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If variety is the spice of life, change is the spice of business life. But that doesn’t mean your employees will eagerly and readily accept it. Our Change Management guide outlines what successful transformations have in common, explores the need for change, and offers strategies for implementing profitable change.

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What a Physicist Taught Me About Leading Change

HBRWhat do leading change and doing physics have in common? Good question

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Seven Truths about Change to Lead By and Live By

HBRI call these the Change Agent Bumper Stickers. Here are seven universal sayings that can comfort and guide anyone engaged in the effort of setting a new direction, orchestrating innovation,...

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How to Get People to Change

Inc.Authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath discuss their new book on change management.

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How Clouds Can Change Management

BusinessWeekJeremy Burton overhauled Serena Software's computing—and transformed the management of the company

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Why You Need Change Management Strategy

Inc.A CRM effort very often crosses the entire enterprise, setting a course for a new company direction. This usually requires a radical change to mindsets, processes, technology and in many cases,...

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Survey: What Successful Transformations Share

When organizational transformations succeed, managers typically pay attention to “people issues,” especially fostering collaboration among leaders and employees and building capabilities.

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Consistent Contributors

Putting the team first helps solve the “cooperation problem”

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An Improvisational Model for Change Management: The Case of Groupware Technologies

An alternative model for managing technological change may enable organizations to take advantage of the evolving capabilities, emerging practices, and unanticipated outcomes associated with the use...

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Making the Emotional Case for Change

MIn conversation and in excerpts from his recent book, a leading expert on organizational behavior explains why change often stalls and how top executives can use psychology to keep it going.

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Popular Stories

2014 Is Looking Bright For Small Businesses

Fox BusinessAfter years of scraping along during the recession and in the sluggish growth years that followed it, small businesses will enjoy improved sales and profits this year and the best pace of growth since 2007.

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How To Build The Right Team For Your Startup

Fox BusinessIn the startup world, things are different. When the momentum is building and things are moving fast, your company begins to feel the push that comes with an early rush of success. The call to scale comes soon after. Assuming you have all the necessary prerequisites to scale (a demand for your...

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6 Changes Organizations Need To Make

Entrepreneur In today's competitive landscape, companies need to be efficient or get left behind. That said, companies are often stuck in their ways, leaving opportunity for growth out cold. Here are some things I would do if I took over your business today:

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3 Reasons The Midwest Is The New Silicon Valley

Entrepreneur As you’re considering the best cities to jumpstart your organization there are several things to keep in mind that might persuade you to take a closer look at what some are calling the "Silicon Prairie":

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10 Things Businesses Should Do Before Leaving Windows XP

ForbesAs of today, Microsoft MSFT -1.16% will cease all user support and halt security updates for its hugely popular XP operating system. After 12 years in operation, the end of XP will leave one-third of Microsoft users still operating on the system vulnerable to attacks by hackers, and at risk of...

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The Epic Failure Of A Promising Startup

Fast CompanyWith almost $1 billion in funding and ambitions to replace petroleum-based cars with a network of cheap electrics, Shai Agassi's better place was remarkable een by the standards of world-changing startups. So was its epic failure. A 21st-century cautionary tale.

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4 Common Reasons SharePoint Projects Fail

CMS WireAs a consultant I get to work with clients to help them roll out new installations of SharePoint or create new projects on top of existing implementations. One of the first things I do is ask why employees aren't using their current SharePoint implementation.I usually get a range of responses. This...

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How To Scale Fast Growth Without Losing Company Culture

IncGuideSpark, a Menlo Park, California-based software-as-a-service company that turns dense and boring employee handbooks into fun and creative videos, knows a little something about fast growth. Over the past 15 months, GuideSpark has hired 75 people.

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Forget Raw Speed And Focus On Corporate Endurance

HBRIn business life, CEOs incentivize and promote those senior executives who can get new ideas to market more quickly than competitors. But what if speed is the wrong measure for success? What if, instead of being fast, what matters is endurance – the ability to sustain competitive advantage longer...

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The World’s Most Ethical Companies 2014

ForbesThe Ethisphere Institute, a nine-year-old management consulting firm based in Scottsdale, AZ, is a player in the crowded field of corporate ethics rating. For the last eight years it has put out a list it labels the “World’s Most Ethical Companies.”

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Why You Should Run Your Business Like A Nonprofit

ForbesStrong, well-run nonprofit organizations have adopted many best practices from business. They know that good management and strategically deployed resources help them gain market respect, donor confidence, and public support.

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What To Consider When Selling Your Company

pando daily On the heels of Google’s $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest, and Snapchat’s rejection of Facebook’s $3 billion offer late last year, it’s time to talk about the hard choices that successful entrepreneurs face when it comes to selling their business.

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Spirit CEO Relates The Company To A Board Game

USA TodayBen Baldanza, the CEO of Spirit Airlines, leans over his kitchen table, takes another look at the board and plots out his strategy.

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Think Your Company’s Information Is Safe?

pandodailyIf you’re running a business, chances are you’re also privy to some highly sensitive data. It could be about your customers, your employees, your entire business, but any company that has both clients and a staff has vital information that should not get into the wrong hands.

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Ford CEO: Privacy Laws Needed...

BloombergDrivers’ privacy needs to be protected by law, said Alan Mulally, chief executive officer of Ford Motor Co. (F), as more vehicles use data for services such as location tracking amid the booming in-car technology market.

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