• Be A Great Leader, Not Just A Strong Manager
    LinkedIn - Jul 29
    At a recent leadership development forum, I had an interesting discussion with the audience about the concept of leaders versus managers, and that we shouldn’t confuse the two. In fact – and my HR team loves me for this!... Read »
    18 hours ago
  • Creating A Happy Workplace
    BBC - Jul 29
    Two years ago Lucas Donat decided he needed to root out the unhappy people from Tiny Rebellion, his ad agency. The negative Neds and Debbie downers simply had to go. They were spoiling the otherwise creative atmosphere in... Read »
    18 hours ago
  • Leadership Is About Enabling The Full Potential In...
    Forbes - Jul 29
    The 21st century leader must have the ability to make the most out of every situation. They are courageous and not afraid to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries to make things better. Because of these qualities... Read »
    18 hours ago
  • Promoting The Non-Obvious Candidate
    HBR - Jul 29
    Conventional talent-management systems emphasize the need to give high performers appropriate experiences to help them ascend to more senior levels of management. Companies define career paths accordingly and carefully map,... Read »
    18 hours ago
  • How Your Terrible Boss Can Make You A Great Manager
    Fortune - Jul 29
    Many of us can point to former bosses and corporate heads who inspired us to become more well-read, better at communication, or more engaged because of their shining examples. But what about those leaders who shaped our... Read »
    18 hours ago
  • Become The Leader Worth Following
    Lolly Daskal - Jul 29
    Examples of leaders are everywhere. Many are powerful, many are popular, but few are worthy of being followed. The ones that extend themselves to keep promises, act ethically, lead by example, show fairness, act out of... Read »
    18 hours ago
  • Humble CEOs Are The Best For Business
    Forbes - Jul 29
    James Collins, author of the 2001 business classic Good to Great, likes to tell the story of Darwin E. Smith, the shy, reserved CEO of Kimberly-Clark for two decades until 1991. When Smith was asked how he turned around the... Read »
    19 hours ago
  • What Leaders Do To Show They Have Integrity
    Business Insider - Jul 29
    Leaders who live with integrity inspire their followers to adopt their own ideals, which makes them more willing to support their vision. True integrity is not paraded about for others to admire, but is shown through... Read »
    19 hours ago
  • 3 Qualities Of Successful Leaders
    Inc - Jul 29
    A healthy, harmonious culture doesn't start with "C."  It starts with "U" (yes, I really mean "you.") Early in my career I was working for a family-run business. I wasn't the lowest on the totem pole, but I didn't have top... Read »
    19 hours ago
  • Chart: The Cost Of A Combined CEO/Chair
    CEO.com - Jul 29
    Last month, Netflix’s shareholders voted to allow Reed Hastings to continue leading the company as both CEO and chairman. Most companies would naturally assume that keeping the roles of CEO and chair separate help boost... Read »
    21 hours ago
  • 3 Risks Every Leader Should Take
    Business Insider - Jul 28
    Good leaders are reliable, hard-working, and always have a plan. The very best ones, however, also take risks. In a recent post on LinkedIn, Doug Dickerson, executive director at Management Moment Leadership Services,... Read »
    1 day ago
  • Are CEOs Worth The Millions They’re Paid?
    USA Today - Jul 28
    Controversy over CEO pay is never far from the headlines, and Americans are well aware that CEOs are paid several hundred times what the average front-line worker gets. However, that metric only illustrates the level of... Read »
    1 day ago
  • CEOs, Get To Know Your Rivals
    HBR - Jul 28
    In an interview, Cisco CEO John Chambers once remarked on his intimate knowledge of rival CEOs. He claimed that based on this insight he could anticipate their market moves one or even two steps in advance. I thought he... Read »
    1 day ago
  • The True Price Of Narcissistic CEOs
    Inc - Jul 28
    While narcissist CEOs can use their charisma and risk-taking tendencies to lead a company to great financial success and innovation, narcissism among top management is often a double-edge sword. Companies led by... Read »
    1 day ago
  • ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ As A Leadership Guide
    Fortune - Jul 28
    The greatest leader in the Land of Oz wasn’t the wizard, according to a new business book. It wasn’t Dorothy or Glinda, either. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore—we’re in a boardroom. The little black Cairn... Read »
    1 day ago