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    Fast Company - Jan 7
    Odds are that you will fail. According to a study by the University of Scranton, about 92% of us will fail at losing weight, saving money, getting organized, or anything else we resolve to do. But that won’t stop us.... Read »
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  • 7 Purges Every Entrepreneur Should Make This New Year
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    We all know that most New Year's resolutions are forfeited before the last of the confetti hits the floor, if not sooner. For this reason, I have long resisted the urge to make resolutions. With that said, I still use the... Read »
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    LinkedIn - Jan 2
    I never liked setting goals for the new year. I never understood why I was doing it. Sure, I could work out, and I could save more money. Maybe if I worked really hard at it, I could keep my closets organized. I felt that... Read »
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  • The Number One Reason People Miss Their Goals? Denial
    Forbes - Mar 26
    Some of the organizations that did not achieve their targets for 2013 started 2014 in holes. Many stayed focused on achieving the current year’s targets through the end of last year instead of factoring the potential... Read »
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  • To Reach Your Goals Make A Mental Movie
    HBR - Mar 5
    Warren Bennis, one of the most respected authorities on leadership in the world, said: “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” On the surface, this sounds perfunctory. But when we examine this more... Read »
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    Limits are a part of life. But as leaders, we must be in the business of challenging some limits. The challenge might be a question, it might be a change in the limit, or it might appear to be a blissful ignorance of the... Read »
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