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    CEO.com - Jul 13
    “You’re not the same person I interviewed!” “Who are you, and what did you do with him/her?” This is a painful situation for a CEO. You’ve had a gigantic gap in your executive team, and you find someone you... Read »
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  • The Best Way To Hire From Inside Your Company
    HBR - Jun 2
    Using data on more than 11,000 internal hires made between 2007 and 2012 in a Fortune 100 firm, we found that candidates hired through internal postings outperformed sponsored internal hires on nearly every conceivable... Read »
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    Making a wrong hire at the senior management layer can cost the organization between $240,000-$840,000, as cited by various studies. Even at the low end of that range, that is an unnecessary and undesirable... Read »
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    Switch and Shift - Apr 27
    There is a generalized, low-level anxiety in the business world about attracting the top talent. It makes sense, of course: who wouldn’t want the best talent? And if they are the best, then obviously not everyone can have... Read »
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