Ron Johnson

J.C. Penney CEO Holiday Turnaround On Track

Globe And Mail - February 4, 2014

J.C. Penney Co Inc on Tuesday said comparable sales rose 2 per cent during the holiday quarter, reporting its first three-month period of growth in two years. Read »

Ron Johnson Speaks About JC Penney Tenure

Forbes - October 29, 2013

After being in the news for 17 months straight on an almost daily basis, Ron Johnson, the much-maligned ex-CEO of J.C. Penney, hasn’t been heard from since his unceremonious ouster in April, until now. Read »

JCPenney CEO Ditches Logo Introduced By Johnson

Ad Age - October 10, 2013

J.C. Penney is reverting to its classic logo, in a move to appeal to loyal -- and likely lapsed -- customers. Read »

CEO-To-Worker Pay Up 1,000 Percent Since 1950

Huffington Post - September 16, 2013

The ratio of CEO-to-worker pay has increased 1,000 percent since 1950, according to data from Bloomberg. Read »

JC Penney CEO Eliminating Evidence Of Ron Johnson

Huffington Post - August 21, 2013

Mike Ullman is aggressively purging corporate ranks and halting initiatives launched under the previous regime. Read »

Ex-JC Penney CEO’s Bizarre Broadcasts…

Huffington Post - May 29, 2013

Ron Johnson, the ill-fated chief executive officer tasked with engineering a turnaround, regularly addressed workers via internal broadcasts that only made him seem distant and out of touch. Read »

So How Many Employees Is A CEO Worth?

Bloomberg - May 2, 2013

Ron Johnson, former CEO of JCPenney, got a compensation package worth 1,795 times the average wage and benefits of a U.S. department store worker. Read »

Marissa Mayer’s Mission Similar To Ron Johnson’s

Businessweek - April 17, 2013

While she might not relish the comparison, Marissa Mayer’s mission at Yahoo! is remarkably similar to Ron Johnson’s marching orders at J.C. Penney. Read »

What Ron Johnson Got Right

HBR - April 12, 2013

Ron Johnson's 17-month tenure as J.C. Penney's CEO was a catastrophe. Under Johnson's leadership, Penney's share price plunged by half and the company lost $4 billion in sales. Here's a look of what he did right Read »

Was Ron Johnson Fired At The Exact Wrong Time?

Forbes - April 10, 2013

J.C. Penney showed CEO Ron Johnson the door Monday. But did the board of directors, growing disillusioned with the costly rebranding effort, pull the plug too soon? Read »

What’s JC Penney’s Next Move?

HBR - April 10, 2013

J.C. Penney and its CEO Ron Johnson have parted ways. The news wasn't terribly surprising as 2012 had been a challenging year. What does the limping retail chain do now? Read »

Ron Johnson’s 5 Big Mistakes

Time - April 9, 2013

In the fall of 2011, Ron Johnson was appointed not just as CEO of JC Penney, but as its savior Seventeen months—and many, many mistakes—later, he’s out of a job. What happened? Read »

Cramer: Mike Ullman Is ‘Right Choice’ For JC Penney

CNBC - April 9, 2013

JC Penney's board made the "right choice" in bringing back Mike Ullman as CEO to try to save the company, CNBC's Jim Cramer said after the ouster of Ron Johnson. Read »

Firing Ron Johnson Won’t Fix JC Penney

Businessweek - April 9, 2013

Building an experience around a high-margin tech brand with a cult-like following isn’t the same as selling mom jeans. We now know that. Ditching all those beloved coupons in favor of everyday low prices? Dumb idea. Read »

Ron Johnson: From Apple To JC Penney

Bloomberg - April 9, 2013

Cory Johnson reports on the ousting of Ron Johnson as JC Penney's CEO. Read »