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Can You Really Manage Engagement Without Managers?

Gallup - April 24, 2014

Online retailer Zappos recently announced that it will eliminate the traditional manager role throughout the company to flatten its hierarchical chain of command. Zappos is morphing into a "holacracy" -- an organizational... Read »

How Leaders Can Boost Productivity And Profit At The Same Time

Business Insider - April 24, 2014

I spoke to both Jeremy Eden and Terri Long on how leaders can improve their productivity, while growing profits. They have worked with the CEOs of a wide range of companies, including PNC Financial, H.J. Heinz, and... Read »

5 Steps For Retaining Your Rock Star Employees

Inc - April 24, 2014

By the time you try to give them raises, they're already out the door. If you want to retain your best people, you need to start much sooner. Read »

Recommended Summer Reading For Creative Leaders

Forbes - April 24, 2014

On the specific topics of creativity, leadership, and organizational and business success, 2014 has also already yielded some helpful titles. Some of these are narrowly cast, for example, Ben Horowitz’ The Hard Thing... Read »

Employee Training Needs More Than Just A Script

HBR - April 24, 2014

You want your employees to become more effective and emotionally intelligent communicators, savvier negotiators, more compassionate and effective deliverers of bad news, better coaches, and more sophisticated cross-cultural... Read »

How Exceptional Leaders Leverage Their Emotions – Including Anger

Inc - April 24, 2014

Think about remarkably successful entrepreneurs. They're logical. They're rational. In the face of crisis or danger or even gross incompetence, they remain steely-eyed, focused, and on point. They don't get angry--or at the... Read »

4 Leadership Skills You Should Be Mastering

Business Insider - April 24, 2014

Whether you realize it or not, most of us strive to become leaders. We want to do something great, be respected by our peers, make more money and acquire more responsibility. Overall, we want to make a difference at our job. Read »

The One Word Leaders Should Stop Using

Entrepreneur - April 24, 2014

You hear it every day. You say it every day. It’s a seemingly inconspicuous single-syllable word, and yet it can undermine you and your team within a split second. The culprit: just. Read »

Google And Facebook’s Fight For The Future Of Tech

BusinessWeek - April 24, 2014

Six months ago, Raburn, 64, became chief executive officer of a year-old startup called Titan Aerospace. Its young engineers are attempting to make unmanned, solar-powered airplanes that can fly for years in the upper... Read »

Steer Clear Of These 10 Common Mistakes On Tech Resumes

Business Insider - April 24, 2014

Resumes are always a challenge, but tech resumes are a beast of their own. In one page, you've got to impress these huge companies and explain why they need to hire you without sounding too cocky. We've rounded up some of... Read »

Tough Love Advice For Millennials Entering The Job Market

Fortune - April 24, 2014

If you're about to finish college and venture into the corporate world, you've no doubt heard plenty of perfectly good tips on job-hunting: Double-check the spelling in your resume, show up on time, look hiring managers in... Read »

The Best CEOs Get Out Of The Way - April 24, 2014

Giving up control for the sake of growing your company can be one of the biggest challenges for a CEO. It can be difficult for some leaders to develop the level of self-awareness and humility needed to recognize the true... Read »

The Science Behind Viral Media Success

Entrepreneur - April 23, 2014

Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis may never learn what the fox says, but its video posing that musical question solved a far greater mystery: the secret behind viral media success. "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)," released in... Read »

How Much Data Is Generated Every Minute?

Mashable - April 23, 2014

While social media can create the sense that the Internet is a small town where everyone is connected and, for the most part, gets along (outside of election season), the truth is quite the opposite. The data transferred on... Read »

The Secret To Accidental Business Innovations

Inc - April 23, 2014

You're probably familiar with accidental innovations like plastics and penicillin--products that only came about because of the inventor's inadvertent mishap. The history of vinyl records, recounted in a recent New York... Read »