10 Leadership Lessons From Manchester United’s Firing Of David Moyes

Forbes - April 22, 2014

Sir Alex Ferguson had been manager of Manchester United for 27 years and David Gill had racked up a decade as chief executive when the duo stepped down last summer. For manager and chief executive at a football club, read... Read »

To Create Change, Leadership Is More Important Than Authority

HBR - April 21, 2014

Aspiring junior executives dream of climbing the ladder to gain more authority. Then they can make things happen and create the change that they believe in. Senior executives, on the other hand, are often frustrated by how... Read »

4 Tips For Showcasing Your Leadership Skills In A Meeting

Forbes - April 21, 2014

If you view meetings as a necessary evil to suffer through, you might be missing out on the ideal setting to showcase your leadership skills. As Luann Pendy, vice president of global quality at Medtronic explains,... Read »

A Simple Tool To Make Any Employee Perform Better

CEO.com - April 21, 2014

You've been there. You've stared at a blank document as you struggled to come up with incredible words of wisdom that will inspire and motivate your employees. So has Scott Moorehead, CEO of The Cellular Connection, the... Read »

Is Your Business Persona Working For You?

Fortune - April 17, 2014

To succeed in business you must assume a working personality that supplants your own, at least in part, while you grow on the job. Those who do not have a functional business persona distinct from their "true" personality... Read »

What I Learned In My First Year As A Female Startup CEO

Huffington Post - April 16, 2014

If a reporter asks me why it sucks to be a female CEO, I can come up with hundreds of reasons. On the other hand, if I am asked to argue why it's awesome to be a female CEO, I can also do that pretty well. So here is my take... Read »

Is Pope Francis The Greatest Turnaround CEO?

The Economist - April 16, 2014

Business schools regularly teach their students about great “turnaround CEOs” who breathe new life into dying organisations: figures such as IBM’s Lou Gerstner, Fiat’s Sergio Marchionne and Apple’s Steve Jobs. Now... Read »

4 Leadership Lessons From Captain America

CEO.com - April 16, 2014

Amid another blockbuster movie and an illustrious career serving this country, Captain America has much to teach about how harnessing our passion will make us more effective leaders. With its record-breaking $92 million... Read »

Helping Employees Survive A Merger

Inc - April 16, 2014

Here are my strategies for getting my employees as excited as I am during this integration phase. Read »

Clumsy Feedback Is A Poorly Wrapped Gift

HBR - April 16, 2014

Effective leaders open these gifts, regardless of the wrapping, to learn what they are doing that’s negatively affecting others on their team. Read »

GE CEO May Leave Before His 20-Year Tenure Is Up

Reuters - April 15, 2014

General Electric Co's Chief Executive Jeff Immelt may step down sooner than his expected 20-year tenure, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the company's thinking. Immelt, who has been at the helm... Read »

8 Promises Every Leader Should Make Every Day

CEO.com - April 15, 2014

You can be an analytical, data-driven, steely-eyed CEO all you like, but business is ultimately about people. That means business is also about emotions: both yours and those of the people you interact with every... Read »

The Indispensable Power Of A Story

HBR - April 15, 2014

Some people have a way of making the complex clear. They know who they are, why they do what they do, and where they want to go. Because they have internalized all this, they are able to sharply crystallize ideas and... Read »

Diversity Is Not Just A Buzzword

CEO.com - April 14, 2014

Diversity has become the third rail of business. No one knows this better than Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, who received a firestorm of criticism recently for his ill-considered response to the accusation that his company... Read »

Is Your Managerial Ego Too Big?

Entrepreneur - April 14, 2014

It's a phenomenon known in the management trade as "empire building": an urge to create fiefdoms with pumped-up staffs and budgets that match the inflated ego of the perpetrator--and it can sabotage your team, bottom line... Read »