It’s Time To Rein In Grossly Overpaid CEOs

Aljazeera America - April 21, 2014

Last week The New York Times ran an article on the pay of top corporate executives in 2013. It reported that the CEOs of major U.S. corporations continue to do quite well. At the top of the charts we find Oracle chief... Read »

8 CEOs Who Took A Pay Cut In 2013

Fortune - April 15, 2014

Median CEO pay inched up 9% in 2013 to $13.9 million. But not everyone got a bump last year. Here are eight CEOs who missed out. Read »

Non-CEOs Who Are Paid More Than Their Bosses

Bloomberg - April 11, 2014

Chief executive officers aren’t always the highest-paid employees. Nolan Archibald, who retired as executive chairman of Stanley Black & Decker Inc. in March 2013, was paid $52.5 million last year, almost five times more... Read »

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Pay Stays At $1.68M

Bloomberg - April 10, 2014 Inc. founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos received $1.68 million in total pay last year, unchanged from 2012, including $81,840 in salary and $1.6 million to cover security arrangements. The CEO, who... Read »

JPMorgan CEO’s Salary Dropped 37 Percent Last Year

ABC News - April 10, 2014

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon's total compensation fell 37 percent last year to $11.8 million as the nation's largest investment bank grappled with billions in legal costs and fines. Read »

Time Warner CEO Nails $79.9m Severance Payment

Bloomberg - March 20, 2014

Just months into his job as head of Time Warner Cable Inc., Rob Marcus is set to receive a severance payment of $79.9 million in cash, equity and benefits because he’s selling the company to Comcast Corp. Read »

Wells Fargo CEO Back On Top With $19.3M Salary

USA Today - March 19, 2014

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf didn't have the pay gains rival banking CEOs enjoyed last year, but he still out-earned them. Stumpf's 2013 compensation, valued at $19.3 million, was virtually unchanged from 2012, the company... Read »

Salary Growth For CEOs May Be Slowing, Says Report

CNBC - March 17, 2014

Big U.S. companies appear to have handed out smaller increases in compensation to their chief executives in 2013 than in 2012, mainly as a result of reduced grants of stock options, according to an early review of annual... Read »

Ford CEO Gets $13.8 Million In Stock

Reuters - March 7, 2014

Ford Motor Co Chief Executive Alan Mulally was awarded performance bonuses for 2013 worth $13.8 million, the No. 2 U.S. automaker disclosed to U.S. regulators on Thursday. The amount Mulally makes from the restricted stock... Read »

Big Company CEOs Aren’t Worth The Pay

Forbes - March 6, 2014

While there is plenty of evidence that financial incentives can be effective in motivating people to do mundane and boring tasks, individuals do the more interesting and challenging stuff…well, because it’s interesting... Read »

Apollo CEO Took Home More Than Half A Billion…

WSJ - March 3, 2014

Leon Black, co-founder and chief executive of Apollo Global Management LLC , received $546.3 million in dividends, investment proceeds and compensation for 2013, making him the most richly rewarded executive at a publicly... Read »

Tesla CEO Made $1.1 Billion…

Business Week - February 27, 2014

Elon Musk made $1.1 billion on paper yesterday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index, as shares of Tesla Motors gained nearly 14 percent. The haul brings his net worth to $11.7 billion, up 47.8 percent since the... Read »

How Out of Whack Is CEO Pay?

Bloomberg - February 27, 2014

Feinberg Rozen Founder Ken Feinberg discusses executive compensation. Read »

Apollo CEO Payout Jumps As Top Ten Get $1.7 Billion

Businessweek - February 25, 2014

Among the biggest earners, Leon Black received about $369 million in distributions from his stock ownership in Apollo Global Management LLC (APO:US), which he founded in 1990, according to calculations by Bloomberg, more... Read »

Citi CEO Receives Pay Decrease…

Reuters - February 21, 2014

CEO Michael Corbat earned an estimated $14.1 million in 2013 under Citi's executive pay structure, which the company overhauled last year amidst shareholder pressure. The deferred stock makes up 30 percent of Corbat's bonus... Read »