CEOs Are Looking For Workplace Diversity

Bloomberg - July 3, 2013

General Electric, Xerox and General Mills have a message for U.S. courts: Hiring more women and minorities is good for profits. Read »

Xerox CEO Ursula Burns On Women Leaders

Huffington Post - June 14, 2013

Xerox CEO Ursula Burns is one of the few women at the top of Corporate America, but she has some good news for others looking to get there. “A tidal wave is coming.” Read »

Xerox CEO To Women: ‘Marry Someone 20 Years Older’

Huffington Post - March 21, 2013

One of the most powerful women in the country is revealing her secret to getting ahead. Xerox CEO Ursula Burns said that one of the keys to her success was marrying a great man 20 years her senior. Read »

Xerox CEO Just Jumped On The Exxon Mobil Board

Businessweek - November 2, 2012

Exxon Mobil Corp. said Friday that Xerox Corp. chairman and CEO Ursula M. Burns will join its board of directors on Nov. 27. Read »

How Global 500 Women CEOs Got Their Start

Fortune - July 9, 2012

Learn where they studied and where they started on their path to the top. Read »

Xerox CEO On Taking Risks

CNBC - May 23, 2012

Ursula Burns, Xerox chairman and CEO, discusses the state of her business globally and shares her take on the fiscal cliff and Facebook's IPO. Read »

Xerox CEO: The Rising Value Of Reputation

Fortune - March 6, 2012

The Xerox chief knows from personal experience how reputation can make or break a company. Read »

Xerox CEO: I Know How To Fix Education

The Register - January 12, 2012

The Chairman and CEO of Xerox believes that one way to fix the US educational system is to make science, technology, engineering, and math "cool". Another is money. Read »

Employees Rate Worst CEOs…Steve Ballmer #3

ZDNet - December 15, 2011 has put together its yearly “Tech Industry Report Card” for technology CEOs, the results of which are based on ratings given to that company’s CEOs by employees, and it seems that Microsoft employees... Read »

In A Big Company, Make Everyone An Entrepreneur

New York Times - November 4, 2011
Lynn Blodgett of ACS

"I think that the more direct the accountability, the greater the performance." Read »

Former Xerox CEO Calls For BLACKLIST

Fierce Compliance IT - October 14, 2011
Lynn Blodgett of ACS

"Boards without women--blacklist those suckers. It's 2011." Read »

Xerox CEO: Burns on Education

CNN - May 17, 2011
Ursula Burns of Xerox

Xerox CEO Ursula Burns discusses Education and the concept of "leaving behind more than you take" with CNN. Read »

Xerox CEO: Our Schools Lost Focus

CNN - May 17, 2011
Ursula Burns of Xerox

Xerox CEO talks with CNN about the Education system in the US. Read »

Xerox CEO: Burns on US Jobs

CNN - May 17, 2011
Ursala Burns of Xerox

Xerox CEO, Ursula Burns talks with CNN about Jobs in the US. Read »

Ask Customers to Use Less of Your Product: The Big Heresy

HBR - February 10, 2011
Ursala Burns of Xerox

Xerox and Waste Management are doing something mostly unheard of: they're working with customers to help them use less of their traditional product or service. Read »