• 3 Risks Every Leader Should Take
    Business Insider - Jul 28
    Good leaders are reliable, hard-working, and always have a plan. The very best ones, however, also take risks. In a recent post on LinkedIn, Doug Dickerson, executive director at Management Moment Leadership Services,... Read »
    10 hours ago
  • Are CEOs Worth The Millions They’re Paid?
    USA Today - Jul 28
    Controversy over CEO pay is never far from the headlines, and Americans are well aware that CEOs are paid several hundred times what the average front-line worker gets. However, that metric only illustrates the level of... Read »
    10 hours ago
  • CEOs, Get To Know Your Rivals
    HBR - Jul 28
    In an interview, Cisco CEO John Chambers once remarked on his intimate knowledge of rival CEOs. He claimed that based on this insight he could anticipate their market moves one or even two steps in advance. I thought he... Read »
    10 hours ago
  • The True Price Of Narcissistic CEOs
    Inc - Jul 28
    While narcissist CEOs can use their charisma and risk-taking tendencies to lead a company to great financial success and innovation, narcissism among top management is often a double-edge sword. Companies led by... Read »
    10 hours ago
  • ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ As A Leadership Guide
    Fortune - Jul 28
    The greatest leader in the Land of Oz wasn’t the wizard, according to a new business book. It wasn’t Dorothy or Glinda, either. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore—we’re in a boardroom. The little black Cairn... Read »
    10 hours ago
  • Why Followership Is The New Leadership
    Switch and Shift - Jul 28
    Followership is the mastery of scholarly research and processes. Authors follow frameworks to draft new arguments and conclusions. Mathematicians, scientists, and doctors follow equations to carry out critical procedures.... Read »
    10 hours ago
  • 5 Tips For Seasoned Employees On Making The Jump To...
    Mashable - Jul 28
    There is no shortage of advice on how to find a job, how to prepare for an interview or how to negotiate a salary. While these are all crucial steps in building a career, there seems to be a lack of guidance for seasoned,... Read »
    10 hours ago
  • Is Your Best Employee Impeding Growth?
    Inc - Jul 28
    Many small businesses operate on “ask Marlene” principles. Marlene is the person who knows everything there is to know about the company’s products or fulfillment capabilities or delivery schedules. She holds such... Read »
    10 hours ago
  • Getting A CEO Succession Right
    CEO.com - Jul 28
    You may not be planning on going anywhere, but as the wise are wont to say – "stuff happens." Are you prepared to pass the reigns to your successor? Are they ready to take over? According to InterSearch Worldwide, a global... Read »
    13 hours ago
  • The Answer To Every Business Question Is ‘It...
    HBR - Jul 25
    What happens when you put three business professors in a rental car and send them out to talk to owners and managers of small- and medium-sized businesses? Would they discover their MBA frameworks to be a bunch of academic... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Most Managers Think Of Themselves As Coaches
    HBR - Jul 25
    Results of a survey we’ve been conducting indicate a stronger desire to display coaching attributes than we were expecting. Read »
    3 days ago
  • Leadership Ethics: Why It Always Matters
    Switch and Shift - Jul 25
    Do you really want your company to thrive? Do The Right Thing. Always. And uphold the others you work with to, as well. Read »
    3 days ago
  • A Good Life And A Big Job: Executives Say Both Are...
    WSJ - Jul 25
    Can you work long hours without sacrificing your personal life? More senior executives think that’s possible. Read »
    3 days ago
  • Why Generations Clash At Work
    Entrepreneur - Jul 25
    Maybe it’s me, but all the hoopla over Millennials being different rubs me the wrong way. I guess I don’t particularly care for broad characterizations of generations of people. Some fit the stereotype and some don’t.... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Are You Stopping Some Of Your Customers From Doing...
    Forbes - Jul 25
    Often, I have seen and experienced business processes that are designed and make sense from a process view or a marketers view or a finance view. But, when presented to customers or employees they don’t make sense or... Read »
    3 days ago