• Warren Buffett And Bill Gates Try Their Hand At Table...
    Omaha - May 4
    A definite crowd-pleaser stole the attention of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders Sunday: Borsheims’ commemorative, cushion-cut, fancy yellow 50-carat diamond. That is, until the crowd’s real best friend arrived. Warren... Read »
    18 hours ago
  • Bill Gates: You Can Help The World Save 34 Million...
    Quartz - Apr 29
    If I told you that we could save the lives of, say, 10 million people, mainly by doing things we already know how to do, that would get your attention, right? Well, it turns out that this is the number of people the world... Read »
    5 days ago
  • What Bill Gates Thinks About The Future Of Eating Meat
    HuffPo - Apr 22
    Bill Gates says reducing the environmental footprint of meat consumption isn't just about moderation. It's also about innovation. In a blog post titled "Is There Enough Meat for Everyone?" posted on his website Tuesday,... Read »
    1 week ago
  • Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read These 6 Books This...
    Inc - Apr 20
    You might know Bill Gates as a hugely successful entrepreneur, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, or even, in his latest incarnation, a dynamic philanthropist, but in his quieter, less public moments he's also something... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • How Bill Gates, Andy Grove, And Steve Jobs Found...
    Fast Company - Apr 16
    Getting both right is a challenging task, but one that Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs all accomplished to an impressive degree. All three had weaknesses as leaders, and they all benefited greatly from the help and... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • Bill Gates Predicted Today’s Technologies In 1999
    Inc - Apr 15
    In 1999, Google was just months old. So was pets.com, which was also a year away from going defunct as a result of the dot-com bubble bust. People still booked travel arrangements over the phone, and they connected to the... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • How Bill Gates’ Singular Focus Both Helped And Hurt...
    Business Insider - Apr 14
    Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs all had distinctive interests and strengths, which we have summed up as a passion for software in Gates, a passion for discipline in Grove, and a passion for design in Jobs. These... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • Why Bill Gates And Stephen Hawking Are Terrified Of...
    HuffPo - Apr 10
    Stephen Hawking. Bill Gates. Elon Musk. When the world's biggest brains are lining up to warn us about something that will soon end life as we know it -- but it all sounds like a tired sci-fi trope -- what are we supposed to... Read »
    3 weeks ago
  • 25 Surprising Facts About Bill Gates
    Inc - Apr 6
    He's the founder of Microsoft, an inventor and the world's most prolific philanthropist. He's also the richest man on the planet, with a net worth north of $79 billion. What do you really know about Bill Gates? Read »
    4 weeks ago
  • Bill Gates On Microsoft’s 40th Birthday: ‘What...
    Mashable - Apr 6
    It may seem difficult to believe but Microsoft is about to turn 40. Saturday will mark the 40th anniversary of when Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the software giant in 1975. To commemorate the occasion, Gates sent out... Read »
    4 weeks ago
  • Ben Affleck, Bill Gates Make Case For Foreign Aid In...
    USA Today - Mar 27
    Cameras were clicking away when Ben Affleck and Bill Gates were in Washington to testify about foreign aid. Affleck, the Oscar-winning director/actor/advocate, spoke before a Senate Appropriations panel about his... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Bill Gates Recommended These 6 Books For TED 2015
    Business Insider - Mar 25
    Bookworms have a kindred spirit in Bill Gates, who releases a reading list of his favorite books a few times a year. He recently wrote a list of recommended reads in honor of the TED 2015 conference on his blog, and they... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Bill Gates On Global Epidemic: Time Is Not On Our Side
    Fortune - Mar 19
    Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates took briefly to the TED stage in Vancouver on Wednesday to make an impassioned plea for becoming better prepared to fight a potential global flu epidemic. Wearing a pink sweater and... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Why Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey And Bill Gates Love...
    Business Insider - Mar 10
    There is no formulaic, step-by-step process when it comes to achieving success. However, there does seem to be one unifying trait that incredibly successful people share: they all read, a lot. In a recent LinkedIn... Read »
    1 month ago
  • 14 Books By Successful CEOs That Will Teach You How...
    Business Insider - Mar 3
    Business books are notorious for being loaded with MBA lard, trotting out "key takeaways" like "take risks," "build a great team," and "don't be afraid to fail." But the ones worth reading ditch the platitudes in favor... Read »
    2 months ago