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    Switch and Shift - Jul 30
    There is a famous quote attributed to the legendary race car driver Mario Andretti: If everything appears to be under control, then you’re just not going fast enough. Control is a wonderful thing, but it is... Read »
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    Ever since he was a child in South Africa, Elon Musk has been a big reader, of everything from science-fiction novels to historical biographies. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has said that reading books taught him how to... Read »
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    Predicting revenue is a process that sales teams have used for decades to help company leaders make more informed decisions about the future. So, why not expand this practice to the rest of the organization? By asking all... Read »
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    Information-sharing meetings comprise just 21 percent of the total. As for those famed and deeply useful brainstorming (translation: panic-because-we-have-no-new-ideas) meetings--these are a mere 5 percent. The numbers... Read »
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  • The Simple Secret Of Employee Motivation
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    The case for autonomy: just look in the mirror The case for giving employees autonomy (you may prefer the word "empowerment") in how to carry out their work has been backed up for half a century by psychological and... Read »
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    Great leaders are more than their persona. Their brand is a blend of tangible results, process improvement, creative solutions, and talent development. If they’re really good, they’ve been the “wind beneath the... Read »
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