• You Are Not Doomed To Lead Alone
    Forbes - Sep 8
    Many midsized company leaders feel doomed to leading and managing their business themselves. Read »
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    Fortune - Sep 4
    Infotech executives are starting to talk funny, and we all need to pay attention. “Designing emotion into the product is now something you really have to think about explicitly and measure yourself against,” says Brad... Read »
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  • Throw Out The Old Leadership Playbook
    CEO.com - Sep 2
    “I am on vacation. I cannot read your email. Your email is being deleted.” Would you be bold enough to write those words as your out of office message? What would you think if that message was company... Read »
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  • The 3 Pillars Of Employee Retention
    LinkedIn - Aug 20
    I’ve recently given a lot of thought as to why people stay at a job and I’ve realised that the main reasons are: Money, career progression and job satisfaction. The ideal job would have all three. A good job will have... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Why I Do All Of My Recruiting Through LinkedIn
    NYT - Aug 19
    Recruiting the right team member is always difficult. I start off knowing that I need someone to perform a task, and imagine what qualities that person might possess. How, in a sea of people, can I find my ideal... Read »
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  • From Baseball To The Boardroom: How A Wise CEO Picks...
    Forbes - Aug 18
    Ask any CEO what their biggest challenge is and they will tell you it’s finding the right talent. My advice to them? Take a page from baseball. When evaluating a prospect, the game’s scouts often give just as much... Read »
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  • 3 Reasons Introverts Make Excellent Employees
    American Express - Jul 25
    Think that extroverts have it all? Think again. The truth is, introverts are essential to every company culture and are highly desirable team members. Read »
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  • 5 Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing New Leaders
    LinkedIn - Jul 9
    The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. There is a wide disparity among what a wrong hire can cost a company because there are so many variables. The... Read »
    2 months ago
  • 5 Unexpected Ways To Avoid A Bad Hire
    CEO.com - Jul 3
    No matter what size your company is, few organizations can really afford a bad hire. These are the people who somehow sneak through your hiring process in a superstar candidate disguise, only to tank on the job. These... Read »
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  • The Cost Of Employee Turnover
    LinkedIn - Jul 2
    We've cultivated a system in which employees who are loyal to their companies are financially punished and those who jump ship every few years are financially rewarded. The cause? Well, one culprit is certainly antiquated HR... Read »
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  • Why You Need To Hire To Grow
    Inc - Jun 30
    Hiring is a chore, isn't it? You've got to post the job. You've got to make sure you get the word out about the position in an effective way so that you get the right type of people applying. You've got to take the time to... Read »
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  • Is Your Company Ready For A Looming Talent Drought?
    HBR - Jun 27
    Even if your firm has a healthy employee base and a strong balance sheet, chances are good that it’s about to face a significant shortage of qualified managers. I reached that conclusion in 2007, after working with Nitin... Read »
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    CEO.com - Jun 10
    We hire people all the time that appear to have the necessary skills, expertise and experience to be great contributors to our company or organization. Then somewhere down the line, they seem to be struggling – or perhaps... Read »
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  • 5 Reasons Why The Wrong People Are Hired
    LinkedIn - May 28
    There are a lot of great people who don’t get hired because they don’t fit some misguided stereotype of success. And it’s not because these people are different or odd. It’s that the traditional approaches for hiring... Read »
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  • The Peril Of Untrained Entry-Level Employees
    HBR - May 21
    Why would it be that so many employers fail to provide formal training? There are all kinds of reasons. Read »
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