• How Living Abroad Prepares You For Leadership
    Fortune - Jan 20
    I was born in Pittsburgh. That’s where my grandfather and father—both Greek immigrants—started a diner in 1950 called Superior Lunch. Although the diner was successful, when I was eight years old, my parents’ dream... Read »
    2 days ago
  • Leadership Change: Make The Most Of It
    Forbes - Jan 20
    There’s a lot of talk nowadays about “a peaceful transfer of power.” It’s one of the hallmarks of our republic. In Washington and elsewhere across our country, some people are still protesting the results of the... Read »
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  • Leadership: Global Trends To Navigate in 2017
    Huffington Post - Jan 19
    Change is a constant. Business leaders cannot rely on a rear-view mirror in a fast changing world. Existing business models are under threat and strategies and tactics needs to be continuously challenged to future-fit your... Read »
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  • Why Trust In Leadership Leads To Better Employee...
    Forbes - Jan 17
    Trust is one of those softer management qualities that people usually believe are good but whose value they have a hard time quantifying. Which is why I was pleased to see a new study from the Ken Blanchard Companies... Read »
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  • Do Effective Leaders Use Fear Or Love In The...
    Entrepreneur - Jan 17
    It’s the age-old leadership question: Is it better to be loved or feared? And an August study published online in the "Journal of Business and Psychology" finds there are advantages and disadvantages to both. The... Read »
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  • Make Time To Figure Out Which Leadership Style Works...
    Forbes - Jan 5
    There is an ongoing debate in academeia—and the business world—over which form of leadership--and which type of leader--is best. The psychologist Kurt Lewin first studied leadership styles in the 1930s and established... Read »
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  • The Single Most Important Management Question to Ask...
    Forbes - Jan 3
    One of the greatest obstacles to managerial effectiveness is the inevitable challenge posed by multitasking. For an individual contributor, job-focus comes more easily. Managers often have multiple functions of nearly equal... Read »
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  • 5 Marketing Essentials For Your Business To Appeal To...
    Entrepreneur - Dec 29
    With $200 billion in direct purchasing power and over $500 billion in indirect, targeting the millennials could be the right move to capture more market for your business. Away from the often misrepresented generation, the... Read »
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  • Be Better Prepared For 2017 With These 8 Leadership...
    Forbes - Dec 29
    2017 is slowly approaching, and with a new year comes new challenges. Personal challenges. Team challenges. Organizational and leadership challenges. While my crystal ball is far from being 100% accurate, there are certainly... Read »
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  • 4 Ways To Grow Your Leadership As A Millennial...
    Forbes - Dec 29
    The way you live and lead creates a lasting impression of your character and legacy. As a social entrepreneur, your leadership style also directly correlates with how your organization is run, foundational to your future... Read »
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  • Three Questions You Must Answer Before You Present...
    Forbes - Dec 13
    Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO or middle manager, virtually everyone has to create (and present) business plans. And while there are literally thousands of business plan templates available, they will all fail if you... Read »
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  • This Is Why Disengaged Employees Are Wasting Time At...
    CEO.com - Dec 9
    We’ve all seen it. An employee’s quick click to a screen that isn’t social media, or hiding a cell phone when a manager is headed their way. The time-suck epidemic is worse than ever with 46 percent of millennials and... Read »
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  • Three Leadership Lessons I Learned By Walking In My...
    CEO.com - Dec 5
    Neither starting a family nor leading a sales team is easy. Juggling both, I learned, is nearly impossible. Back in 1993, I began at California Casualty as a fresh-eyed sales consultant. Two years into my role, I... Read »
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  • How Boards Can Set Up A New CEO For Success
    HBR - Dec 2
    Few people have more experience with CEO successions than Ram Charan. For more than three decades, Charan has been involved in CEO searches in the United States, China, Japan, India, Brazil, and Europe, as a director, an... Read »
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  • Drowning In A Saturated Market? Your Employees Hold...
    CEO.com - Nov 28
    It’s not uncommon for CEOs of medium- and large-sized companies to find themselves in the middle of competing agendas that threaten the long-term viability of their businesses. They have one or more products that are... Read »
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