Carol Bartz

Carol Bartz

Former Yahoo CEO

Carol Bartz took over the struggling, by comparison to how it had been doing previously, Yahoo!
(hereafter referred to simply as Yahoo), the internet service company which at the time operated
the third-most visited website on the Internet, replacing one of the co-founders by the name of
Jerry Yang. As Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz set her goal to give Yahoo some breathing room in the
increasingly crowded space of internet services, and it is unclear as to whether or not she will
be able to or has been able to accomplish this goal, and the debates may rage according to
whether or not that has anything to do with how good of a Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz may or may
not be.

Carol Bartz had previously worked at Sun Microsystems, and had held sales management
positions at Digital Equipment Corporation and 3M corporation. Most recently Carol Vartz been
the executive chairman of the board of Autodesk, Inc, which at the time was the world

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