• Why Your Message Isn’t Getting Through
    SmartBlog - Aug 29
    Hoogterp kicks off his public-speaking book “Your Perfect Presentation” with this nugget of wisdom: it’s not about you. “When you stop thinking it’s about you, that is when your greatness emerges.” Read »
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  • Top 20 Corporate Weasel Words
    Inc - Aug 28
    You won't learn about these common corporate phrases in business school, but they're required reading if you want to navigate the corporate world. Read »
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  • Who’s Being Left Out On Your Team?
    HBR - Aug 27
    Feeling left out or ignored at work can have tremendously negative effects on workers’ well-being. In a recent survey, researchers at the University of Ottawa found that workplace ostracism does greater harm to... Read »
    5 days ago
  • Curiosity Is As Important As Intelligence
    Bloomberg - Aug 27
    In any event, the relative complexity of different eras is of little matter to the person who is simply struggling to cope with it in everyday life. So perhaps the right question is not “Is this era more complex?” but... Read »
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  • Why A Personal Connection Is Important: Lessons From...
    Forbes - Aug 26
    There is an important business lesson about creating a personal connection that we can all learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Read »
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  • 4 Things Your Employees Are Desperately Trying To...
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    When it comes to the roles of the office, managers talk and employees listen. Right? Read »
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  • What’s Wrong With Being Passive Aggressive?
    Switch and Shift - Aug 22
    A client asked me this question recently when I discussed with them how perhaps they needed to be more consistently assertive in their interactions in the workplace. There was obvious confusion about what the term... Read »
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  • 5 Secret Communication Codes For Great Leaders
    Switch and Shift - Aug 21
    In the age of 144 characters, Instagram, and OMG, BFF and LOL, authentic communication has taken a back seat to brevity and expediency, often at the expense of clarity and accuracy. From my research, I believe we want... Read »
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  • 7 Tips For Bringing Virtual Teams Together
    Switch and Shift - Aug 20
    Virtual companies can often run like well-oiled machines, with high productivity and work-life balance for employees, well, in balance. I founded the 1 Million for Work Flexibility movement because I know just how valuable... Read »
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  • 4 Ways To Diffuse A Toxic Workplace
    Entrepreneur - Aug 19
    Despite the size of your organization, what department you work in or who you report to, if you are a manager it is up to you to ensure that people are comfortable under your company’s roof. Still, some people walk into... Read »
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  • Make Your Next ‘Big Meeting’ Unforgettable
    CEO.com - Aug 18
    It’s that time of year again: the annual company event that you hope will be even better than last year’s. For some reason, though, the registrations aren’t flying in like they used to. This isn’t exactly good for... Read »
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  • Leadership Secret: Ask Don’t Tell
    LinkedIn - Aug 15
    How do leaders ‘fix’ problems? While it would seem obvious that persons in positions of leadership by virtue of their knowledge and experience usually provide expert advice to their teams, the reality is that... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • It’s Time To Start Trusting Your Employees More
    Fast Company - Aug 15
    How far are you willing to go to create employee engagement? Most companies will offer praise or occasional rewards, but given the much-quoted Gallup statistic that 71% of American workers don’t feel engaged, it’s safe... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • How Type-A People Can Play Nice With Others
    HBR - Aug 14
    People have always commented on the fact that I am highly driven – a “Type A” to a T. I set personal goals, manage multiple projects at once, and run at the speed of light. Sometimes, I feel like I am already in 2015.... Read »
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  • How To Apologize At Work
    Fortune - Aug 14
    “Apologizing at the office is not the same as in real life,” Bloom says. Depending on the circumstances, “there’s office politics to think about and, in certain situations, admitting fault can get you fired.” An... Read »
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