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    CEO.com - Dec 9
    We’ve all seen it. An employee’s quick click to a screen that isn’t social media, or hiding a cell phone when a manager is headed their way. The time-suck epidemic is worse than ever with 46 percent of millennials and... Read »
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    Fortune - Dec 2
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    Entrepreneur - Nov 28
    We spend so much time focusing on the nuances of leadership that we often forget about the very definition of leadership and what we -- as business owners, CEOs, executives and managers -- should tangibly be doing to help... Read »
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  • The Traits Of Leaders Who Do Things Fast And Well
    HBR - Nov 22
    An exceptional leader we know would occasionally get a question from his direct reports in a variety of forms but with the common message, “Do you want this done fast or right?” His answer was always the same: “Yes!”... Read »
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    Switch & Shift - Sep 29
    One of the most frequent questions asked when I’m consulting a business is: Should you show appreciation to someone who isn’t performing well? Tension exists in the world of recognition, employee engagement, and... Read »
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    Great leadership and the right team make a workplace successful, but it's coffee that keeps it caffeinated and alert. I'll take my coffee with more coffee, please. Read »
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  • How The Best CEOs Get The Important Work Done
    HBR - Sep 28
    If you’re a chief executive officer, your job is to execute. It’s written right into your title. But what does it mean, in terms of daily tasks, to be the company’s top “executer?” After all, CEOs don’t actually... Read »
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    Forbes - Sep 22
    Few of us will ever be as productive as Lisa Joy Rosner, who gave birth four times in a single four-year stretch while concurrently launching two high-tech startups. She learned that she was pregnant with her first child the... Read »
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    Entrepreneur - Aug 25
    In the early days of my company, Market Domination Media, I worked around the clock. I would be knee deep in work before the sun was up and I wouldn’t stop until the early hours of the next day. My Red Bull and... Read »
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  • Three Reasons Why Attitude Is More Important To Your...
    Entrepreneur - Aug 24
    Ideally we want to hire people with both the right attitude and the right aptitude. However, if I can only choose one of those two I will choose the person with the right attitude every time. This approach is backed up by... Read »
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    One-on-one meetings with direct reports often feel more hurried and disorganized than they need to be. It’s important to check in regularly with each of your employees, but how can you make the best use of the time? How... Read »
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