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Creativity, a company cannot thrive without it, and yet, it’s very easy to extinguish. Use our Managing Innovation and Creativity guide to help you discover ways to foster the growth—not the death—of good ideas in your workplace. You’ll learn about the top threats to creativity and then how to avoid them.

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Why Creative People Can Lose Out on Leadership Positions

Knowledge@WhartonIt would be difficult to find a CEO or manager who says creativity isn't a valued attribute of a good leader. So why do so many once-innovative companies get bogged down over time, with continuous...

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Robert J. Elisberg: The PreCurse of the Golden Globes Rides Again

The Huffington Post'Tis the season for awards - and that means on Sunday it's time to hear how the Golden Globes matter because they are "precursors to the Oscars," remarkable for their mystical ability to predict the...

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Change: Lessons on What's Next

EntrepreneurEntrepreneur explores the innovation behind three companies -- Foursquare, Square and Zappos.

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The Three Threats to Creativity

HBRCreativity is under threat. It happens whenever and wherever there's a squeeze on the ingredients of creativity, and it's happening in many businesses today.

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The Neurological and Creative Toll of Digital Overload

MITSloanFor all the productivity upsides to digital consumption, there are huge downsides, too, including a loss in creativity.

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Innovation: How the Creative Stay Creative

Inc.Innovative companies require innovative people. For lessons on developing a creative work force, we asked some of the nation's top innovation consultants how they do it in their own shop.

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9 Principles of Innovation

Fast CompanyGoogle's VP of search products and user experience shares the rules that gives the search company its innovative edge.

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Living Outside the Box

Living abroad boosts creativity

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Survey: Assessing Innovation Metrics

The companies that get the highest returns from innovation do use metrics well; these organizations tend to assess innovation more comprehensively than the others.

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Survey: How Companies Approach Innovation

Executives say innovation is very important, but their companies’ approach to it is often informal, and leaders lack confidence in their innovation decisions.

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3M: Struggle Between Efficiency and Creativity

How CEO George Buckley is managing the yin and yang of discipline and imagination

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Innovation lessons from Pixar

MAn interview with Oscar-winning director Brad Bird

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The Secret To Accidental Business Innovations

IncYou're probably familiar with accidental innovations like plastics and penicillin--products that only came about because of the inventor's inadvertent mishap. The history of vinyl records, recounted in a recent New York Times article about the quest to research two legendary female blues singers,...

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The Hummus-Baked Bean Connection

CEO.comWhat is it about the Israel-Boston connection that works so well in the world of tech startups? Having grown up and spent much of my life in Israel, where I attended university, served in the military and launched three successful technology startups, I’ve had the distinct privilege of...

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13 Growth Hacks From The World’s Most Successful Tech Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur In studying companies that are already successful, you can see patterns that can be replicated. Picasso is credited with having said something to the effect that good artists copy; great artists steal. And that concept is certainly relevant to building a startup. After all, why reinvent the wheel...

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Even Good Employees Hoard Great Ideas

CEO.comOne of the most heated debates involving innovation revolves around how to best incentivize people to develop and implement new ideas. Research on this issue offers a wide range of conclusions. For example, one recent research report suggested that offering financial incentives only raised the...

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Why Leaders Should Be Generating Their Own Data

HBRThis is it. You’ve aligned calendars and will have all the right decision-makers in the room. It’s the moment when they either decide to give you resources to begin to turn your innovative idea into reality, or send you back to the drawing board. How will you make your most persuasive case?

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How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups

PandoDailyThe need for enterprises to innovate has never been more acute. Many established brands are on the ropes. American Airlines was valued at just $5.5 billion at the time it merged with US Airways in 2013. Kodak, a name synonymous with photography for more than a century, retreated into bankruptcy in...

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Does Business Innovation Depend On A CEO’s Age?

nprAnalysis of innovation at private companies in the U.S. and across the world finds an inverse relationship correlation between disruptive innovation and the age of managers at those companies.

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The Secret To Having An Honest Data-Driven Debate

HBRMalcolm Gladwell of bestselling Tipping Point and Outliers. He says, the rise of Big Data and analytics concomitantly demand its operational resurrection and revival. The need is urgent and global. If there’s a single pathological behavior I consistently see undermining the real and potential...

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Innovation Is An Attitude

IncSuccessful innovation is a matter of attitude and practice, not of size. There is nothing sacred about being an entrepreneur--many will fumble around without hitting a spark of genius. Large companies? Some manage to keep churning out new products and technologies on a regular basis.

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Microsoft's Nadella Envisions Cultural Shift Where Data Is King

EntrepreneurYou’ve likely heard of artificial intelligence. But in a new post on Microsoft’s company blog, CEO Satya Nadella envisions a revolutionary era of “ambient intelligence.” This is a future in which “nearly all interactions and experiences between humans, humans and computers and between...

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Why Your Employees Are A Threat to Your Company's Data

IncBelieve it or not, your employees are the weakest link in your digital defenses. "Human error is the highest risk to your company. Clicking bad links, stolen laptops, lost thumb drives and company phones--there are so many ways company data can be breached," Bearfield says. "Just raising employee...

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Everything You Need To Know About Data Viz

HBRDisplaying data can be a tricky proposition, because different rules apply in different contexts. A sales director presenting financial projections to a group of field reps wouldn’t visualize her data the same way that a design consultant would in a written proposal to a potential client. So how...

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Microsoft CEO Announces New Tools In The Cloud

Tech CrunchThis morning in San Francisco, Microsoft announced several new data-focused tools in front of a cadre of customers and partners, not to mention a decent-sized grouping of press. The two new tools worth noting are Azure Intelligent Systems Service and Analytics Platform System.

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Mt Gox CEO 'Not Willing' To Go To America

ForbesMark Karpeles, the CEO of collapsed Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, has said via lawyers that he is “not willing” to go to America yet, refusing a US court demand to testify in person over the issue.

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6 Things The Most Influential People On Social Media Do

IncHow do you earn respect, stand out, and get noticed in noisy social media circles? Take a cue from the Web's biggest influencers.

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