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CEO succession is a firm’s process of changing their CEO. Changing the CEO of a company impacts culture, the board and its relationship with the CEO, and public as well as internal perceptions. CEO succession can also impact performance in a positive or negative way. Let be your definitive guide to CEO succession planning.

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It's important for boards to discuss not only who...
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Apple Shareholders Nix CEO Succession Disclosure

CBS NewsRejection follows Steve Jobs' decision to take indefinite medical leave of absence

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Creating CEO Succession Processes

Directorship Magazine Practice, experience combine with leadership create quality candidates.

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Picking the Right Insider for CEO Succession

HBRGlaxoSmithKline’s daring decision to let three internal candidates very publicly compete to become CEO generated a lot of chatter in 2008, but the media overlooked a part of the transition process...

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The Dark Side of CEO Succession

Chief ExecutiveNot all boards have the luxury of time in choosing a successor. Chief Executive looks at the darker side of CEO succession.

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Ending the CEO Succession Crisis

HBRThe CEO succession process is broken. Many companies have no meaningful succession plans, and few of the ones that do are happy with them.

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CEO Succession 2010: The Four Types Of CEOs

Booz & Company's annual study of turnover among chief executives -- now increasingly diverse, as the world's largest companies migrate to emerging economies -- suggests that the nature of the job...

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Succeeding at Succession

For too long, boards have relied on rules of thumb and conventional wisdom when picking CEO's

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Google Sets Surprising Example for CEO Succession

Googles succession plan adds a fresh blueprint for Silicon Valley’s new crop of geniuses.

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Study: CEO Succession Planning: Finally at the Center Stage of the Boardroom

In this case study HBR considers the increasing importance of CEO succession planning.

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Examining the Impact of SEC Guidance Changes on CEO Succession Planning

In an October 2009 release, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission effectively removed the ordinary business exclusion defense used by companies reluctant to disclose their CEO...

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Case Study: Succession Planning at GE

This case examines the succession planning process at the US-based General Electric

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The Art of CEO Succession

Pulling off a CEO transition is never easy. DuPont's smooth baton-passing early this year underscores the importance of having a solid plan

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Book: CEO Succession

A window on how boards can get it right when choosing a new chief executive

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Donald Trump Donated To Ted Cruz, But Doesn't Mean He Wants Him For President

politicoDonald Trump isn’t ready to make his presidential endorsement just yet. The real estate magnate clarified on Monday that a donation he made to Ted Cruz’s political action committee doesn’t mean that he’s supporting Cruz for president in 2016.

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An Exclusive Interview With Aereo CEO Ahead Of Supreme Court Hearing

Tech CrunchToday, the David-vs.-Goliath moment that we’ve all been waiting for will finally arrive. In just a few short moments, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia and his legal team will enter the Supreme Court Courthouse to make final oral arguments against multiple broadcasters.

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Alliant CEO: Gas Makes Wind More Affordable

ForbesCheap natural gas is making wind energy affordable, even without a federal tax credit, the chief executive officer of Alliant Energy said. Installation of wind farms fell by 93 percent after Congress did not renew wind’s production tax credit last year. The tax credit is back before Congress for...

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Telkom CEO Risks Prosecution If He Skips Governance Course

BloombergTelkom Chief Executive Officer Sipho Maseko faces referral to South Africa’s national prosecutor or a fine if he fails to attend a corporate governance course as ordered, a state department said. Maseko faces an administrative penalty of as much as 1 million rand ($95,254) or referral to the...

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OkCupid Founder Donated To An Anti-Gay Congressman

Business InsiderJust days after OkCupid urged its users to boycott Mozila Firefox for its now-former CEO's views on gay marriage, news broke that OkCupid co-founder Sam Yagan once donated money to an anti-gay candidate.

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Sheryl Sandberg Has No Plans To Run For Office

Business InsiderSheryl Sandberg was on NBC's "The Today Show" this morning to talk with Savannah Guthrie about her new book "Lean In For Graduates" which follows the success of last year's bestseller "Lean In." The book is going to focus on teaching young women how to navigate the real world immediately after...

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How Mobile Technology Fuels Social Movements

HBRTwo things stand out about the Mozilla case. First, the most critical voices came from within the organization. And second, employees’ protests zeroed in on the political activities of the CEO, not those of the organization. In a sense, it was like a recall election.

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Yelp CEO Is In Hot Water As Supreme Court Weighs Free Speech

Business InsiderThis month, the Supreme Court is set to make a decision that could set an important precedent about Yelp reviews and free speech.

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Mozilla CEO: I Keep My Personal Beliefs Out Of Business

Venture BeatUntil a week or so ago, Brendan Eich was a clean-shaven neckbeard hero. He created JavaScript. He’s a champion of the open web and a cofounder of Firefox maker Mozilla. He believes that with the right people and the right technology just about anything is possible. In 2008, he donated $1,000 to...

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The One Important Thing Mary Barra Told Congress

BusinessweekMary Barra, chief executive of General Motors (GM), just wrapped up her ritual flogging by a House panel. She apologized. She promised a full investigation. She remained calm and contrite while still resisting demands from grandstanding members of Congress for answers as to how GM so royally...

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GM CEO Faces Second Day On Capitol Hill

NYTSoon after General Motors’ chief executive, Mary T. Barra, took her seat on Wednesday before a Senate panel to answer questions about the company’s decadelong failure to fix a faulty switch linked to 13 deaths, she received a blunt message of what was to come.

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Mozilla CEO Refuses To Resign Over Prop 8 Backlash

The GuardianThe new CEO of Mozilla, the not-for-profit organisation behind the Firefox web browser, declined on Tuesday to offer a rationale for his 2008 donation in support of California's gay marriage ban, insisting he would remain in post despite a backlash over his appointment.

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The State Of Free Speech In The C-Suite

Washington PostHow much do a CEO's past political views matter once he's elevated to the top job? A lot, apparently. Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and one of the co-founders of Mozilla, which builds the web browser Firefox, was named Mozilla's CEO on March 24. In the days since, some employees, users...

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State Wants Taxpayers To Give Billionaire Elon Musk $1 Million A Year

LA WeeklySo said the state Board of Equalization this week, which endorsed a proposal by California Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi to give Musk's SpaceX the tax break it deserves. Muratsuchi's office says the bill, AB 777, would provide rocket propulsion firms a "business inventory tax exemption."

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Google’s Larry Page: NSA Spying Endangers Democracy

ForbesGoogle chairman Eric Schmidt may be “pretty sure” that Google is keeping its users’ data safe from government snooping, but for CEO Larry Page, that’s small consolation. In an on-stage Q&A at the TED conference in Vancouver, Page said he considers the NSA’s far-reaching data...

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