Video Games

Electronic Arts’ CEO Shares His Predictions For Big Games

Fortune - March 18, 2014

Electronic Arts went in a different direction in September 2013 when it appointed Andrew Wilson Chief Executive Officer. Wilson, who had served as executive vice president of EA Sports and Origin, is a game developer by... Read »

Kabam CEO On The Future Of Video Games

WSJ - February 18, 2014
Kevin Chou of Kabam

In the world of free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets, San Francisco-based Kabam is one of the fastest-growing players. Last year, Kabam started offering some of its games in Asia, and also started helping Asian... Read »

Larry Ellison Disturbed By Video Games

Business Insider - February 7, 2014
Kevin Chou of Kabam

Ellison said he was "disturbed" by how much time kids play video games, and what that could lead to. Read »

3 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Video Games

Entrepreneur - February 6, 2014
Kevin Chou of Kabam

We spoke with Dmitri Williams, chief executive of Ninja Metrics, a Minneapolis-based social and game analytics startup about three principles in awesome video games that can help your business succeed: Read »

Sony’s CEO Talks About The New PlayStation 4

CNBC - February 22, 2013
Kevin Chou of Kabam

Jack Tretton, President & CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, discusses his company's updated game console. Read »

Pincus Says FarmVille Has Passed $1 Billion…

TechCrunch - February 6, 2013
Kevin Chou of Kabam

The launch of FarmVille 2 was one of the big highlights of Zynga’s past year, but CEO Mark Pincus said its predecessor FarmVille crossed major milestone too, having reached $1 billion in total player bookings. Read »

EA CEO Pretty Much Just Insulted Nintendo

Forbes - February 4, 2013
Kevin Chou of Kabam

John Riccitiello, CEO of EA, recently held a call with investors to reassure them that despite a bad year, there will still be a market for big AAA games, particularly when the next generation of consoles are... Read »

Zynga Just Lost Its Chief Creative Officer

All Things D - August 29, 2012
Kevin Chou of Kabam

Mike Verdu confirmed to AllThingsD that he is leaving Zynga to start his own game company in which Zynga will be an investor. Read »

EA CEO Bullish On Digital

CNBC - July 18, 2012
Kevin Chou of Kabam

John Riccitiello, Electronic Arts CEO, says there's a perception among investors that the gaming industry is tough to invest in right now - but he adds that the company is growing its digital business. Read »

Ubisoft CEO: PS4, Xbox 720 Games Not Expensive

Digital Trends - May 17, 2012
Kevin Chou of Kabam

Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot says in a new interview that even though PlayStation Orbis and Xbox Durango games won't cost more to make or buy on a disc, publishers will ultimately be making more money on them through... Read »

Game Over For Sega CEO…

Joystiq - May 1, 2012
Kevin Chou of Kabam

Sega Europe and Sega America CEO Mike Hayes is stepping down and exiting the building, though he may peek in through the second-floor window every now and then in an "advisory role." If the Sega corporate ladder is no longer... Read »

Big Fish Games CEO Hands The Reins Back

Venture Beat - April 27, 2012
Kevin Chou of Kabam

Jeremy Lewis is stepping down as chief executive of casual game company Big Fish Games. He will be replaced by company founder Paul Thelen, who had previously served as chairman and chief strategy officer. Read »

Take-Two CEO: THQ Won’t Last Six Months

Forbes - April 9, 2012
Kevin Chou of Kabam

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick decided he could offer some insight into THQ’s woes, speaking at the MIT Business in Gaming Conference: Read »

OMGPOP CEO Publicly Trashes Ex-Employee…

Forbes - April 2, 2012
Kevin Chou of Kabam

Browsing the internet yesterday was a minefield, as you couldn’t tell when any given story was an April Fool’s joke or not. This item certainly seemed too ridiculous to be true, but as it turns out, it actually happened. Read »

High Flyer: Talking Angry Birds

Forbes - March 9, 2012
Mikael Hed of Rovio (Angry Birds)

The creators of what remains one of the single most popular casual games ever – Angry Birds – is generating serious financial success. Read »