• How To Communicate During Times Of Stress
    Switch & Shift - Nov 6
    All of us experience stress at work; it is how we handle stress that separates leaders from others. When results are headed in the wrong direction, it’s easy to let our inside voice slip out. Of course reacting like... Read »
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  • Can You Stay ‘Super Transparent’ As You...
    Forbes - Nov 2
    Austin McChord spends a lot of time thinking about communicating with his employees. The problem is, his data-recovery company Datto is no longer just a tiny startup–his headcount just passed 550 people, with 180 new this... Read »
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  • Five Ways To Improve Employee Engagement With Your...
    CEO.com - Oct 26
    Likely, your company has spent a lot of time and money building a brand that connects with customers. But have you invested enough in brand engagement with your own employees? Your employees bring the brand to life... Read »
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    CEO.com - Oct 21
    As Americans brace themselves for the proverbial deluge of presidential election posturing and polling that will continue unceasingly until the fall of 2016, the time is right to reflect on the distinction between “smart... Read »
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  • 6 Small Changes You Can Make To Be A Better...
    Inc - Oct 14
    In the winter of 2004, I loaded up my Taurus with presents in the parking lot of a Hobby Lobby after a long day of Christmas shopping. I pulled out of my parking spot and found myself stuck behind a line of cars waiting to... Read »
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  • How CEOs Can Use Technology To Satisfy Every...
    CEO.com - Aug 6
    The millennial generation will make up the majority of the American workforce this year, and you’ve probably noticed a dramatic evolution of your workflow structure and workplace atmosphere as a result. Rather than... Read »
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  • Does Stating What Your Company Stands For Affect Your...
    HBR - Aug 3
    Respect, integrity, communication, and excellence: these were Enron’s self-professed values, before accounting fraud brought down the firm. So you’d be justified in thinking that the values listed on corporate websites... Read »
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  • 10 Communication Secrets Of Exceptional Leaders
    Forbes - Jul 14
    Great leaders connect with people on an emotional level every time they speak. Their words inspire others to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Great communicators are intentional about it, and there are 10... Read »
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  • Talk To The Troops: Why Communication Is Key To...
    CEO.com - Jun 12
    I couldn’t figure it out. Why did the big brass at Fort Sill, Okla., insist on these random, no-notice drills in which my troops and I had to show up at 0 Dark 30 and roll out our artillery unit as if we were about to go... Read »
    5 months ago
  • How To Help Your Audience Genuinely Care
    CEO.com - Jun 11
    Granted, "hate" might be a strong word...but it sure felt like it. An Italian manufacturing conglomerate asked me to help improve productivity at one of its plants. I spent three days and nights on the floor and developed... Read »
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  • 7 Communication Blunders That Undermine Otherwise...
    CEO.com - Jun 10
    Some CEOs get to the top because of their communication skills. Others get there in spite of them. If you are in the latter group, becoming a master communicator could well make the difference between realizing your... Read »
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  • The 5 Worst Words You Can Ever Say
    CEO.com - Jun 2
    I carry my board up the beach. "I could never do that," a man walking by yells. "I'd be too scared." "Sure, you could," I think as he walks away. Paddleboarding is hard but not that hard. First you fall off. Then you fall... Read »
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  • Rather Than Fight Or Flee, Take Responsibility
    CEO.com - May 29
    I was in a large meeting at my company, sharing an idea that had occurred to me, when one of my younger colleagues raised her hand and jumped in. “I’m feeling like we’re getting off track,” she said with some... Read »
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  • 4 Ways Leaders Can Combat Personal Biases
    CEO.com - May 28
    Employees and leaders of any company are faced with the challenge of making quick and efficient decisions. While these one-off decisions are undoubtedly important, a recently published Harvard Business Review article reveals... Read »
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  • How To Have A Difficult Conversation At Work
    CEO.com - May 26
    Learning requires we detect and correct errors in our thinking. But learning often requires we go beyond just one iteration of questions and answers to do so. Asking a series of five whys is a powerful tool for doing just... Read »
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