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Regardless of whether you think true leaders are born or made, there’s much to be gained by nurturing the seeds of leadership in both yourself and your employees. This guide explores different leadership strategies, examines your leadership blind spots, and offers some new food for thought on the topic.

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Leadership Begins at Home

HBRThe new technologies aren't going away, nor should they. The real issue is whether we can learn to manage them more skillfully, so they don't end up managing us.

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The Change Leadership Sustainability Demands

MITSloanSustainability initiatives can’t be driven through an organization the way other changes can. They have three distinct stages, and each requires different organizational capabilities and leadership...

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Sharing Leadership to Maximize Talent

HBRWith global expansion, intra- and inter-industry restructuring, and increasing numbers of merging organizations, the need for dynamic flexibility and a broad base of knowledge and expertise is...

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Discover Your Leadership Blindspots

BusinessWeekFrom insisting on doing too much alone to avoiding confrontation, leadership blind spots are common and can be lethal for business

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Leadership & Innovation

McKinsey QuarterlyMcKinsey research reveals a wide gap between the aspirations of executives to innovate and their ability to execute. Organizational structures and processes are not the solution.

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Leadership is a Muscle

Fast CompanyHow is your attitude about your abilities affecting your success?

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Leadership as the Starting Point of Strategy

McKinsey QuarterlyEven the best strategy can fail if a corporation doesn’t have a cadre of leaders with the right capabilities at the right levels of the organization.

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The Elements of Platform Leadership

MITSloanWith vision that extends beyond their current business operations or the technical specifications of one product, platform leaders can create an industry ecosystem greater than the sum of its parts.

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The Most Important Leadership Quality for CEOs? Creativity

For CEOs, creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business, outweighing even integrity and global thinking, according to a new study by IBM.

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Can You Really Manage Engagement Without Managers?

GallupOnline retailer Zappos recently announced that it will eliminate the traditional manager role throughout the company to flatten its hierarchical chain of command. Zappos is morphing into a "holacracy" -- an organizational structure intended to eradicate bureaucracy and politics, promote...

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How Leaders Can Boost Productivity And Profit At The Same Time

Business InsiderI spoke to both Jeremy Eden and Terri Long on how leaders can improve their productivity, while growing profits. They have worked with the CEOs of a wide range of companies, including PNC Financial, H.J. Heinz, and Manpower. In this brief interview, they talk about the typical growth issues...

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Recommended Summer Reading For Creative Leaders

ForbesOn the specific topics of creativity, leadership, and organizational and business success, 2014 has also already yielded some helpful titles. Some of these are narrowly cast, for example, Ben Horowitz’ The Hard Thing about Hard Things: Building a Business When There are No Easy Answers (Harper...

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Employee Training Needs More Than Just A Script

HBRYou want your employees to become more effective and emotionally intelligent communicators, savvier negotiators, more compassionate and effective deliverers of bad news, better coaches, and more sophisticated cross-cultural communicators. So you offer them interpersonal skills training. It’s a...

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How Exceptional Leaders Leverage Their Emotions – Including Anger

IncThink about remarkably successful entrepreneurs. They're logical. They're rational. In the face of crisis or danger or even gross incompetence, they remain steely-eyed, focused, and on point. They don't get angry--or at the very least they don't show their anger. Unless, of course, they happen to...

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4 Leadership Skills You Should Be Mastering

Business InsiderWhether you realize it or not, most of us strive to become leaders. We want to do something great, be respected by our peers, make more money and acquire more responsibility. Overall, we want to make a difference at our job.

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The One Word Leaders Should Stop Using

Entrepreneur You hear it every day. You say it every day. It’s a seemingly inconspicuous single-syllable word, and yet it can undermine you and your team within a split second. The culprit: just.

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The Best CEOs Get Out Of The Way

CEO.comGiving up control for the sake of growing your company can be one of the biggest challenges for a CEO. It can be difficult for some leaders to develop the level of self-awareness and humility needed to recognize the true talent within their companies. Effective companies are built on every team...

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The 7 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs To Read When They’re Discouraged

Entrepreneur Every business has its ups and downs. You lose an account, receive negative feedback about a project you’d worked hard on or have a crucial employee quit at just the wrong moment. It can be frustrating and even frightening, because your reputation and your business is on the line. Here are seven...

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How Women Can Narrow The ‘Confidence Gap’

FortuneIn a new book, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know, two high-profile TV journalists, Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, say women are less confident than men even when they are equally competent. They cite studies that suggest this lack of confidence is...

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What 9 Successful Leaders Wish They Knew Before Starting Their First Jobs

Business InsiderWhether you know exactly where you're heading or feel a bit lost," writes Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in "Lean In For Graduates," the latest edition of her popular book, "everyone has this in common: you're all in for big surprises."

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13 Growth Hacks From The World’s Most Successful Tech Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur In studying companies that are already successful, you can see patterns that can be replicated. Picasso is credited with having said something to the effect that good artists copy; great artists steal. And that concept is certainly relevant to building a startup. After all, why reinvent the wheel...

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10 Leadership Lessons From Manchester United’s Firing Of David Moyes

ForbesSir Alex Ferguson had been manager of Manchester United for 27 years and David Gill had racked up a decade as chief executive when the duo stepped down last summer. For manager and chief executive at a football club, read chief executive and chairman at a publicly listed company.

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To Create Change, Leadership Is More Important Than Authority

HBRAspiring junior executives dream of climbing the ladder to gain more authority. Then they can make things happen and create the change that they believe in. Senior executives, on the other hand, are often frustrated by how little power they actually have. The problem is that, while authority can...

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8 Things Truly Outstanding Leaders Do Without Thinking

IncOnce in a while you meet a leader who stands out--even in a room filled with skilled, experienced, successful people. She isn't just remarkably charismatic. He isn't just remarkably likeable. You can tell, in an instant, they simply think and act and lead differently than most people.

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