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Physics, Heroes And The Challenges Of Reinvention

EntrepreneurWhat's helped him most in the tech business.

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Research In Motion Eyes a Rebound

NY TimesIn a rare interview last week, Mike Lazaridis, one of Research In Motion’s two chief executives, was the one asking questions:

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Eric Schmidt Profiled

NY TimesEric E. Schmidt became Google's chief executive in 2001. In January 2011,  the company announced that he would step aside for Larry Page, one of the search giant's co-founders.

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An Interview With Mike Lazaridis

Crackberry.comRIM recently announced that the company had shipped its 50-millionth device since 1999

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D7 Interview: Rim CEO Mike Lazaridis Says It’S Not A One-Size-Fits-All Business

All Things DigitalIf Apple’s iPhone and the Palm (PALM) Pre are perfecting the convergence of cellphone and PC, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry anticipated it

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Interview: Rim Founder And CEO, Mike Lazaridis

Itnews.comRIM co-founder Mike Lazaridis sits down with iTnews editor Brett Winterford to discuss how the Blackberry will survive the onset of new competition.

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Interview With Rim Founder, Mike Lazaridis

BusinessWeekNice in-depth article here. Research in Motion founder Mike Lazaridis talks about the history of the Blackberry, building a successful R&D culture and a decade of sustainable innovation

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BlackBerry Co-Founder Ends Takeover Bid

ForbesMichael Lazaridis, co-founder and former CEO of the embattled cellphone maker, officially ended his exploration of a takeover bid while cutting his stake to 4.99% of outstanding shares. According to SEC documents filed on Christmas Eve, Lazardis...

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Founding CEOs Fired By Their Own Companies

ForbesYou might recognize a few of these famous faces.

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The Best Quotes From RIM's Ex-CEOs

GuardianThe RIM co-chief executives and co-chairmen got plenty right but also thought the iPhone would be a 'challenge' to users.

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RIM Co-CEOs Paid $12M For Doing A Crappy Job

All Things DNearly $12 million in combined payouts for agreeing to step aside.

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How The BlackBerry CEOs Lost An Empire

The VergeThe past year has been especially hard on the once-innovative RIM, but it may be at a turning point. Or the beginning of the end.

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Mike Lazaridis Donates $21 Million...

The RecordScience and mathematics programs at University of Waterloo will get a $21 million boost from local philanthropists Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis.

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Mike Lazaridis’ Showcase Home...

Globe And Mail"There is nothing like it..."

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Lazaridis Throws $50M At RIM - Hope It Sticks

TechCrunchWhether a “drastic change” is needed or there is already “a lot of change”, former RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis (the same one who flipped out on the BBC during an interview) still believes in the BlackBerry.

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Lazaridis: Wish I'd Spent More Time With Family

CrackBerry“Working so hard, with a 24-by-7 workload for so long, my biggest regret was not having enough time for my family. I need to correct that over the next few years."

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RIM's CEOs Are Out!

Business InsiderResearch In Motions's co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis are stepping down as CEOs, and COO Thorsten Heins will take over.

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Would A New Chairman Fix RIM?

New York TimesOn Tuesday, RIM’s battered shares rose about 6 percent after the Financial Post cited unnamed individuals who said the board would recommend splitting the top positions. But if the newspaper is correct, the change may not bring the kind of strong,...

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RIM's Board As Bad As Its CEOs

InformationWeekRIM's board, reportedly preparing to oust co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, should look at its own mistakes.

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RIM CEOs About To Be Stripped By Board

Financial PostUnder intense pressure from a group of shareholders, Research in Motion Ltd. is preparing to unveil a corporate shakeup at the beleaguered BlackBerry maker that could see co-founders Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie relinquish their titles as...

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Congrats? RIM CEOs Named Newsmakers Of 2011

The SpecA long, slow slide into notoriety made 2011 a sorely trying year for Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, the two men at the top of BlackBerry maker Research in Motion.

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The Worst CEO’s of 2011

New York TimesHow do you go from being one of the country’s most-renowned and respected business leaders to landing on the list of the Worst C.E.O.’s of 2011? Did the glory go to your head, so that you believed you knew more than everyone else? Did you take...

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Pressure Intensifying On RIM's Co-CEOs

The VergeRIM is just over a month away from the expected release of an "independent committee" report on whether or not the co-CEO team of Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis is a viable structure for the future, and the pressure appears to be intensifying on...

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Best & Worst Tech CEOs Of 2011

CNETArmchair critics of the world rejoice. It's time to select the year's best and worst tech CEOs. It's a judgment that some no doubt will lambaste as arbitrary, even biased. On both counts we plead guilty.

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CEO Arrogance Is Killing RIM

ForbesThere is a fine line between CEO confidence and arrogance. One is required. The other is a company killer.

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The Worst Directors/CEOs Of 2011

Seeking AlphaA list of 7 CEOs that have performed the worst over the last year and have contributed the most to his or her company's demise.

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RIM CEOs: You Get What You Pay For

ZDNetResearch in Motion’s two CEOs have to go. The company has lost investor—and increasingly customer—confidence over the last year, its latest greatest savior OS is behind schedule, the PlayBook is a disaster and RIM could be circling the...

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RIM CEOs Cut Pay To $1

ForbesResearch in Motion Co-CEO Jim Balsillie this afternoon told investors on a post-earnings report conference call that he and co-chief Mike Lazaridis will reduce their cash compensation to $1 a year as part of its program to fix what ails the company.

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Pressure Mounts To Axe RIM CEOs

Wall Street JournalResearch In Motion Ltd.'s nose-diving share price is ratcheting up pressure on the BlackBerry maker's directors to overhaul the company's peculiar management structure, which has long allowed the company's two chief executives to also serve as...

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WATCH THIS: 10 CEO YouTube Apologies

Wall Street JournalWe’ve collected 10 such examples of executive YouTube apologia, which is clearly an emerging art form.

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Hey, RIM CEOs, Where's The Fix?

Washington PostThere was one thing missing in the CEO's video...

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Top 11 CEO Apologies

The StreetCorporate leaders are eating a lot of humble pie lately with some noteworthy apologies for blunders in recent weeks.

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FortuneThe president of BlackBerry's parent company apologized Thursday for the device's worldwide service outage, and said service levels are improving in many areas.

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RIM Investor Wants New CEO Or Sale Now

International Business TimesBlackBerry developer Research in Motion (RIM) needs a new "transformational" CEO or to be put up for auction now, Toronto activist investor Victor Alboini told IBTimes.

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RIM Can No Longer Survive Its CEOs

Seeking AlphaRIM management -- and particularly its co-CEOs, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis -- are ill-equipped to manage a successful turnaround of the company.

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Mike Lazaridis' $125,000 Electric Sports Car

The Windsor StarIt can travel 380 kilometres on a single charge.

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4 More Tech CEOs That Should Get The Axe

Investor PlaceYahoo drew first blood with Bartz - here's who's next.

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Riots Put RIM CEOS In Lose-Lose Situation

International Business TimesResearch in Motion has had a rough year, and now the company's signature product, BlackBerry Messenger, is being associated with the UK riots.

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RIM Revival Must Start At The Top

The StarRIM management, headed by Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, has destroyed just over $64 billion in shareholder value, the stock having plunged about 83 per cent since its mid-2008 peak.

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RIM CEOs Have "Titanic" Arguments

Business InsiderThe two CEOs used to agree on most everything, but lately have been having "titanic" arguments in public places like hallways and lunch rooms, with regular RIM employees able to overhear everything.

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More Calls To Split RIM's CEO, Chairman Roles

cnetThe calls for Research in Motion to reconsider its current executive structure are getting louder.

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Looking at the RIM CEO's Interview in Context

The Next WebThe Internet is buzzing with talk about how RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis handled his interview with the BBC incorrectly, how he’ll be fired soon and other such remarks. The problem is that absolutely nobody who is making these comments has any sort...

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RIM CEO Terminates BBC Interview

BBCMike Lazaridis the co-CEO of Research In Motion, the Canadian firm behind the Blackberry, refuses to answer a question about problems the company has had in India and the Middle East.

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RIM CEO Doesn't Feel Respected

VentureBeatResearch in Motion co-CEO Mike Laziridis seems genuinely confused about the public and press response to RIM’s progress over the last few years.

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