm, unintended impact, and ultimately downright frustration. That’s where our people come in, our... Read »
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  • Why Leaders Need To Keep Their Eyes On True North
    Forbes - Sep 28
    The term “authenticity” is much bandied about in leadership circles these days. Politicians like the new leader of the British Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn or the would-be Democrat candidate for President Bernie Sanders... Read »
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  • Why Accountability Is The Foundation Of Leadership
    Switch and Shift - Sep 28
    Leadership:  Leveraging the interpersonal and physical ability to get people to do things for or with you.  There are good leaders, bad leaders, and countless books, podcasts and classes that can be dissected for varying... Read »
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