Amazon CEO

Bezos: Amazon Would Love To Have Physical Stores…

Business Insider - November 27, 2012

Charlie Rose interviewed Jeff Bezos and asked him if Amazon would ever have brick-and-mortar stores. Jeff's response? "We would love to, but only if we can have a truly differentiated" Read »

Amazon CEO Supports Online Sales Tax

Fortune - November 20, 2012

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says he supports federal legislation requiring online companies to collect and pay sales tax to states. Read »

Bezos: Amazon Has An `Explorer Mentality’

Bloomberg - November 19, 2012 CEO Jeff Bezos discusses the rate of technological development, the outlook for his company and being named Fortune Magazine's "2012 Businessperson of the Year." Read »

Jeff Bezos: No Smartphone This Year

Business Insider - September 10, 2012

In an interview with All Things D, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos basically confirms that Amazon will not be launching its own smartphone this year. Read »

Jeff Bezos Vs. Our Schools

Boston Business Journal - July 26, 2011

By helping consumers avoid paying sales taxes, Amazon and companies like it are siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars from state treasuries. Read »

Why Did Jeff Bezos Wait So Long?

Business Insider - July 18, 2011

Amazon is announcing a new textbook rental service for its Kindle platform. What's weird about its announcement is why it's so late. Read »

Building A Business On Bezos Time

The Globe And Mail - July 12, 2011

Amazon's Jeff Bezos – America’s 18th-richest man, according to Forbes magazine – has just bought himself a new watch. Well, more like an expensive clock. It’s a $42-million (U.S.) timepiece that will be buried deep... Read »