• 7 Ways To Be The Boss Everyone Loves To Work For
    Inc - Oct 31
    Fittingly, the subject of bosses came up during our end of Summer Labor Day bar-be-que, and what struck those of us gathered was how few good leaders we had worked for, back in the days when we were employed by someone... Read »
    16 hours ago
  • You Have To Teach People How To Treat You
    Business Insider - Oct 30
    We teach others how to treat us. Like it or not, it is the truth. This truth, this code, has been one of life's hardest lessons for me to learn. It wasn't until recently that I started to truly grasp the importance of how... Read »
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  • Why American Bosses Give More Positive Feedback Than...
    Business Insider - Oct 30
    Americans are known around the world for being blunt, transparent communicators, but when it comes to giving feedback in the office, this isn't always the case. According to cross-cultural management expert Erin Meyer,... Read »
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  • 4 Ways To Take A Conversation From A Warm Intro To A...
    CEO,com - Oct 29
    The year was 2004. Mark Zuckerberg had just finished his sophomore year at Harvard and moved to California for the summer. His company, thefacebook.com, had launched in February, and he decided to head west with his pals... Read »
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  • Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling
    HBR - Oct 28
    It is quiet and dark. The theater is hushed. James Bond skirts along the edge of a building as his enemy takes aim. Here in the audience, heart rates increase and palms sweat. I know this to be true because instead of... Read »
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  • How To Manage A Shy Employee
    Mashable - Oct 28
    Most of us, by the time we've been in the working world for a couple of years, have been taught how to deal with the variety of different temperaments and personalities we encounter around the office. We’re encouraged to... Read »
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  • Why Superstars Struggle To Bond With Their Teams
    HBR - Oct 27
    From the moment you start each workday, you’re subject to two basic human impulses: to excel and to conform. Read »
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  • How To Discover Your Individual Communication Style
    Fast Company - Oct 27
    We all have our own communication style, and most of us have strength in more than one area. Read »
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  • 10 Tips To Become A Leader Everyone Wants To Follow
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    Let's be honest. Being a great leader ain't easy. As in an effective, inspiring, well-respected leader for your company. Read »
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  • Why We Can Never Have Too Many Leaders
    HuffPo - Oct 24
    You see, the first and only person you really need to lead is you. And if you are not the one leading you, you are following someone who cannot, even if they are the most skillful leader in the world, lead you anywhere... Read »
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  • To Get What You Want, Say What You Want
    Forbes - Oct 23
    To get what you want, you have to be coherent, both inside and out. Read »
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  • 5 Rules To Avoid A Collaboration Hangover
    Switch and Shift - Oct 23
    How do you make sure you don’t suffer from a collaboration hangover? Read »
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  • Before You Respond To That Email, Pause
    HBR - Oct 21
    Someone sends you an email message or a text, and you’re unsure how to respond. It’s about a complex negotiation, or a politically sensitive situation. Or maybe it’s just from a person who unnerves you. For a... Read »
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  • 3 Ways To Be A Better Leader
    Shape - Oct 20
    Whether you want to dominate that corner office someday, see a career in politics, or strive to take charge of a new project at work, most of us could benefit from a leadership skills refresher. Read »
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  • Leadership Is A Process, Not A Position
    CEO.com - Oct 17
    Editor’s Note: This article is part of our “Leadership Presence” series, a weeklong effort co-hosted by CEO.com and Switch and Shift. Follow the discussion here and stay up-to-date with our daily and weekly... Read »
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