John McAfee

John McAfee Is ‘Either A Lunatic Or Crazy Like A Fox’

Business Insider - January 17, 2013

Reporter Keith Morrison tracked McAfee from Belize to Guatemala to interview him and numerous other people involved in the case. Business Insider talked to Morrison about McAfee and Sam Venegas, a woman who accompanied... Read »

Warner Bros. Now Making Movie About John McAfee

Hollywood Reporter - January 14, 2013

The studio has picked up the rights to the Wired story "John McAfee's Last Stand." John Requa and Glen Ficarra will write and direct an adaptation. Read »

Ex-CEO ‘Embarrassed’ By McAfee Founder

Business Insider - January 10, 2013

Like everyone else in the world, Dave DeWalt was closely following the weird story of software pioneer John McAfee as it unfolded last month. But for DeWalt, the sordid tale hit close to home—because he used to run the... Read »

McAfee Hired Women To Sleep With, Spy On Government

Business Insider - January 7, 2013

Now that security software pioneer John McAfee is out of the grasps of the Belize government, he's come out and said that he was the ultimate spymaster. Read »

John McAfee: ‘I Will Not Be Charged With This’

CNBC - December 14, 2012

"I had nothing to do with the murder of Gregory Faull," said John McAfee, McAfee founder, talking with CNBC's Robert Frank about why he went on the run when police in Belize wanted to question him in connection with the... Read »

John McAfee Sells Life Rights To TV Producer

Hollywood Reporter - December 11, 2012

U.S. anti-virus pioneer John McAfee, recently arrested by Guatemalan police and facing deportation to Belize as part of a murder investigation, has apparently entrusted his life story to Montreal-based TV producer Impact... Read »

John McAfee Is Back In His Cell

Fast Company - December 7, 2012

John McAfee seems to be in the clear--health-wise, at least--and is back at his cell in the Guatemalan detention center. Read »

John McAfee Rushed To Hospital In Guatemala

Bllomberg - December 7, 2012

Jon Erlichman reports on John McAfee who was rushed to a hospital in Guatemala. Read »

John McAfee Just Had A Couple Of Heart Attacks…

USA Today - December 6, 2012

A day after he was denied asylum in Guatemala and detained for entering the country illegally, fugitive software mogul John McAfee was taken to a police hospital Thursday afternoon. Read »

John McAfee Just Got Caught!

Atlantic Wire - December 6, 2012

With the help of Interpol agents, Guatemalan police detained McAfee in one of Guatemala City's nicer neighborhoods, where he's been kept under guard. Read »

McAfee Founder Accused Of Murder Is On The Run

CNN - December 4, 2012

McAfee's near daily "catch me if you can" game is wearing thin with investigators, who are baffled and angered by the allegations. Read »