• How To Catch Those Fleeting Investment Opportunities
    McKinsey - Dec 15
    Time is of the essence for many of the small to medium-size investment opportunities that companies face during the course of a year. The right moment can be fleeting, for example, to scale up production in a unit that... Read »
    4 days ago
  • Stealth Mode: The Case For Product First, Marketing...
    Mashable - Nov 13
    Press and marketing might accelerate businesses, but product builds the foundation. Nearly every entrepreneur gets tempted by the media’s spotlight, but when startups go to press too soon, they find themselves pivoting... Read »
    1 month ago
  • What Strategists Need: A Meeting Of The Minds
    McKinsey - Oct 3
    Over the last 50 years, the theory and practice of business strategy have taken a variety of twists and turns. In the 1960s, strategy was equated largely with corporate planning; in the 1970s, the emphasis switched to... Read »
    2 months ago
  • What Are The Sinkholes In Your Strategy?
    Strategy-Business - Aug 18
    My firm was once asked by a CEO to assess the strategy of his company, one of the world’s largest. He wanted to know if there were any holes that he and his board should address. I’ve always thought this showed great... Read »
    4 months ago
  • How To Embrace And Manage Failure
    Entrepreneur - May 19
    “Fail fast” is an overly used and loaded adage. Entrepreneurs don’t wake up and ask themselves “How can I fail today?” What’s important is not to embrace failure, but to figure out how to manage it. How we face... Read »
    7 months ago
  • The Power Of Customer Loyalty
    Fox Business - May 19
    Which customers are most profitable for you and what marketing tactics work best to attract them and encourage customer loyalty? In a recent survey, Huzzah Media found there’s a big gap between what marketing methods small... Read »
    7 months ago
  • How Samsung Gets Innovations To Market
    HBR - May 19
    In 2010 Samsung set up a small consumer-focused innovation team in London, headed by Luke Mansfield. The team’s mission was to come up with new products for the European market — and then, significantly, to convince... Read »
    7 months ago
  • When CEOs Tweet: Cautionary Tales For Execs On Twitter
    Ragan - May 19
    These days if you sneeze funny, it can go viral—and for CEOs, catching a cold may be the least of their worries. The myriad social media tools available to CEOs can be a mixed bag. Take Twitter, for instance. There are... Read »
    7 months ago
  • 3 Tips For Standing Out From The Crowd
    Inc - May 19
    People are impossibly busy these days, and it is getting more and more difficult to get anyone's attention. There just aren't enough hours in the day. At Springboard, I have spent the last five years expanding our network of... Read »
    7 months ago
  • 5 Strategies That Saved This Small Startup
    Huff Post - May 19
    They say that most startups don't make it 18 months. My current company, Rebel Pilgrim Productions, just survived to celebrate our two-year anniversary. We are probably typical of start-ups who make it this far. Read »
    7 months ago
  • 9 Ways To Get Work Assignments Off Your Plate
    Leadership Freak - May 19
    Stop assigning tasks to yourself. Successful leaders leave meetings with fewer tasks, not more. Delegating is taking stuff off your plate and putting it on someone else’s. But, if you’re always filling other... Read »
    7 months ago
  • Leaders Need To Get A Strategy Early On
    HBR - May 16
    If these leaders are in their positions legitimately (and if they are not you have a much bigger problem), then strategists should want to use the leader’s judgment and experience to the maximum to improve the strategy.... Read »
    7 months ago
  • Social Intelligence Is Critical To Business Success
    Strategy+Business - May 16
    Under the leadership of its founding director, Thomas W. Malone, the center’s ambition is to put forth a new theory of group performance, bringing together insights from social psychology, computer science, group dynamics,... Read »
    7 months ago
  • 7 Simple Secrets Of The Best Presentations
    Inc - May 16
    I've written about presentations many times, but I've never provided the core truths that transform an average presentation into a killer one. Here they are: Read »
    7 months ago
  • How To Create A More Inclusive Workplace Culture
    The Guardian - May 15
    Have you ever felt like an outsider or an onlooker at work? If you've ever felt more like an invisible spectator than part of a team, then you've experienced the powerful feeling of being the 'other'. Anyone can feel like... Read »
    7 months ago