• Female Tech CEO: Egg-Freezing ‘Benefit’ Sends The...
    Business Insider - Oct 20
    Something about offering to pay women to freeze their eggs for career purposes seems to be a slippery slope. Read »
    9 minutes ago
  • Using Your Culture To Attract Top Talent
    Forbes - Oct 20
    Drab offices, deafening silence, draconian rules — these are the trademarks of stifling workplaces. And if your aspirational employees are working in this kind of environment, believe me, they won’t stay long. Read »
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  • Stop People From Wasting Your Time
    HBR - Oct 20
    Sometimes it’s hard to escape, especially when the time-waster is your boss (one friend recalls a supervisor who “called meetings just to tell long, rambling stories about her college years” and would “chastise... Read »
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  • You Know Your Company Needs More Women, But Do You...
    Fast Company - Oct 20
    Everyone is talking about the “diversity problem.” I even get tired of hearing about it myself. But it doesn’t seem like many really stop to ask, why is this a problem? Read »
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  • 8 Ways To Hire For Hospitality
    Inc - Oct 15
    When my husband and I were living in Pennsylvania 20 years ago, we made it a weekly tradition to take the bus into New York City for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Union Square Cafe. In the beginning, we tended to sit at... Read »
    5 days ago
  • How To Get Employees To Stick Around
    Entrepreneur - Oct 15
    After you hire new employees, your job is not done. Actually keeping them happy is sometimes the hardest part. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, employers should start paying closer attention to... Read »
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  • Ending Gender Discrimination Requires More Than A...
    HBR - Oct 10
    This week, approximately 9,000 current and former female employees of KPMG were invited to join a class-action lawsuit against the firm alleging they were paid less than their male counterparts, in violation of the U.S.... Read »
    1 week ago
  • 6 Types Of Problem Employees You Never Want To Hire
    American Express - Oct 10
    When it comes to a company’s assets, talent is the most valuable—and also the most difficult—to replace. A great hire can encourage innovation and lead your team to greater success. On the other hand, one wrong hire... Read »
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  • How Thomson Reuters Is Creating A Culture Of...
    CEO.com - Oct 10
    It’s not easy for big companies to innovate. As Steve Blank, Clay Christensen, and many others have pointed out, once firms reach a certain size, most of their resources (and investment dollars) are rightly devoted to... Read »
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  • Putting Socrates On The Payroll
    Switch and Shift - Oct 9
    The latest vogue in some areas of the business world is to encourage employees to ask questions. This is a worthy goal, but not one without serious obstacles. The most serious being that through much of our development... Read »
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  • Why Do Women Negotiate For Less Than They Deserve At...
    Fast Company - Oct 7
    Recently, I interviewed a video production company owner who told me the starting salary for one position at her company is $65,000. As a shrewd business person, her opening offer to prospective hires is $60,000. Invariably,... Read »
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  • Should You Ask Employees To Sign A Non-Compete...
    CEO.com - Oct 7
    Say your company requires new employees to sign non-compete agreements. (We’ll talk about the value of those documents in a second.) Then say you’re in the process of hiring a new employee and she refuses to sign your... Read »
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    “We will have lots of openly gay CEOs in a very short amount of time.” Read »
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    Here are eight ways for introverts to shine. Read »
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    Making visible investments in an employee is about acknowledging value, fostering growth, and showing appreciation. Read »
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