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We know you’ve got plenty of fuel for your fire, but you might be in need of a spark. That’s where this guide comes in handy. Our Business Expansion guide covers a wide array of topics all aimed at helping you discover new ways to expand and grow your business.

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How Facebook Messages Will Boost B2B Sales

HBRSocial media are becoming dynamic arenas where you jockey against your competitors in real time.

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The Demand Economy

Inc.How to locate deep pools of demand in a shrinking marketplace

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The Internet Tactics of B2B Sellers and Buyers

HBRExperienced B2B salespeople have all sorts of tricks for uncovering buyers' intent during face-to-face meetings. Sellers can now apply that same ingenuity to web behavior.

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Making Green Simple: Collaborations and Partnerships

Fast CompanyPartnerships within industries reinforce the idea that GREEN is not a competitive advantage, but a collective movement where we are all stakeholders in the outcome.

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Foundations for Growth: How To Identify and Build Disruptive New Businesses

MITSloanMany companies believe in the concept of disruptive innovation but are skeptical about making it work. Here’s a blueprint to help managers understand if the conditions are right for disruption

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Writing the Books on Sales Forces

KAndris Zoltners has led a revolution in understanding how sales forces operate. Here is a look back at his career.

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Your Perception of Business Growth Is Wrong

BDon't assume that bigger is always better, says B-school professor Edward D. Hess. Steady improvement is much more crucial than expansion

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Expansion in an Uncertain Economy

IIn an economic recession, when should you open a new location?

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Popular Stories

5 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Wow Potential Investors

Fast CompanyWomen are making progress in the small-business world, but it could be better-and honing financing skills helps. Here are five tips on how they can increase their odds of getting funding:

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Does Your Company Undervalue Privacy?

HBRTechnology innovation and the power of data analytics present tremendous value, but also new challenges. While a digital economy requires businesses to rethink priorities and practices, this doesn’t have to be a burden. Instead, privacy protection should be a practice as fundamental to the...

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2014 Is Looking Bright For Small Businesses

Fox BusinessAfter years of scraping along during the recession and in the sluggish growth years that followed it, small businesses will enjoy improved sales and profits this year and the best pace of growth since 2007.

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Follow These 4 Simple Steps To Avoid A Hiring Crisis

Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs often make poor decisions about hiring and staffing because they are stuck in crisis mode: They need help immediately. Stephen R. Covey popularized this notion with the "Urgent/Important Matrix" in his 1994 book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. With this matrix, Covey...

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The 2 Questions Every Manager Should Be Asking

HBRWhen you read a business book or attend a presentation on a particular management practice, it is a good habit to explicitly ask, “What might it not be good for?” When might it not work; what could be its drawbacks? If the presenter’s answer is “there are none,” a healthy dose of...

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3 Strategies For Dealing With Toxic People

Entrepreneur Mark Goulston, a Los Angeles-based business psychiatrist and consultant and author of Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone, says it's simple to deal with the bullies, the blamers, the rage-aholics, the whiners and the complainers. Here's how.

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9 Essentials To A Successful Business Partnership

IncWhat's more important to a new venture than a great business idea? Finding the right business partners. I've heard this again and again from successful entrepreneurs, and I've lost count of how many investors tell me that they put their money behind people--as much or more than ideas.

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When Change Is Bad For Business

HBRBy now, the idea that organizations must adapt in order to maintain both relevance and market share in a rapidly changing world is so ingrained that it’s been reduced to pithy sayings. And there are many organizations — from Blockbuster to Kodak, print-only newspapers to pay-phone makers —...

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8 Ways Neuroscience Can Improve Your Presentations

IncOver the past few decades, enormous amounts of effort (and dollars) have gone into understanding how the mind works. This is good news for you, especially when it comes to public speaking, which requires getting into the minds (and hearts) of an audience. Neuroscience research offers loads of...

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3 Tips For An Effective Social Media Strategy

Fox BusinessPubsoft Director of Marketing Heather Wied says small businesses shouldn’t spread themselves thin trying to master every social network under the sun. Pubsoft, which helps businesses publish online content, integrates social networking to help customers spread the word about their businesses....

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7 Surefire Ways To Add Customers

CEO.comAdding new customers in your current market is often the single most impactful action firms can take to increase revenue. That’s because every new customer brings exponential growth potential in the form of follow-on sales, cross-selling/up-selling opportunities and referrals to new...

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Former IBM CEO: Working At A Global Scale

Fast CompanyThese three key thoughts from the former CEO of the multinational grandfather of tech shares how working small can help your company think big. A number of principles can serve as a guide for companies evolving into globally integrated enterprises. These three principles stand out:

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3 Reasons The Midwest Is The New Silicon Valley

Entrepreneur As you’re considering the best cities to jumpstart your organization there are several things to keep in mind that might persuade you to take a closer look at what some are calling the "Silicon Prairie":

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How To Leverage Smart (Not Big) Data

IncSnackable content, engagement, thought leadership. You've heard these marketing buzzwords everywhere. Though the biggest offender of all is probably this one--big data.

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Are Your Analytics Failing You?

HBRThe real challenge is recognizing that using big data and analytics to better solve problems and/or make decisions obscures the organizational reality that new analytics often requires new behaviors. People may need to share and collaborate more; functions may need to set up different or...

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