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  • Things Innovative Entrepreneurs Do That You Don’t
    Forbes - May 5
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    For years, people have tried to correlate an entrepreneur’s age when they launched their startup, with the ultimate success of that startup. Many studies have been done on the topic, including reports by the Kauffman... Read »
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  • Three Keys To Success When Bootstrapping A Startup
    Forbes - Apr 15
    To bootstrap a start up successfully you must: 1. Provide a valuable benefit; 2. Communicate that benefit to those that need it; and 3. Manage your cash flow. If you do those three things well, your chances of... Read »
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    As an entrepreneur I see the world a bit differently. Since I’ve never had a full-time job or received much training at my part-time work, I’ve always gone with my gut on how certain tasks should be approached. While... Read »
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  • Clear Purpose Drives Entrepreneurial Success
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    Women control 80% of all consumer purchases but, with so many media options, reaching female consumers has become increasingly difficult. As a marketer for a large corporation, Aliza Freud recognized this as a major pain... Read »
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    When Lisa Hennessy’s pet collie was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, she prepared a special, home-made diet for him, and discovered all her dogs loved it. So when she lost her job as a manager for an automotive parts... Read »
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