• The Rhythm Of Great Performance
    CEO.com - Mar 3
    For nearly 15 years, I’ve been making the case — in my writing and with corporate clients — that employees can be more productive by working fewer hours and taking more time for rest and renewal during the work... Read »
    2 hours ago
  • The Difference Between Coaching Rookies And Veterans
    HBR - Mar 2
    After years of playing at the top of his game, Tiger Woods hit a rough patch, struggling to win major tournaments. In February 2015, he pulled out of the Honda Classic, declaring his play “not tournament-ready.” Paul... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • The Perks Of Hiring A Millennial
    Fortune - Mar 2
    For those who believe the stereotype that millennials are “entitled,” this may seem like unnecessary advice. But entitled or not, I promise this advice will shape the direction of a millennial’s career. In a recent... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • Self Promotion Is A Leadership Skill
    Forbes - Mar 2
    Despite the fact that most women understand the importance of self-promotion for their advancement, they do not intentionally use it. We have been conditioned to take the back seat and wait to be recognized. As a... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • 7 Most Required Leadership Skills For 2015
    Inc - Mar 2
    I had the chance recently to be a part of the forecasting and goal setting, for an mobile app company for 2015. As I observed the room full of very intelligent executives, I couldn't stop considering which skill set this... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • Why Your Workplace Culture Sucks And How To Fix It
    Fast Company - Mar 2
    You evaluate your employees annually? Great—now why don’t you do the same for your office culture? For one thing, office culture is a lot harder to measure than employee performance. Your employees might not be... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • Startup 101: Finding The Right Business Partner
    Mashable - Mar 2
    This time of year always brings a lot of talk about dating, relationships, and meeting that special someone. But a relationship with the right business partner can be just as meaningful, if not more so. If you have a good... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • The Leadership Paradox
    HuffPo - Mar 2
    Peter Drucker, who many consider the father of modern management, once said, "We know almost nothing about management, that is why we write so many books on the subject." The same might be said for leadership. There are more... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • 5 Actions Of An Open-Minded Leader
    Switch and Shift - Mar 2
    How many times have you heard someone use the term, open mind? “I am keeping an open mind.” “Let’s approach this with an open mind.” “I would definitely describe myself as someone with an open... Read »
    22 hours ago
  • Life After Being CEO: 5 Tips For Helping Decide What...
    Chief Executive - Mar 2
    Former Steelcase CEO Jim Hackett found himself in exactly this position last year. His solution: coach football. As a college student, he played football under legendary University of Michigan coach Bo Schembechler. And... Read »
    22 hours ago
  • Excel At Execution
    Great Leaders Serve - Mar 2
    When researching Chess Not Checkers, one of the truths that emerged almost immediately was the widely know fact: High Performance Organizations Excel at Execution. Although the chess analogy offered little opportunity to... Read »
    22 hours ago
  • Is Innovation More About People Or Process?
    HBR - Feb 27
    What’s more critical to producing a breakthrough innovation – finding creative people or finding creative ideas? This is a question Pixar head Ed Catmull has asked a great many people, and he says they tend to be pretty... Read »
    3 days ago
  • Steering Your Business On A Steady Course
    Open Forum - Feb 27
    I've come to think of good small-business management as a lot like steering. Steering is constant small corrections. Even on a straight highway, your steering wheel is always moving as each small movement corrects the last... Read »
    3 days ago
  • The CEO And Power: Are The Two A Dynamic Duo Or An...
    Chief Executive - Feb 27
    Power is a word that is often spoken synonymously with the office of CEO—for better or for worse. By dictionary definition, power is “the ability to act or produce an effect.” Simple enough. Yet, when it comes to how... Read »
    3 days ago
  • The Power Of Thinking Small To Win Big
    BBC - Feb 27
    Simplicity. It doesn’t just make your everyday life better — there’s an equally big payoff to companies that embrace the logic of simplicity, especially when undertaking what sound like complex... Read »
    3 days ago