• How To Make Millennials Want To Work For You
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  • How To Hire Efficiently And Find The Right People
    Entrepreneur - Oct 13
    One of the hardest tasks that businesses face is hiring the right people, says Jordan Zimmerman, founder and chairman of Zimmerman Advertising. Hiring and training is a huge expense. If you don't do it right, you risk... Read »
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  • Talent Matters Even More Than People Think
    HBR - Oct 10
    Why are some people more successful than others? Leaving aside luck, which equates to confessing that we don’t really know, there are really just two explanations: talent and effort. Talent concerns the abilities, skills,... Read »
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  • Talent Hoarding Is Hurting Your Business, But You Can...
    Switch & Shift - Oct 3
    Employees who want to advance are the ones who contribute the most to company growth. However, when employers fail to help their employees learn and develop professionally, they stagnate and suffer from the horrible side... Read »
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  • Why People Quit Their Jobs
    HBR - Sep 22
    Imagine that you’re looking at your company-issued smartphone and you notice an e-mail from LinkedIn: “These companies are looking for candidates like you!” You aren’t necessarily searching for a job, but you’re... Read »
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  • Five Ways To Determine Which Applicants Will Be Loyal...
    Entrepreneur - Aug 22
    Job hopping is now expected among professionals. In fact, LinkedIn’s March survey of more than 26,000 members found that job seekers don’t expect to stay with their employer for more than three years. But while company... Read »
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  • The Right Way To Check Someone’s References
    HBR - Aug 2
    You think you’ve found the right candidate to fill your open position and now it’s time to check references. What’s the best way to get the information you need? Should you ask each person the same questions? What do... Read »
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  • Picking The Right Team
    CEO.com - Jun 21
    A company is only as good as its people. We’ve heard this saying time and time again, but the meaning resonates more strongly today, with the number of new companies increasing and the employee tenure at each job... Read »
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    Sales jobs are notoriously difficult to fill, and it’s not just industry hype -- sales representatives were among the top five hardest jobs to fill in the ManPowerGroup’s 2015 Talent Shortage survey. To successfully... Read »
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  • What To Do When A Key Hire Quits
    Forbes - May 3
    A great member of your team just came to you with an unexpected resignation. I’m sure you’re somewhere between being upset that you’re being deserted and worried about what you are going to do to handle that person’s... Read »
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    There are many benefits to hiring freelancers. Scalability, cost reduction and economies of scale are compelling reasons for outsourcing tasks. Despite all the advantages, if you don't ask the right questions, you may start... Read »
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  • Ten Good Reasons Not To Interview Someone
    Forbes - Apr 22
    Job-hunting is no picnic but when you get a job interview, it’s a big occasion. That’s because the hardest part of a job search is to get the interview. Once you go to a job interview, there might be six or seven people... Read »
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  • How To Stop Micromanaging Your Team
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    Holding employees accountable to their assigned tasks without micromanaging is a classic workplace dilemma that can be difficult to navigate. The leaders of some of the best workplaces have turned the challenge on its... Read »
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