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    When CEO paychecks are determined by performance, it sounds like a fair method of compensation. That way, head honchos at major companies aren’t raking in millions unless they’re doing a good job … right? While this... Read »
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  • The Secret Behind Productivity And Performance
    Business Insider - Apr 30
    The presence of other people makes a dramatic positive difference in output. It's really this simple: If you want to increase your performance and results in a given area, find some people to join you — or just have them... Read »
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  • Why Your Company Must Be Mission-Driven
    GALLUP - Mar 6
    At the heart of any company is its mission. A business' mission defines what it stands for -- its purpose and the reason for its existence. Mission declares the difference a company seeks to make in the world. A strong... Read »
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    Inc - Jan 30
    Every company wants to tap the full potential of each employee. Often the best way to do this is not to focus on them as individuals, but as members of teams that tackle critical projects as effectively as possible. Read »
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  • Motivating People To Perform At Their Peak
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    Almost all decisions, big and small, are choices between exploring new possibilities and exploiting old ones. When you explore, you select an option that’s unknown—or reexamine one that wasn’t optimal in the past to... Read »
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    Feedback is not a popularity contest. It should be an objective assessment of how a person is performing. So when a person’s not moving, it’s okay to honk. Read »
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