The Best Of TED 2014: Lessons For Your Next Presentation

Entrepreneur - April 16, 2014

The famous TED conference celebrated its 30th anniversary in March with its usual schedule of famous and not-so-famous speakers who delivered the presentation of their lives in 18 minutes or less. Here are examples from... Read »

8 Ways Neuroscience Can Improve Your Presentations

Inc - April 14, 2014

Over the past few decades, enormous amounts of effort (and dollars) have gone into understanding how the mind works. This is good news for you, especially when it comes to public speaking, which requires getting into the... Read »

3 Ways To Make A Good Presentation Great

Inc - April 8, 2014

Good presentations are uncommon, but great presentations are rare as basilisk teeth. That's because, when it comes to presentations, the jump from good to great is larger than the jump from bad to good. Here's why: Read »

Keep Investor Pitches From Eating Up Your Time

Entrepreneur - March 31, 2014

Timing is everything for a new venture. Hitting an emerging market just as it’s gaining traction can make a nascent idea soar (being too early can also spell failure), while runner ups stall out or sink to the bottom of... Read »

3 Steps To Delivering A Memorable TED Talk

Business Insider - March 24, 2014

What makes a TED Talk pop? For Carmine, it's a combination of making an emotional connection, delivering a novel experience, and making the talk memorable. When all three pieces are in harmony, you get the power that can... Read »

Why The Best Executives Are Storytellers

Entrepreneur - March 12, 2014

Politicians tell a lot of stories in their campaign speeches, and there's a not-so-secret reason why: if you convey your message through a dynamic story or metaphor, it has a better chance of resonating with your audience... Read »

The One Key To A Successful Presentation

Forbes - March 7, 2014

When we present we want to sound knowledgeable and appear confident, but those elements are really secondary to the task at hand, which is to give to our audience. When you give of yourself, the presentation becomes all... Read »

7 Ways To Give Presentations People Care About

Fast Company - November 21, 2013

No one will be looking at their phones--unless they're tweeting about how awesome your talk is. Really. Read »

3 Presentation Tips From Apple’s iPad Air Launch

Forbes - October 24, 2013

Apple does many things differently and better than its competitors. In addition to product design and marketing, it also delivers a better presentation experience than most brands. Read »

Tips For Delivering Stellar Presentations

Enterpreneur - October 24, 2013

In business, your next presentation could change your life. Delivering a successful presentation could mean landing a major new contract, better prices for your services or getting the funding you need. Read »

Nancy Duarte: It Took Me 20 Years To Fail Fast

LinkedIn - September 6, 2013

Having a slick, well-prepared presentation isn’t enough. You need to understand the hearts and minds of your audience to create a message that connects with them, emotionally, and logically. Read »

42 Tips For Masterful Presentations

Leader's Beacon - August 26, 2013

Whether you are presenting at a staff meeting, conference, briefing, oral proposal or in a one to one meeting, the following are the keys to success. - See more at:... Read »

Jeff Bezos Probably Hates Your Staff Meetings - August 22, 2013

You can likely recall a meeting within the last month that consisted of a presenter reading his own PowerPoint slides to you, bullet by bullet. With Microsoft estimating at least 30 million PowerPoint presentations being... Read »

Steve Jobs, The Presenter

LinkedIn - August 20, 2013

Ashton Kutcher did talk and walk a lot like Steve Jobs (both in the movie and in real life lately), and the film portrayed a few truths about one of the greatest presenters in history: Read »

In Public Speaking, Less Is More

Forbes - August 1, 2013

Less is more. That’s the single most important public speaking rule of thumb. When speakers make mistakes, it’s most often because they try to cram too much data into their talks. Read »