• How CEOs Can Maintain Their Edge
    Entrepreneur - Oct 31
    CEOs need to set a clear strategic direction and work to get everyone in a company to support it. At the same time, they must be flexible enough to change their course rapidly based on business conditions. Somewhere between... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • Coworkers Should Be Like Neighbors, Not Like Family
    HBR - Oct 31
    All companies want engaged employees. After all, people who are engaged put in effort that goes above and beyond the minimum that’s required to complete a task. They are less likely to look for another job. And they... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • 7 Ways To Be The Boss Everyone Loves To Work For
    Inc - Oct 31
    Fittingly, the subject of bosses came up during our end of Summer Labor Day bar-be-que, and what struck those of us gathered was how few good leaders we had worked for, back in the days when we were employed by someone... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • Think Like A Leader And Change Your Perspective
    LinkedIn - Oct 31
    To get ahead in any business setting, you must think like a leader – even if you are far from that rank today. In Japan we have the expression, “Salaryman perseverance.” The expression is used to describe people who... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • The CEO Tightrope: How to Master The Balancing Act...
    Chief Executive - Oct 31
    We reexamined our mission, vision and values to make sure we hadn’t missed responding to a fundamental change in the market. I told employees that while I couldn’t promise that we would never have a downturn and have to... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • The 50 Greatest Entrepreneurial Quotes Of All Time
    American Express - Oct 31
    While you shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you read, I’m a big fan of learning lessons from successful folks who’ve come before me. Other entrepreneurs have much to teach us about what to do—and what not to... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • Identifying The Biases Behind Your Bad Decisions
    HBR - Oct 31
    By now the message from decades of decision-making research and recent popular books such as Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow should be clear: The irrational manner in which the human brain often works influences... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • Superior Leadership Produces Higher Returns Than...
    Forbes - Oct 31
    Decades ago the sage Peter Drucker was talking about his work as a consultant to large organizations. He noted that senior executives would invariably tell him their organization had attracted extremely talented people, and... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Millennials
    Mashable - Oct 31
    As more millennials continue to enter the workforce, employers are increasingly turning their attention to recruiting them. But if employers think Generation Y workers will respond to the same old tactics they used in years... Read »
    12 hours ago
  • Why Your Brain Needs A Workout
    CEO.com - Oct 31
    Not too long ago I asked myself, “Why is it that the best athletes in the world are always working at becoming even better athletes, yet the best thinkers in the world don’t work on becoming better... Read »
    19 hours ago
  • 3 Openly Gay CEOs Who Paved The Way For Tim Cook
    CEO.com - Oct 30
    Apple CEO Tim Cook came out as gay in a deeply moving op-ed in Bloomberg Businessweek this morning. Cook, who has a reputation for being private, has never spoken publicly about his sexuality until now. “I’m proud to... Read »
    1 day ago
  • How To Leverage Succession Planning To Drive...
    Switch and Shift - Oct 30
    Talent management professionals design succession management/talent review processes that help leaders set, monitor and recalibrate their efforts to align people and strategy. Yet there is a great opportunity for... Read »
    1 day ago
  • You Have To Teach People How To Treat You
    Business Insider - Oct 30
    We teach others how to treat us. Like it or not, it is the truth. This truth, this code, has been one of life's hardest lessons for me to learn. It wasn't until recently that I started to truly grasp the importance of how... Read »
    1 day ago
  • What To Do After A Bad Performance Review
    HBR - Oct 30
    It can be hard to recover from a less-than-stellar performance review, especially one that you didn’t see coming. You might feel angry, embarrassed, and confused. How do you regain your professional confidence? And how do... Read »
    1 day ago
  • The Long Odds Of Reforming An Employee Who Is A...
    NYT - Oct 30
    The results are always blindingly good. That is why so many business owners are slow to recognize the dangers posed by employees sometimes known as destructive heroes. At the building products company Dave Sullivan headed... Read »
    1 day ago