• How To Know If Someone Is Ready To Be A Manager
    HBR - Jun 3
    When you’re hiring a new manager, the stakes are high. You need someone who can effectively lead people, manage a budget, liaise with upper management — and, usually, do it all from day one. But what if a potential hire... Read »
    3 weeks ago
  • Happy Workplaces Can Also Be Candid Workplaces
    HBR - Jun 1
    Clearly, employees in unfair working conditions need to be able to dissent, and criticism and disagreement are part of any office. However, some companies have taken this idea to extreme levels. The Wall Street Journal... Read »
    3 weeks ago
  • Managing Mental Health In The Workplace
    Switch & Shift - May 19
    You might be aware that this week, May 16th – 22nd, is Mental Health Awareness Week, an opportunity for us to put the spotlight on an issue that, some people still don’t like talking about. With a quarter of the... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Millennials Expect Your Company To Possess A Strong...
    Switch & Shift - May 5
    Thanks to the incredible work of thought leaders like Kare Anderson, Mark Babbitt, Shawn Murphy, Adam Grant, Ayelet Baron, Tim McDonald, and so many others, there is much greater understanding and increasing willingness... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Is Your Star Performer Ready For Management?
    Entrepreneur - Apr 29
    More often than not, I have seen small business owners promote one of their young stars from a job as an individual contributor to a managerial position -- with less than stellar results. You may have had a similar... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Management Tip: Relationships Matter (Why...
    Forbes - Apr 12
    I always remember a conversation I had a number of years ago with an HR executive. It was about an observation of hers. The company we both worked for was having some management problems at the time. The usual sorts of... Read »
    2 months ago
  • A Manager’s Guide To Working With Difficult...
    Switch & Shift - Apr 11
    Working with difficult personalities is a challenge for all of us, but when you’re the manager it requires a different set of skill sets and know how. Unlike coworkers who can simply ignore a difficult person at work, a... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Why Managers Are Not Doing As Well As They Think They...
    Forbes - Apr 7
    These are tough days for managers. Not only are they constantly on call thanks to the wonders of information technology, but they are caught in the middle of the demographic and attitudinal changes that are characterizing... Read »
    2 months ago
  • What Do Millennials Really Want At Work
    HBR - Apr 7
    Saturday Night Live recently featured a sketch poking fun at Millennials. It opens with a young woman frantically texting on her iPhone, approaching her boss and asking for a promotion. The boss asks how long she’s been... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Great Innovators Create The Future, Manage The...
    HBR - Apr 1
    For a long time, I have been troubled to see how often organizations fail to invest wisely in their futures while instead placing dominant emphasis on the present. To be sure, the present is vitally important. Your current... Read »
    2 months ago
  • The Difference Between Management And Leadership
    Switch & Shift - Apr 1
    It’s one thing to be a manager but it’s a completely different thing to be a leader. The main difference is leaders have people follow them and managers have people work for them. To be successful in business... Read »
    2 months ago
  • What Your Leadership Expert Won’t Tell You
    Huff Po - Apr 1
    I’m about to commit heresy. If you’re a frontline leader or middle level manager, I want to address what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of your workplace leadership - and yet, most... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Five Expectations Millennials Have Of Their Employers
    CEO.com - Mar 8
    Young professionals, roughly from 18 to 27 years old, join the workforce with an entirely different mindset, perspective, and long-term plan than Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers. Millennials who are dedicated to their passions,... Read »
    3 months ago
  • These Three Management Styles Belong In The Past
    Forbes - Feb 3
    This powerful question, taken from Benjamin Zander’s book, The Art of Possibility, has been stuck in my mind for a while. Traditional management thinking is based around three fundamental assumptions. First, that... Read »
    4 months ago
  • Why We Need To Stop Managing People Like Widgets
    Forbes - Feb 1
    When I first came to the United States from Britain, what was notable to me was the amazing conformity exhibited by employees. This manifested in terms of the way many spoke, what clothes they wore, and what hobbies they... Read »
    4 months ago