December 11, 2012
Infographic: Which CEOs Are More Social? went hunting through the social networks to see how many CEOs we could find from the Inc. 500 and the FORTUNE 500©. After compiling all the research in our 2012 Social CEO Showdown Report, we took out the good stuff and made this infographic.

So which CEOs are more social? Find out below.

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  • John Hair

    I’m curious as to the comment in the report executive summary that says
    Inc 500 CEO’s “face fewer constraints from their legal team or corporate
    communications department about participating online.” Unfortunately,
    the report never qualifies what this means. Are Fortune 500 company
    legal teams putting restrictions on CEO’s? While I’m an advocate for
    strong governance in executive social media communications, I’ve not
    experienced anyone saying “no” but rather executives that are NOT
    getting adequate guidelines from these support functions in terms of how
    they should be using the tools. Anyone seen otherwise

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    • Rob Rohena

      Ultimately, it comes down to establishing an internal social media policy that works for all stakeholders. Obviously within certain sectors the restrictions will come from external governing bodies.

  • Debra Zimmer

    Executives still need to see the expense/benefit tradeoff in favor of embracing social media to make the leap. To get the best results for your time, social media requires a plan with goals, support staff and measurable outcomes.