• The One Question Every Boss Should Ask
    LinkedIn - Dec 4
    If there's one question that every leader must ask, it’s: Am I alone here? There’s something about being a boss that incontrovertibly lends itself to isolation; it’s as if every natural force is working to... Read »
    4 months ago
  • The President Has Become Too Powerful: Jack Welch
    CNBC - Oct 11
    The president has become too powerful relative to Congress, former General Electric boss Jack Welch told CNBC. Read »
    1 year ago
  • Jack Welch: Sam Palmisano Would Be Great For Microsoft
    Bloomberg - Oct 3
    Jack Welch, the former GE CEO, on who should be the next CEO at Microsoft. Read »
    1 year ago
  • Jack Welch On Leading Now And In The Future
    LinkedIn - Jul 26
    Anyone can manage for the short term, and anyone can manage for the long term. The mark of a leader is someone who has the rigor, vision, and courage to do both simultaneously. Read »
    1 year ago
  • Jack Welch: How To Think Like A Leader
    LinkedIn - Jul 8
    Too often, people who are promoted to their first leadership position miss the point. And that failure probably trips up careers more than any other reason. Read »
    1 year ago
  • 21 Bestselling Books Written By CEOs
    CEO.com - Jun 28
    The best business leaders we know tend to do a lot of reading. And the best books for executives to read are written by those who have trodden that same difficult path of leadership. We went ahead and compiled a list of 21... Read »
    1 year ago
  • Jack Welch’s Wife Hints At Government Conspiracy
    Huffington Post - Mar 29
    Those Chicago guys are at it again. This time, their target is JPMorgan Chase. But don't worry, Suzy Welch is on the case. Read »
    2 years ago
  • Jack Welch: The 6 Deadly Sins Of Leadership
    Linkedin - Mar 27
    Being a leader is perhaps the hardest challenge any of us will ever face. No matter how long we work at it, practicing the right behaviors is a never-ending task. Read »
    2 years ago
  • Jack Welch: Obama’s ‘Regulation...
    CNBC - Mar 11
    Jack Welch, the former General Electric CEO who just a few months ago accused the Obama administration of manipulating the jobs report, lashed out at President Obama in an interview with CNBC. Read »
    2 years ago
  • Jack Welch Talks Management Buyouts
    CNBC - Feb 14
    Jack Welch, former GE chairman & CEO, offers insight on management buyouts and managing crises. Read »
    2 years ago
  • 11 Timeless Quotes By Famous CEOs
    CEO.com - Jan 30
    The world of business may constantly evolve, but true principles never change. If you're aiming to pull ahead in 2013, here are a few quips from big-time CEOs about how to become—and stay—successful. For more... Read »
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  • The Unretirement Of Jack Welch
    Businessweek - Nov 21
    Welch calls himself retired, but retirement Jack Welch-style is very different than retirement for most business moguls. Read »
    2 years ago
  • CEO Sex Scandal Hall Of Fame
    Huffington Post - Nov 12
    Now that former CIA director David Petraeus and Lockheed Martin's incoming CEO resigned on Friday because of extramarital affairs, we thought this would be a good time to reflect on some of the most famous extramarital... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Buffett Finally Explains That Bizarre Shoe Question
    Fortune - Nov 7
    Warren Buffett and Jack Welch had a bizarre exchange on CNBC Monday morning in which the Oracle of Omaha praised Welch's prowess as a salesman of purple shoes. The mystery is now solved, sort of. Read »
    2 years ago
  • Jack Welch Still Calls Jobs Data ‘Wacky’
    Bloomberg - Nov 6
    “Every fact says we don’t have a booming economy,” Welch said today in an interview on CNBC. “Something’s wacky here. I didn’t think it was right.” Read »
    2 years ago