2012 CEO.com Social CEO Report

Really Though, How Social Are CEOs?

CEO.com brings you the latest research on how many
top business leaders are actually using social media.
Among other surprising facts about FORTUNE 500®
CEOs, we discovered the following:

  • Only 7.6% are on Facebook
  • Only 1.8% actually use Twitter
  • 70% have no social media presence …at all.

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About the CEO.com Social CEO Report

The 2012 CEO.com Social CEO Report is the first in an annual research series by CEO.com. The report was created to evaluate the extent to which top business leaders are embracing social media.

To find out how many CEOs are actually using social media, and what kind of influence they have, we searched for every FORTUNE 500® CEO on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.

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