• The Secrets To Killer Presentations
    BBC - Feb 24
    People struggle their entire lives to make a name for themselves. Taylor Mali managed it with a single speech given at a Chicago poetry slam contest in 2000. In his talk, Mali, a New York City middle school teacher at... Read »
    2 days ago
  • How Steve Jobs Fouled Up Presentations For The Rest...
    Forbes - Nov 24
    Until his passing three years ago Steve Jobs was widely recognized as the standard bearer for effective presentation method and technique. And he was tremendous. But here’s the trouble with Steve Jobs the presenter: he was... Read »
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    CEO.com - Nov 4
    Some people like to learn from mistakes. Others prefer to learn by finding out what to do instead of what not to do. Here’s some great advice from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, serial entrepreneur and founder of... Read »
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  • 8 Body-Language Tips To Boost Your Success At Work
    Business Insider - Oct 22
    Whether we think about it or not, we're all students of body language. Too bad we're not students of our own body language. Here are some tips to help ensure your body language works for and not against you: Read »
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  • A Refresher On Storytelling 101
    HBR - Oct 8
    At bedtime, I tell stories to my godchildren, Anna and Noah, when their parents invite me to care for them. Their capacity for stories amazes me. They beg for “just one more” and then “just one more.” It seems we are... Read »
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  • To Build Influence, Master How You Enter A Room
    HBR - Sep 24
    An airline industry executive has been promoted regularly for more than two decades because he’s good in a crisis. He’s cool, competent, and authoritative when the rest of the team is panicking. But now he finds... Read »
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  • 5 Ways To Mentally Prepare For A Major Presentation
    CEO.com - Sep 8
    The best speakers know their material cold, because they know that when they deliver a speech, make a presentation, or simply discuss an important topic during a key meeting, content is everything. Almost... Read »
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  • How To Sell To The C-Suite
    Forbes - May 21
    “Don’t invite me for coffee” bellows Jeffrey Hayzlett, global business celebrity and primetime television show host on Bloomberg Television. “I don’t drink coffee.” Read »
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  • B-School Professors Reportedly Make Bank From...
    Fortune - May 19
    Talk, when it comes from some of the country's top business school academics, is far from cheap. Fees for speeches by the many professors in the mid-level price range run from $20,000 to $40,000, while it can cost $100,000... Read »
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    I've written about presentations many times, but I've never provided the core truths that transform an average presentation into a killer one. Here they are: Read »
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  • The Best Lecture I’ve Ever Heard
    HBR - May 6
    The best compliment I ever received from a conference organizer was that she had not seen one person reach for a digital device during my presentation. That doesn’t happen every time, of course. But through trial and error... Read »
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    HBR - Apr 25
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  • 8 Ways Neuroscience Can Improve Your Presentations
    Inc - Apr 14
    Over the past few decades, enormous amounts of effort (and dollars) have gone into understanding how the mind works. This is good news for you, especially when it comes to public speaking, which requires getting into the... Read »
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  • 3 Ways To Make A Good Presentation Great
    Inc - Apr 8
    Good presentations are uncommon, but great presentations are rare as basilisk teeth. That's because, when it comes to presentations, the jump from good to great is larger than the jump from bad to good. Here's why: Read »
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