• Of The Five Types Of School Leader, Only One Truly...
    Forbes - Oct 21
    Leadership is one of the most crucial factors in determining whether a school is effective or not, but of the five types of school leaders, only one truly succeeds. Researchers have identified five distinct types of... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Top Ways To Introduce AI Into Your Organization
    HBR - Oct 20
    I’m teaching a new course this semester on cognitive technologies (AKA artificial intelligence) to Babson MBAs. Many of them are new to this set of technologies, and seeing the topic through my students’ eyes has made me... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Three Core Competencies All Leaders Must Focus On
    Entrepreneur - Oct 19
    As the Cultural Demographic Shift™ expands across the nation, most leaders lack the readiness to see diversity and inclusion as a profit center rather than a traditional cost center. In fact, many believe that leadership... Read »
    4 days ago
  • A Tool For Balancing Your Company’s Digital...
    HBR - Oct 19
    How does your organization manage the money it spends on digital? One surprising finding of my research is that most do not distinguish between different types of digital investments, treating all in a similar way. This... Read »
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  • 10 Ways To Develop An Unshakable Belief In Yourself
    Entrepreneur - Oct 13
    What does it mean to have an unshakable belief in yourself? It means you choose to have a winning attitude. You force your mind to see the positive opportunity in every experience, negative or positive. As you look at your... Read »
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  • Three Steps To Becoming A Better Customer Communicator
    Forbes - Oct 13
    We interact with people throughout the workday, but how effective is our communication? Quality communication is key to building good relationships, especially with customers. Customers are quick to pick up on authenticity... Read »
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  • The Three Ways Work Can Be Automated
    HBR - Oct 13
    We are at an interesting tipping point regarding how and where work gets done. As business leaders and managers, we have become increasingly capable of engaging a workforce that is some combination of virtual and on site,... Read »
    1 week ago
  • Five Technologies That Will Transform Your Business...
    Switch & Shift - Oct 13
    True success in the business world often depends making the right business decisions at the right time. This has only grown more complicated over the years as organizations are inundated with increasingly complex problems.... Read »
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  • Why Will Many CMOs Fail In The Era Of Big Data?
    Forbes - Oct 12
    Marketing is the art of discovering what people want and offering it to them.  The right product, combined with the right message, delivered to the right target creates magic.  It can transform even a mediocre company into... Read »
    1 week ago
  • As Work Changes, Leadership Development Has To Keep Up
    HBR - Oct 12
    As work itself is changing, some of the basic tenets of leadership development are being challenged. The very idea of leading people in jobs is changing with the democratization of work and the continued advance of digital... Read »
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  • Five Engagement Principles Now Drive Business...
    Huff Po - Oct 10
    The days of leadership without engagement are gone. With interactive social media and video everywhere, everyone needs to feel they have a relationship with their leaders, and every brand needs leader personification for... Read »
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  • The Real Truth About B2B Marketing And Social Media
    Forbes - Oct 4
    Marketing in B2B requires an understanding of social media. Social media marketing and selling are constants for any business looking to grow themselves further. This is no different in a B2B design. You want to make sure... Read »
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  • Is Your Company Ready For A Ransomware Attack?
    HBR - Oct 3
    Earlier this year, administrators at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital suddenly discovered they had lost access to their computers. Doctors were locked out of their patients’ medical records, and they couldn’t access their... Read »
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  • What Five Successful Business Leaders Wish...
    Business Insider - Sep 30
    Dealing with finances can be difficult at any age, but your relationship with money in your 20s is particularly memorable — and often fraught with mistakes. Looking back, there's probably a lot you wish you knew at the... Read »
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  • Should Employee Appreciation Be Entirely...
    Switch & Shift - Sep 29
    One of the most frequent questions asked when I’m consulting a business is: Should you show appreciation to someone who isn’t performing well? Tension exists in the world of recognition, employee engagement, and... Read »
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