Infographic: The Anatomy Of A CEO

DATE: August 15, 2012

What makes a CEO tick? Are they born, are they made, or is it a mixture of both? Below we explore what traits chief executives have in common, what experience they share, and how their failures often lead to their success. To get more great content from sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter.


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  • Diane Share

    Whilst the figures are geographically bias towards the USA it would be interesting to review the figures for the uk and within the next tier down fromm the 500 fortune companies.

  • Matt

    In the section on commonly attended colleges, you list the the University of Pennsylvania. However, the building shown in the image in this infographic is of a building at Penn State.

  • Michel Breau

    Guys, obviously you’re clueless.

    That building’s not on Penn’s campus, and no one really calls it “University of PA.” I mean old school posters say “U. of P.” … but really, it’s Penn.

  • Penn student

    If you meant the University of Pennsylvania (including Wharton), you did it wrong. That’s a building from Penn State (the public university), not our university.

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