• You Can’t Engage Employees By Copying How Other...
    HBR - Nov 18
    Employee trust in management and commitment to the company have been in decline for decades. Yet we know that trust and commitment are essential for high individual and corporate performance. Only a minority of companies... Read »
    6 days ago
  • How The Role Of The Employee Is Changing And What It...
    Forbes - Nov 9
    My guest today on The Future of Work Podcast is the Chief Human Resource Officer of AARP, John Sigmon, and we talk about what it means to be an employee in the future of work. We discuss the very definition of what being an... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • How Leaders Can See The Future More Clearly
    HBR - Oct 2
    Management is a lens. It’s the best way yet invented to focus the organization’s capital, human, and time resources toward the goals of the business. Many have observed that companies can have admirable goals; but, if... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Can A Wonderful Person Be A Terrible Boss?
    Forbes - Sep 30
    You have pointed out numerous tasks and challenges that you feel are uncomfortable for Shirley — but what about you? There are great opportunities in your present challenge to look at what’s hard or scary for you, as... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Why Profit Is Less About Good Management Than You...
    HBR - Sep 28
    Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, seldom met the managers of the companies he invested in because he felt they would tell him only what they wished him to hear and because he didn’t want to be influenced by... Read »
    1 month ago
  • The 5 Conversations That Build Successful Businesses
    CEO.com - Sep 18
    We all have conversations at work: we go to meetings to discuss new projects, we talk to clients over the phone, we respond to emails first thing in the morning, we discuss in break rooms and over lunch. And between all of... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Manage Stress By Knowing What You Value
    HBR - Sep 9
    Much has been written about “stress management” techniques that are primarily behavioral in nature — such as getting adequate sleep, regular exercise, and mental downtime; taking vacation; doing controlled breathing;... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Employees Can’t Be Summed Up By A Personality...
    CEO.com - Sep 2
    When we were in college, Eleanor, then my girlfriend (now my wife), wanted me to take a Myers-Briggs type test, a personality assessment that would categorize me into one of 16 boxes, each box containing four letters that... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Being Picky About Customers Early On Can Bolster...
    NYT - Sep 2
    Jim Adkinson, an accountant in Orlando, Fla., has a litmus test for when it’s time to part ways with a client: If he sees the caller I.D. and can’t bear to pick up the phone. Another tipping point: If a customer... Read »
    2 months ago
  • 4 Reasons You Should Help Employees Leave Your...
    CEO.com - Sep 2
    “Do you have a moment? Can we talk?” Business leaders immediately feel a sense of dread when they hear these questions. They fear that another person is giving notice, and they assume the departure will lead to... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Distinguishing Qualities That Define True Leaders:...
    CEO.com - Aug 31
    Abraham Lincoln reviewed his troops at least 62 times during the Civil War, and they admired him for it. In “366 Days in Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency,” Stephen A. Wynalda chronicled the troops’ reactions. “Lincoln... Read »
    2 months ago
  • How To Thwart A Business Crisis
    Inc - Aug 6
    About 3,000 firefighters are bravely battling the raging wildfires in California. Many of them have worked 24-hour shifts to contain the blaze, which has spread over more than 101 square miles, according to the Associated... Read »
    3 months ago
  • Management Tip: Expect Excellence
    Forbes - Jul 17
    Over my years in management, one of the most powerful things I learned about driving strong performance was one of the simplest: Expect excellence. If as a leader all of your actions and behavior consistently convey that... Read »
    4 months ago
  • 5 Ways Running A Business Is Like Running A Household
    CEO.com - Jul 7
    Whether you are on the household side looking at stepping into business, or on the business side beginning to focus on family and home, there are great lessons in running a household that can parlay into running a successful... Read »
    4 months ago
  • 4 Things That Companies With Effective Training Share
    Entrepreneur - Jun 30
    Ninety percent of sales managers suggest that a lack of fresh and relevant training material is what keeps their teams from staying engaged, according to Salesforce. Eighty percent of sales managers claim they do not have... Read »
    4 months ago