November 5, 2012
Infographic: 100 Years Of Income Tax (And CEO Pay)

Who doesn’t love to pay income tax? Okay, probably most of you don’t love it — especially if you happen to be in a higher tax bracket. With 2013 marking the 100th anniversary of income tax as we know it, we decided to take a look at what both the average Joe and the average CEO have been paying throughout the years. So what’s in store for the future?

We have no idea, but whoever takes the White House this week will certainly have a say in it. To get more great content from sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter.

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  • Allan

    Very interesting infographic. What amazes me is the astronomical increase in tax revenues which seem to correlate with the increase in government deficits.

    Perhaps it would be better if the tax revenues would decrease. This would force government to spend wisely!

  • Chris

    Lol look at ceo pay. The government is running up deficits because the amount of money it is receiving vs the number of people it is servicing is out of whack. The government has way less purchasing power today then it did in the past, because all our money is at the top, and all the people are at the bottom.

  • Ryan

    I see an article like this, then i see another one about how much cash i need for retirement ( and it starts getting real warm in here…
    I’m about ready to jump off a regular cliff…bring on the fiscal cliff!