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GoPro CEO On Success: ‘You Are Your Own Worst Enemy’

Business Insider - April 22, 2014

Nicholas Woodman, billionaire founder and CEO of GoPro, says his biggest fear in life isn't a fear at all. It's a hard-knocks lesson he learned: "In your personal life and in business, you are your own worst enemy. Or you... Read »

Neil Young’s Viral Kickstarter Campaign Has Generated $6.2M

Inc - April 18, 2014

Neil Young is on a mission to rescue the art of recorded sound, and thanks to his recent Kickstarter effort, he might pull it off. His widely publicized campaign for the Pono music player, a portable device that aims to... Read »

Wall Street CEO On The 2 Traits Every Successful Person Has

Business Insider - April 15, 2014

After spending 40 years on Wall Street building Perella Weinberg, a global investment firm, Joe Perella has seen people come and go. In an interview with financial career site OneWire, he shared what he thinks gives people... Read »

T-Mobile CEO Boasts About No Overage Charges

NBC - April 14, 2014

T-Mobile has eliminated overage charges and its brash CEO John Legere wants everybody to know about it. Now Legere is starting a crusade against overage charges, which are the penalties and higher rates people pay when they... Read »

Pimco’s Bill Gross Picks Up The Pieces

Businessweek - April 10, 2014

There is no one who talks quite like Bill Gross, the co-founder of Pimco. He is perhaps the most influential financial manager of the past two decades, yet his stories involve an equal mix of whimsy and sheepishness, with... Read »

Sheryl Sandberg Has No Plans To Run For Office

Business Insider - April 9, 2014

Sheryl Sandberg was on NBC's "The Today Show" this morning to talk with Savannah Guthrie about her new book "Lean In For Graduates" which follows the success of last year's bestseller "Lean In." The book is going to focus on... Read »

Excellon CEO’s ‘Never Say No’ Ideology

Forbes - April 9, 2014

Excellon Resources Inc.’s (TSX:EXN) 35 year-old president and chief executive officer, Brendan Cahill, a strong lesson in the ‘never say no’ department has been engrained since his days in law school. Read »

Former Bank CEO And His Family Found Dead At Home

Business Insider - April 7, 2014

A former top Dutch bank CEO and his wife and daughter were found dead this weekend. Read »

Mozilla CEO: I Keep My Personal Beliefs Out Of Business

Venture Beat - April 3, 2014
Brendan Eich of Mozilla

Until a week or so ago, Brendan Eich was a clean-shaven neckbeard hero. He created JavaScript. He’s a champion of the open web and a cofounder of Firefox maker Mozilla. He believes that with the right people and the right... Read »

Findery Founder Wants To Build Living Atlas From Your Stories

Inc - April 3, 2014
Caterina Fake of Findery

The Flickr co-founder and serial entrepreneur explains the big ambition behind her latest project, Findery, and what she's learned since launching. Read »

Sheryl Sandberg Nailed The ‘Bossy’ Problem On The Head

Business Insider - April 3, 2014
Caterina Fake of Findery

Last month, she and other prominent women, like Condoleezza Rice and Beyonce, collaborated to launch Ban Bossy, a campaign that claims the word disproportionately describes young women, damaging their confidence and desire... Read »

Former IBM CEO Heads Up Think Tank

Businessweek - April 2, 2014
Caterina Fake of Findery

You’d think after running one of the most complex corporations in existence, Sam Palmisano might indulge in the usual CEO retirement package—golf, a few blue chip corporate boards, and some prestigious nonprofit work to... Read »

New Warner Bros. CEO Goes After Box Office Gold

NYT - March 31, 2014
Caterina Fake of Findery

Since last March, when he won a bitter succession battle to become C.E.O., Mr. Tsujihara, 49, has surprised Hollywood with bold moves that belie his nice-guy demeanor. Read »

Mozilla CEO Is In Hot Water For Supporting Anti-Gay Bill

Silicon Beat - March 31, 2014
Caterina Fake of Findery

After the foundation announced the internal promotion of Brendan Eich as chief executive, the issue of Eich’s $1,000 donation to Prop. 8, the 2008 anti-gay marriage initiative, was resurrected. As the Los Angeles Times... Read »

Copier Company CEO Sexually Abused 22-Year-Old Employee

Daily News - March 27, 2014
Caterina Fake of Findery

The perverted CEO of a copier company harassed and sexually assaulted a young employee, court papers charge. In papers filed in Manhattan federal court, Melanie Alvarado, 22, says in one incident boss Abraham Thomas choked... Read »