Human Resources

Why ‘Top’ Candidates Could Ruin Your Company - February 18, 2014

McKinsey popularized the notion of a ‘war for talent’ a couple of decades ago. It seemed sensible, so companies adopted it en masse. Advances in technology and communication coupled with global competition mean that... Read »

To Optimize Talent Management, Question Everything

HBR - December 27, 2013

Should you hire as if your workforce will stay a month, a year, or their entire career? The answer makes a big difference in the qualifications you set, how well candidates must “fit” with the job, the team or the... Read »

We Can Now Automate Hiring. Is that Good?

HBR - December 12, 2013

One of the things that is different since the recession is the approach that most companies are taking to hiring—where virtually everything about the process is automated or outsourced. Read »

5 Reasons Your Job Offer Is Taking Forever - November 27, 2013

C-suite executives are used to getting what they want.  Thus, it’s not unusual for them to get frustrated when interviewing and negotiating for a role in a new firm. That’s often when my phone rings. Although I’m... Read »

Your Business Strategy Needs A Talent Strategy - November 26, 2013

“So what happens if I create strategy and ‘ignore’ the talent side since we have never paired the two together?” As a senior faculty member for the Human Capital Institute, I was leading a two-day strategic... Read »

How To Hire In The Social Era

Switch & Shift - November 22, 2013

You see it time and again — the community manager who accidentally tweeted from his personal account at the expense of the business... Read »

Really, Though, It’s Time For A Social Media Policy - November 18, 2013

As social media continues to grow, develop and weave itself into the very marrow of society, many business leaders (clear up to the CEO) continue to either shun the potential threats of an unmanaged workplace, concerning... Read »

Making A Case For Sleep

HBR - November 12, 2013

The two largest time commitments for most adults on this planet — sleep and work — too often make uneasy bedfellows. Read »

8 Signs You’re About To Hire The Wrong Person

Open Forum - October 31, 2013

Employees who don't work out leave a trail of lost productivity and steep turnover costs. Watch for these 8 signs to make sure your next hire is a good fit for your company. Read »

10 Tips For Hiring Great Employees

Great Leadership - October 28, 2013

I’ve more recently hired some great employees. I’m sure there was some dumb luck involved, but I’ve also picked up a few best practices over the years that may work for you as well. Read »

How CEOs Can Transform HR Into A Revenue Driver

LinkedIn - October 24, 2013

Most CEOs realize they need to make some dramatic changes in how they recruit people, align and manage performance, make compensation decisions, and optimize talent. Read »

Never Hire A People Pleaser

Inc - October 8, 2013

They make you feel like you're the bad guy when you expect them to do their own jobs. Read »

Why Your HR Exec Should Be Your Most Trusted Advisor - October 1, 2013

As captain of the organization, your role is to make bets on strategy as well as bigger bets on people to carry out that strategy. This is the understood dynamic, but the problem is with the reality of the people/strategy... Read »

5 Hiring Habits To Find The Best People - September 25, 2013

Hiring the best people is one of the most important ways to grow your company and ensure it stays on track. Great talent can help you innovate in new directions, exceed your goals and even beat your competition. Top... Read »

Richard Branson On Hiring: Focus On Personality

LinkedIn - September 24, 2013

There is nothing more important for a business than hiring the right team. If you get the perfect mix of people working for your company, you have a far greater chance of success. Read »