• How New Leaders Can Keep Their Nerve And Avoid...
    Forbes - Mar 20
    Countless books and articles have been written about what might be termed “the grander aspects” of leadership – the need to have a vision, the ability to decide on and execute a strategy, the importance of... Read »
    1 week ago
  • Daily Dose Of Vision
    Great Leaders Serve - Feb 25
    Vision leaks. This is one of many leadership lessons Bill Hybels has taught me over the years. Tragically, many leaders miss this elemental truth. I guess the mistake is explainable, but not excusable. The logic goes... Read »
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  • To Generate Successful Strategic Improvements, Start...
    Chief Executive - Jan 16
    I’ve seen many improvement efforts conduct a value stream map to review the current processes. Then comes a defensive discussion of people having to justify why they’ve been doing what they’re doing for years—and why... Read »
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  • How To Use Your Intuition To Succeed In Business
    Entrepreneur - Dec 15
    Steve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect.” Albert Einstein called it the sacred gift. Some of the most important partnerships, products and theories are born from the instinctive feeling of... Read »
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  • The Power Of Being Your Best
    Lolly Daskal - Oct 21
    The most important aspect you can bring to your leadership is to strive to be your best. That means setting high expectations and standards and refusing to accept anything less. This same principle applies to you personally,... Read »
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  • What It Takes To Execute A Visionary Idea Successfully
    Inc - Sep 2
    There is no shortage of great ideas, only a shortage of visionaries who can actually make them happen. Most visionaries are simply not programmed to execute the how, but to gather the right people and inspire them to make it... Read »
    7 months ago
  • Richard Branson On Developing A Vision For Your...
    Entrepreneur - Apr 28
    When Virgin started expanding from the music business into other industries, the experts and our competitors advised us strongly against such moves, arguing that it was inevitable that we’d fail. Not only did we lack... Read »
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  • Keep Your Goals A Secret
    Lead Change Group - Jan 6
    Like most people this time of year, you have likely set some new goals for yourself, your team, or your organization. Read »
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    Executive Street - Nov 15
    Visionary CEOs are constantly thinking of the next big thing. That’s great for innovation, but bad for employees who can’t figure out what to work on next. Read »
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  • Why Great CEOs Aren’t Always Great Leaders
    Switch & Shift - Oct 31
    Great CEOs are often people in a race to the future – they’re obsessed with defining the future because they can’t stomach the thought of reacting to a future created by their competitors. Read »
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    Sure, you're successful now, but how do you create long-term success for your company? Avoid these red flags like the plague. Read »
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    When you started your business, you knew what you wanted to do. But over time, things can get a little cloudy. Here's how to refocus your vision and achieve success. Read »
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  • Jack Welch On Leading Now And In The Future
    LinkedIn - Jul 26
    Anyone can manage for the short term, and anyone can manage for the long term. The mark of a leader is someone who has the rigor, vision, and courage to do both simultaneously. Read »
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