• A Facebook Bug Is Telling People That They Are Dead
    Business Insider - Nov 14
    A Facebook bug is displaying people as having died on their profile page. Multiple Business Insider employees reported seeing the message at the top of their Facebook profiles on Friday, and the bug appears to also be... Read »
    2 weeks ago
  • Mark Zuckerberg On Peter Thiel And Donald Trump:...
    Business Insider - Oct 20
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg clearly doesn't intend to distance his company from board member and Donald Trump supporter Peter Thiel. In an internal memo recently distributed to Facebook employees, Zuckerberg answered... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Mark Zuckerberg Wants Facebook In China, And...
    Business Insider - Oct 19
    For U.S. Internet businesses, China is the land of moral defeat. Many people hoped that Western technology companies would loosen China’s control over information. Instead, those companies have willingly participated in... Read »
    1 month ago
  • Tim Cook Vs. Mark Zuckerberg– Here’s Your...
    CNET - Oct 10
    Who would win in a fight between Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Valve co-founder Gabe Newell? We might never know who has the better left hook, but industry watcher CB Insights is pitting Bezos, Newell and a whole mess of... Read »
    1 month ago
  • A Facebook Chief Talks About Why Zuckerberg’s...
    Business Insider - Sep 30
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent the entire workforce an email in 2010 with the subject line "Will you resign?"after an employee leaked some ultra-sensitive company information. Zuckerberg urged the leaker to quit,... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Mark Zuckerberg Just Unloaded $95 Million Worth Of...
    Business Insider - Aug 22
    Mark Zuckerberg just unloaded about $95 million worth of stock, according to a new US Securities and Exchange Commission filing. But the Facebook CEO isn't prepping for a lavish vacation. All the proceeds from his sale... Read »
    3 months ago
  • Mark Zuckerberg: CEOs Need To Take Risks, But...
    Business Insider - Aug 17
    A good CEO should take risks, but shouldn't have to do "big, crazy things" too often, according to Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO offered this management advice in two parts in an interview with Y Combinator president... Read »
    3 months ago
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Gains $3.4 Billion In An...
    Forbes - Jul 29
    Facebook FB +1.90% CEO Mark Zuckerberg added $3.4 billion to his fortune in just over an hour on Wednesday in after-hours trading, as the market cheered the social media company’s impressive second-quarter... Read »
    4 months ago
  • Mark Zuckerberg Taught His Digital Butler A...
    Business Insider - Jul 22
    Mark Zuckerberg, like many other people, enjoys eating toast for breakfast. Unlike many other people, Zuckerberg has his toast prepared by a digital butler that he's rigged to control his home. Read »
    4 months ago
  • Facebook CEO’s Hawaii Neighbors Grumble About...
    ABC - Jun 29
    Some of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's neighbors are grumbling about a rock wall he's having built on his property on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Retiree Moku Crain said Tuesday the wall looks... Read »
    5 months ago
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Puts Tape Over His...
    Business Insider - Jun 23
    This is a picture of Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire founder and CEO of Facebook. He posted the photo on Tuesday to celebrate Instagram growing to 500 million users. It's a fun picture, and Zuckerberg looks like he's... Read »
    5 months ago
  • 23 Books Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Everyone Should Read
    Business Insider - Jun 2
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a single mission: to connect people around the world. It's one reason why he decided to launch a Facebook-based book club last year, with a reading list that focused on "different... Read »
    6 months ago
  • Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Wants To Tear Down...
    Fox News - May 24
    Four houses adjacent to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg’s home in Palo Alto, Calif. could be demolished and replaced with smaller ones, the San Jose Mercury News reports, citing a planning application filed last... Read »
    6 months ago
  • Mark Zuckerberg Met With Conservatives Over...
    Business Insider - May 20
    Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday held a wide-ranging discussion with a group of conservative commentators who said afterward the Facebook CEO acknowledged the giant social network has a problem reaching conservatives. The... Read »
    6 months ago
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg To Hold Meeting With...
    ABC - May 18
    A select group of conservatives will meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this afternoon at the social media's headquarters in California in an effort to calm the waters after allegations surfaced last week claiming that... Read »
    6 months ago