• 5 Undeniable Reasons Every CEO Needs an Exit Strategy...
    CEO.com - Aug 19
    Whether you’re looking to flip your company quickly and walk away with a bundle of cash or hoping to see your “baby” grow over time, there’s one thing you need in your entrepreneurial tool belt: a quality exit... Read »
    1 week ago
  • The 4 Types Of Decisions, And How To Approach Each One
    Entrepreneur - Aug 12
    Making good decisions is critical to business success. The first step in good decision-making is to understand that not all decisions are created equal. We like to differentiate decisions along two dimensions: importance... Read »
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  • An Acute Need For Leadership On The Supply Chain
    Forbes - Aug 12
    In 2015, the spotlight for any publicly listed business has been firmly on the supply chain, and the risks associated around it. “Procurement” has been steadily claiming a voice in the boardroom. It is now recognized... Read »
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  • Humility: The Missing Ingredient To Your Success
    Entrepreneur - Aug 12
    Over the last 20 years, a new breed of celebrity-status entrepreneurs has come to the fore. Names like Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, Gary Vaynerchuk and especially Steve Jobs have all built a reputation for their brash... Read »
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  • 5 Painful Mistakes You Should Never Make When...
    Inc - Aug 12
    Yesterday I attended a webinar on "Professional Presentation Skills" sponsored by a well-known Eastern university and featuring an "expert in effective presentations". I hoped I would learn something, but in fact the... Read »
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  • Abandon False Hope
    CEO.com - Aug 12
    Bonaparte said “a leader is a dealer in hope." And to a large degree, that’s true. Having a motivated team engage a tricky problem is far easier and more productive to lead than trying to corral a dejected and... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • Understanding What Leaders Do
    Great Leaders Serve - Aug 7
    How many times are you tempted to answer a question with a question? This is actually a good leadership practice. The more we help others think, the better for everyone involved. I want to answer today’s question, “How... Read »
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  • Billy Joel’s Management Lessons For CEOs
    CEO.com - Aug 7
    There was a recent article in the New Yorker about “Piano Man” rock star Billy Joel that was not only very entertaining to read, but also had some surprising lessons for CEOs. Although Billy Joel isn’t releasing new... Read »
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  • How To Manage People Who Are Smarter Than You
    HBR - Aug 6
    The best managers hire smart people to work for them. But what if your direct reports are smarter than you? How do you manage people who have more experience or more knowledge? How do you coach them if you don’t have the... Read »
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  • 5 Famous Business Leaders On The Power of Mentorship
    Entrepreneur - Aug 6
    When questioned about their career trajectories, you'll find that most successful entrepreneurs credit a mentor or mentors. No one learns in a vacuum, and it's the men and women who are able to sponge up the wisdom of others... Read »
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  • How CEOs Can Use Technology To Satisfy Every...
    CEO.com - Aug 6
    The millennial generation will make up the majority of the American workforce this year, and you’ve probably noticed a dramatic evolution of your workflow structure and workplace atmosphere as a result. Rather than... Read »
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  • The Two Essential Entrepreneurial Types
    HBR - Aug 5
    In my research on innovators, I like to draw the distinction between “path finders” and “path creators.” Rarely does the metaphor seem so apt as in the case of Federico Bastiani. He is the originator of the “social... Read »
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  • Emotional Connection Is The Heart Of Leadership,...
    Forbes - Aug 5
    Ten years ago Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd, the exclusive Domino’s Pizza franchisee in India, was failing. Not only was the company bleeding red ink and struggling to service its debt, it had also generated significant... Read »
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  • Faux-Gold Medal Leadership
    Forbes - Aug 5
    Last week the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chose Beijing as the host for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Yes, the same Beijing that hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics. The same host that detained potential protesters and... Read »
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  • 7 Things Great Leaders Say Everyday
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    When you think about successful leaders what characteristics or qualities come to mind? Their grand ability to inspire, communicate with their fellow employees and earn their respect and trust is an innate and profound... Read »
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