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Microsoft’s Nadella Envisions Cultural Shift Where Data Is King

Entrepreneur - April 16, 2014

You’ve likely heard of artificial intelligence. But in a new post on Microsoft’s company blog, CEO Satya Nadella envisions a revolutionary era of “ambient intelligence.” This is a future in which “nearly all... Read »

Why Your Employees Are A Threat to Your Company’s Data

Inc - April 16, 2014

Believe it or not, your employees are the weakest link in your digital defenses. "Human error is the highest risk to your company. Clicking bad links, stolen laptops, lost thumb drives and company phones--there are so many... Read »

Everything You Need To Know About Data Viz

HBR - April 16, 2014

Displaying data can be a tricky proposition, because different rules apply in different contexts. A sales director presenting financial projections to a group of field reps wouldn’t visualize her data the same way that a... Read »

Microsoft CEO Announces New Tools In The Cloud

Tech Crunch - April 16, 2014

This morning in San Francisco, Microsoft announced several new data-focused tools in front of a cadre of customers and partners, not to mention a decent-sized grouping of press. The two new tools worth noting are Azure... Read »

Mt Gox CEO ‘Not Willing’ To Go To America

Forbes - April 16, 2014

Mark Karpeles, the CEO of collapsed Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, has said via lawyers that he is “not willing” to go to America yet, refusing a US court demand to testify in person over the issue. Read »

6 Things The Most Influential People On Social Media Do

Inc - April 16, 2014

How do you earn respect, stand out, and get noticed in noisy social media circles? Take a cue from the Web's biggest influencers. Read »

The World’s 10 Most Innovative Companies In Finance

Fast Company - April 15, 2014

You'd think something as universal as money would be hassle-free to use. But with banks and card networks acting as invisible middlemen and imposing sizable exchange fees, some companies are creating radical new approaches... Read »

8 Ways Neuroscience Can Improve Your Presentations

Inc - April 14, 2014

Over the past few decades, enormous amounts of effort (and dollars) have gone into understanding how the mind works. This is good news for you, especially when it comes to public speaking, which requires getting into the... Read »

CEOs Are Ready To Spend On Digital Tech, Says New Report

TechRepublic - April 14, 2014

CEOs at major firms say investing in technologies to stimulate growth is at the top of their to-do list in 2014, and that IT is no longer just a cost-centre to be cut. Read »

BlackBerry CEO Sets 2-Year Goal To Cut Device Reliance

Bloomberg - April 11, 2014

BlackBerry Ltd. John Chen is giving himself two years to overhaul the smartphone maker and offset declining handset demand with sales of software that connects computers with all manner of machines, from cars to heart... Read »

Google Executive: Android And Chrome Are Both Important

Fortune - April 11, 2014

Sundar Pichai, who rode the success of the Chrome browser and OS to a position of unparalleled technical sway at Google, has often brushed aside those questions. In an interview with Fortune, Pichai, a senior vice president... Read »

Evernote Founder: ‘Apps Will Be Obsolete’

Inc - April 11, 2014

Phil Libin has a bold prediction for the future, as mobile computing moves into wearables. What's next, beyond the app? Read »

10 Founding Teams Who Made History

Fortune - April 11, 2014

Named after the Stanford University Network, Sun Microsystems became the goliath of computer workstations in the 1990s, so much so it once used the slogan, "We're the dot in dot-com." But the end of the dotcom boom meant the... Read »

If You’re Not Using Big Data To Hire, You’re Missing Out

Entrepreneur - April 11, 2014

According to a survey by Silicon Valley Bank, 90 percent of startups believe finding talent is their biggest challenge. Yet, a solution to this problem could lie with Big Data -- massive amounts of structured and... Read »

Tech Companies Skittish About IPO Prospects

Bloomberg - April 11, 2014

Technology companies had a relatively easy time marketing initial public offerings while stock markets were steadily rising: the Nasdaq 100 Index rose 33 percent to a 14-year high in the year through early March. Read »