• Great Leadership Isn’t About You
    HBR - Aug 22
    The year 1777 was not a particularly good time for America’s newly formed revolutionary army. Under General George Washington’s command, some 11,000 soldiers made their way to Valley Forge. Following the latest defeat in... Read »
    43 minutes ago
  • 7 Ways You Can Impact Company Culture
    Inc - Aug 22
    It's widely known that people quit bosses, not jobs. Usually when the boss sucks, the culture sucks too. Part of the problem is the idea that company culture is determined at the top and works its way down: 59 percent of... Read »
    51 minutes ago
  • Study Shows How Toxic Bosses Wreck Teamwork
    Forbes - Aug 22
    What if you were on a team of six people who had been toiling for two months to organize a company retreat and just as everything was coming together, you and your colleagues came into work on a Tuesday morning to find a... Read »
    54 minutes ago
  • Peer Coaching As A Tool For Cultural Change
    Strategy-Business - Aug 22
    How does an incoming CEO make systemic changes in an established company when its employees have become demoralized or fearful? I’m thinking of a storied manufacturing firm that only recently emerged from a decade of... Read »
    1 hour ago
  • What CEOs Can Learn From Alcoholics Anonymous
    Fox Business - Aug 22
    Change is hard. It requires energy and effort. Some people relish change; most resist, consciously or unconsciously. For them change is uncomfortable at best, painful at worst. CEOs who want to effect major change have... Read »
    1 hour ago
  • 6 Incredible Team Building Ideas
    LinkedIn - Aug 22
    “You're only as strong as your team, and people typically don't spend enough time recruiting. One of my challenges was always being like a professional recruiter, always looking at people as free agents and figuring,... Read »
    1 hour ago
  • Serving Up Meaningful Leadership At Market Basket
    CEO.com - Aug 22
    Brief actions led to an enduring legacy at Market Basket when CEO Arthur T. Demoulas was fired in June. His cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas –who owns just over 50 percent of the company, decided Arthur T.'s plate was too... Read »
    2 hours ago
  • Get Your Mojo Back In 5 Steps
    BBC - Aug 21
    Recently I was helping a board of directors evaluate two internal candidates they were considering for CEO. They were smart, experienced, and interpersonally savvy. When faced with a budget shortfall, however, candidate... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • Can Being A Good Manager Make You A Bad Innovator?
    Forbes - Aug 21
    What does good management look like? We teach what we think are good management principles in literally thousands of business schools around the world. Yet Scott Cook, founder and leader of Intuit INTU told us, “When MBAs... Read »
    1 day ago
  • 4 Tips To Becoming An Effective Delegator
    HuffPo - Aug 21
    I've observed time and time again that so many new (and some not so new) managers struggle with delegating. They've never been taught that it means more than giving your subordinates "stuff off your to do list." I hope... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Is Effective Leadership Simply A Matter Of Combining...
    Fast Company - Aug 21
    We’re all familiar with the phrase “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” In the business world, this has had unfortunate consequences for male and female leaders. Male leaders were typecast as dominant... Read »
    1 day ago
  • How To Choose The Right Leadership Training Program
    Inc - Aug 21
    Leadership training programs often give participants a better understanding of why leadership is essential in a business environment. They may leave feeling buoyed and hopeful for the future, but when they return to their... Read »
    1 day ago
  • The Most Vital Skill You Need To Be A Successful...
    LinkedIn - Aug 21
    The exemplary manager is often shown delivering a rousing speech that inspires her troops to achieve ever greater heights. But the truth is a lot less exciting than that. To three highly effective and successful... Read »
    1 day ago
  • 5 Secret Communication Codes For Great Leaders
    Switch and Shift - Aug 21
    In the age of 144 characters, Instagram, and OMG, BFF and LOL, authentic communication has taken a back seat to brevity and expediency, often at the expense of clarity and accuracy. From my research, I believe we want... Read »
    1 day ago
  • The Social Imperative For Leaders
    CEO.com - Aug 21
    As CEO, should you be delegating social media? Probably not. You should be communicating with your audience on a regular basis—and not through a communications specialist. You are a leader and a business owner. You are an... Read »
    1 day ago