• Why Transparency Creates A Clear Path To Success And...
    Entrepreneur - Nov 20
    Before leaping in, make sure you’re confident about your motivation for tackling the problem. This will strengthen your credibility and, in turn, your partners’ willingness to listen as you suggest that changes in the... Read »
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    Inc - Nov 18
    As an entrepreneur, I tend to run hot and cold. I'm burning the midnight oil for weeks, then I have several days where my intensity and, seemingly, my passion seems to dissipate. Unfortunately, that means wasting excess... Read »
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  • 4 Habits Of Incredibly Focused Leaders
    Inc - Nov 11
    First of all, start to understand the why. If you have a clear understanding of why you have to/wish to do certain things, it will increase your willpower and keep you motivated until you achieve your goals. Read »
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  • 5 Superpowers Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneur - Nov 4
    Entrepreneurs are superheroes. They strive to solve the world’s problems, inspire social change and improve quality of life. They perform heroic feats with scarce time, limited resources and against all odds. Yet, most... Read »
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    CEO.com - Oct 30
    Senior executives at businesses of all sizes understand that the global economy is still not adequately protected against cyber-attacks, despite years of effort and annual spending in the multi-billion dollar range. A recent... Read »
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  • Why Focus Is The Number One Element Of Business...
    Entrepreneur - Sep 25
    As a business leader trying to think big and act bigger, if you don't relentlessly focus that ownership on what drives your business, create a culture that reflects who you are, and stay grounded as you make things happen,... Read »
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  • What Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Know About Focus
    Inc - Jul 23
    Any entrepreneur will admit that it's important to focus. The task of the entrepreneur is intense and mentally-demanding. The surefire way to fail is to lose focus. You've got to focus. But focus on what? It's one... Read »
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  • How To Create A Game Changing Scorecard
    Great Leaders Serve - Jul 22
    Every leader and team should have a scorecard… I tried to convince you of this in my previous post. Today is part one of a post on how you can create a scorecard capable of driving real performance improvement. The... Read »
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  • The Strengths Movement And Work In America
    Fox Business - Mar 11
    In America there has been a long held cultural belief that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to as long as you work hard enough. In other words, success is purely a function of effort. The fundamental flaw in... Read »
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  • 3 Steps To Regaining Your Focus
    Fast Company - Jan 26
    It’s 9 a.m. on a Thursday. Your inbox has 61 unread messages, you have three meetings before 1 p.m.—not to mention a report due tomorrow. You’re feeling overwhelmed, distracted, restless, and unable to... Read »
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  • 5 Ways To Stay Focused At Work
    Time - Jan 15
    As the owner and CEO of a successful business, I’m constantly pulled in many directions. Our salespeople need information, a client calls with an issue or I’m due downtown for an industry meeting. To keep on top of it... Read »
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  • 5 Ways To Sustain A Long-Term Career Focus
    Entrepreneur - Jan 7
    You've heard the analogy: Life is a marathon, not a sprint. But I believe life is more about consistent, long-term focus. It is about making the decision to run a marathon and then preparing, running, recovering and... Read »
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    Between office festivities and get-togethers with family and friends—not to mention holiday travel plans and the financial crunch that often occurs around this time of year—plenty of things may distract you from work... Read »
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    Research published in Diabetologia medical journal shows that the average adult spends 50% to 70% of his time sitting. Today we live in a world where most working professionals suffer from what the scientific community calls... Read »
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  • 4 Tell Tale Signs You’ve Let Your Focus Slip
    Fast Company - May 5
    We've heard where we need to add to our lives--sleep, time, discipline--but the bad habits in our paths make forming better ones even harder. Inspired by Life Hack's"10 habits of highly unfocused people," these personality... Read »
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