• 5 Of The Biggest Social Media Moments Of 2014
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    Today, effective organizations depend almost exclusively on one powerful but volatile source for their success: their talent. Talented leaders represent the company to its clients; determine the quality of its products... Read »
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  • Loyalty To A Leader Is Overrated, Even Dangerous
    HBR - Dec 18
    The other night I watched Raymond Reddington, fictional star of the TV series The Blacklist, pull off another impossible plotline without breaking a sweat, explaining calmly to one of his minions that the key to winning is... Read »
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  • Why Successful CEOs Must Think Like The Janitor
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    What does it take to be a successful CEO? I’ve been asked this question a lot throughout my career, mostly by up-and-coming executives. The answer I most often give can always be counted on to elicit a passionate response.... Read »
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  • The Most Important Thing To Know About Leadership
    Inc - Dec 18
    Leadership is not a title, it is a conscious choice. For those of us who are founders and entrepreneurs that choice comes in the form of leading a business, for others it comes in leading the charge for a just cause, for... Read »
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    Let’s make a collective mea culpa: We all have short attention spans. The internet is saturated with good information but we don’t always take the time to read through lengthy reports or articles. That’s why... Read »
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  • Intelligence Is Important, But Integrity Matters More
    Lolly Daskal - Dec 16
    When you think of leadership, you want a wise leader who is quick on their feet and sharp in their vision and intelligent in their decisions. But there is something that triumphs intelligence when it comes to leadership.... Read »
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  • 7 Powerful Qualities Of Humble Leaders
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    The tipping point of leadership is moving from delivering results yourself to helping others deliver results. At the beginning, you earn the right to lead by delivering your results. But, all leaders face the painful... Read »
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  • 8 Inspiring Habits Of Truly Remarkable Bosses
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    Conventional wisdom--and a bunch of research--says people don't quit their companies; they quit their bosses. Of course that means the opposite must also be true: people who love their bosses should stay at that company... Read »
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  • The World’s Most 50 Influential Leadership Experts
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    Ultimately, people are a product of their influences. Even truly groundbreaking business thinkers use the ideas, the perspectives, and the advice of others as the basis for their own thoughts and actions. So, who are... Read »
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  • Real Leaders Know When To Stop Talking
    Fox Business - Dec 15
    Leaders are people of consequence. They set goals, make decisions, take action and get results. Goals-decisions-actions-results. That’s what leaders do. That’s the chain of events that drive people, grow companies and... Read »
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  • When Not To Celebrate Failure
    CEO.com - Dec 15
    Most of us would accept that failure is just an inevitable part of success. For instance, when you learn how to ski, you have to fall a number of times before you’re able to make it down the mountain skillfully. There are... Read »
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