• Richard Branson On How To Be Your Own Boss
    Entrepreneur - Nov 18
    I have been lucky enough to be my own boss since leaving school at age 16, so I’ve never faced the decision of whether to leave a day job. But at Virgin we’ve started hundreds of businesses, so I know that turning an... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Richard Branson Clears Up Led Zeppelin Rumors
    CNN - Nov 14
    Robert Plant has called reports of a Led Zeppelin tour "rubbish," and now Richard Branson is doing the same. On his blog Wednesday, the Virgin Group founder said he's "dazed and confused" by rumors that he offered an $800... Read »
    2 months ago
  • Why Oracle Founder Larry Ellison Needs To Have The...
    Business Insider - Nov 10
    When Charlie Rose asked Oracle CTO and former CEO Larry Ellison last year why he had to win the America's Cup yacht race for the second time in a row, Ellison replied, "It's funny, because I realized after losing twice that... Read »
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  • How Richard Branson Became An Entrepreneur By Mistake
    Inc - Nov 5
    Sir Richard Branson has become an icon of entrepreneurship around the world, but the Virgin founder believes it all started by mistake. "Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I was never thinking that I was going to become a... Read »
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  • Can Richard Branson Bounce Back From His Space...
    Daily Beast - Nov 4
    It was a quintessential Richard Branson moment. And how could any of us have ever expected anything less? With the wreckage of Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo still being pored over by investigators in the swirling sands of the... Read »
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  • How Steve Jobs Broke All Of Richard Branson’s Rules
    Business Insider - Nov 3
    What do the management styles of Virgin founder Richard Branson and Apple's Steve Jobs have in common? If you said, "absolutely nothing," then you're on the right track. Read »
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  • Richard Branson: The Advice Entrepreneurs Thank Me...
    Inc - Oct 15
    Richard Branson is a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to launching and running a company. In fact, he has written volumes on the subject. Recently, however, the Virgin founder distilled all he's learned into... Read »
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  • Richard Branson To Young Entrepreneurs: ‘Just Do...
    Business Insider - Oct 8
    Through the decades, entrepreneur Richard Branson has not lost that certain wunderkind vibe about him and the way he runs his brand. This aura makes him especially inspiring to entrepreneurs who are looking to start... Read »
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    Virgin Group founder and chairman Richard Branson is known as much for his success across a wide variety of businesses as he is for his eccentric personality. Read »
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  • Richard Branson’s Career Changing Moment
    Inc - Sep 30
    It was the signing of young Mike Oldfield that put Richard Branson on the fast track for success. Since that day, the Virgin Group has put itself at the forefront of music, air travel and space travel. Read »
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    What didn't you get a chance to include on your résumé? Read »
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  • Billionaire Richard Branson Gives His Staff...
    Fortune - Sep 26
    Richard Branson, the chairman and founder of Virgin Group, said on his website Tuesday that he’s giving his whole personal staff unlimited vacation days. Branson’s staff of almost 200 can “take off whenever they... Read »
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  • Sir Richard Branson On Leadership
    Fox Business - Sep 24
    Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson on managing a company successfully and the progress of the company’s space program. Read »
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    Business Insider - Sep 16
    Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Group, is known for his wild lifestyle. Branson may be 64, but you can still find him kite surfing in the Caribbean and developing a commercial space airline called... Read »
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