• If Mother Nature Was Your CEO
    Switch and Shift - Mar 25
    “Nature is the world’s most effective designer” according to Frank Stephenson, Design Director at McLaren Automotive. Looking at what nature has created over millions of years of evolution to get to the ‘perfect... Read »
    1 week ago
  • What Leonard Nimoy Taught Me Taught Me About...
    Switch and Shift - Mar 24
    I grew up in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and one evening my father came home with a 12-inch, black-and-white television. Remarkably, this little TV found a place in our kitchen, and every night at 6 p.m. we sat down for... Read »
    1 week ago
  • Should Every Idea Make Sense?
    Switch and Shift - Mar 16
    I’m going to respond to that question with three answers – yes, no, and maybe. Okay, so that didn’t advance the discussion. But there is good reason. Every idea has a purpose. Ultimately, we all want our ideas to... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • The Impact Of A Corporate Idealist
    Strategy Business - Mar 13
    My father was the chief executive of a mid-size company that manufactured seat belts. He was enormously proud of the products, especially the weave of the belts, which came from the founder’s design of a parachute harness.... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • Using A Strategic Road Map To Help Achieve Long-Term...
    Open Forum - Mar 11
    Failing to plan for the long term in your business is like jumping into your car for a long trip without a road map. It's a likely way to lengthen the route to your ultimate destination. To ensure your business heads in the... Read »
    3 weeks ago
  • Why Capabilities Are Critical For Successful M&A
    Chief Executive - Mar 10
    Every year, somewhere between 50 percent and 90 percent of mergers fail. Deals that once seemed full of promise fizzle, falling short of stated goals; and executives are left scratching their heads, wondering what... Read »
    3 weeks ago
  • 8 Leadership Tactics From A CEO Who Orchestrated A...
    Chief Executive - Mar 6
    Call Yost’s method “symbolic leadership.” Named after the family name of the company, Art Van was facing very difficult times in 2009 at the trough of the recession—and doing almost all its business in hard-hit... Read »
    3 weeks ago
  • How Exciting Job Titles Can Influence Performance
    Switch and Shift - Mar 6
    Traditionally, when people and organizations start a working relationship, they give that relationship a name, often called a job title or project role. This name serves various purposes. First, a title or role is a... Read »
    3 weeks ago
  • When Hope Becomes Your Best Leadership Strategy
    Switch and Shift - Mar 4
    “I believe hope is the only thing we can never afford to be without, and the jet fuel for the journey of work and life.” – Libby Gill Given the current state of work, I believe there are few things more important... Read »
    4 weeks ago
  • Strategically Planning Your Business’s Long View
    Open Forum - Mar 4
    Very few challenges are as exciting and as complicated as the task of building a strategic plan for long-term growth and sustainability. It's critical to first establish an understanding of the strategic foundation that... Read »
    4 weeks ago
  • The Trick To Getting What You Want When You Negotiate
    Time - Feb 26
    Conventional wisdom says that, in negotiations, it’s better to offer the other party a firm number rather than a range. The thinking is that a hiring manager who hears, “I want between $40,000 and $45,000″ will focus... Read »
    1 month ago
  • It’s Time To Democratize Change Management
    Switch and Shift - Feb 25
    There was a time – not so long ago – when the need for Change in our organizations only came every now and then. The truth is that one could see it (the Change) coming, one could adapt to it, one had the time to tweak... Read »
    1 month ago
  • How A Simple Story Can Improve Your Business
    American Express - Feb 6
    Do you think business strategy is for someone else? You're running your business, putting out fires, holding the fort, and—thank goodness—things are going well. Strategy is something you leave for the academics and... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Strategies: 2 Words That Can Save Your Business
    USA Today - Jan 23
    If you want to grow your small business, sooner or later, you'll hear this advice: "Work ON your business and not just IN it." In other words, step back from day-to-day tasks and look at the big picture of why you're doing... Read »
    2 months ago
  • 5 Proven Ways To Lead In The Fast Lane
    Switch and Shift - Jan 22
    Do you recognize the feeling that time seems to go more rapidly as you grow older? Apart from this psychological effect of time, something is really happening to time as well. According to Moore’s law, technological... Read »
    2 months ago