Jeremy Lin

What CEOs Can Learn From Jeremy Lin

Forbes - February 27, 2012

Identify the superstar on your bench and play team ball. Read »

Jack & Suzy Welch: Lessons From The Lin-sanity

Reuters - February 24, 2012

Business gurus and Reuters columnists Jack & Suzy Welch say corporate executives should take a cue from Knicks' star Jeremy Lin and give their young, creative employees a chance to shine. Read »

Nike To Cash In On Lin…

USA Today - February 24, 2012

Nike's short-term investment in Jeremy Lin is poised to pay some long-term dividends for the athletic giant. Read »

21 Quotes… Steve Jobs… Jeremy Lin

Forbes - February 23, 2012

There is no substitute for persistence, ambition, and hard work. Jeremy Lin and Steve Jobs epitomize this ideology, which is why they both reached the top of their profession. Read »

Jeremy Lin Vs. Mark Zuckerberg…

HPR - February 23, 2012

Given that the vast majority of Harvard students aspire to enter traditional fields after graduation, it’s ironic that our most famous young graduates are Jeremy Lin and Mark Zuckerberg. Read »

What Small Biz Can Learn From Jeremy Lin

Open Forum - February 22, 2012

What can we learn from the global Lin-sanity? Read »

Mark Zuckerberg Joins The Lin-Sanity

Business Insider - February 21, 2012

Even Zuckerberg is jumping on the Jeremy Lin Bandwagon ... Read »

Adidas CEO: Jeremy Lin Jerseys Ready For China

Bloomberg - February 20, 2012

Adidas AG (ADS), the exclusive maker of National Basketball Association uniforms, will have jerseys modeled on those worn by New York Knick guard Jeremy Lin ready for sale in China in “the next couple of days.” Read »